What Are the Best Brands for Massage Chairs?

Heavy competition has helped the massage chair industry explode worldwide. At one point consumer massage chairs were not affordable enough for the average home. Now they’re affordable and bursting with features that are ahead of their time.


The experience of Osaki has helped them becoming a great maker of massage chairs. They are known for the OS-4000 series, a high end luxury model. That part of the market is their main focus, with a large portion of their chairs coming from improvements the OS-4000 series. In direct competition they have done well against top labels like Panasonic and Human touch. But what keeps them relevant is the sales of fitness machines, handheld massagers, foot massagers, back relief products and more. They are on top of their game for multiple products beyond massage chairs, so it also keeps them sharp when the brand needs to transfer new tech to other products. With most of their massage chairs having high price tags, they depend heavily on smaller products (instead of massage chairs) to please budget consumers.


Inada is a Japanese based massage chair maker that also goes by the name of Family Inada. They are not above changing their styles to move with current market trends, and that’s what has kept them in the game so long. Rather than attach their company to a single flagship line, they have instead found success with multiple massage chair lines. This combined with their smaller catalog of products gives them a laser focus that only a few other companies have had success with. Features are developed inhouse at light speed, meaning that their older products age better than the competition. This is another one of the companies on the list that cater to customers in the high price range, and in many circles they are considered the most expensive in the industry.

Human Touch

Human Touch is a company that has the most recognizable product in the industry, the iJoy. The iJoy series is a phenomenal massage chair that has brought a lot of new customers into the industry. And unlike its competitors, Human Touch uses a much smaller frame for their top chairs. That makes them the top choice for buyers that live in condos or apartments. And if you’re a consumer that has a house but not a lot of space, Human Touch will be the best choice. As a brand, they continue to improve their products even after thirty-five years in business. When you get away from their iJoy series, they actually have a nice selection of luxury massage chairs. Human Touch is the creator of the Human Touch Wellness Council, overseer of the most intricate details in their old and new products. Customers of any level will be satisfied with the selection from Human Touch.


A company that has managed to take a sizable chunk out of the entry level market is BestMassage. Their focus is on low priced products for consumers that are new to massage chairs and massage products. What makes them even more interesting is their full line of massage tables, used by students and professionals worldwide. So while one part of their branch is pumping out massage chairs for consumers, the other is concentrating on professional products- all with low prices. BestMassage is a green company that has gained favor for using solar power at their main office. It’s a big enough deal that customers have based their buying decisions on the company’s vision in this area, and for their outstanding quality in the industry. Accessories have been a huge seller, and often competes with their other products for the hottest sellers of the year. BestMassage is great for all user levels, and is preferred by those that want to save money.


Panasonic is the most recognizable name on the list, functioning as one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world. Their massage line is a small portion of their overall giant company, yet their products in this category are still years ahead of the competition. This is the company users go for when they want all of the bells and whistles in their luxury products. Not only does Panasonic have a distinct look, they are also ahead of the curve when it comes to customer service. People with Panasonic products are more likely to purchase a massage chair from the same brand since it compliments their setup. In their earlier years the company was known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, a company that started small in the electronics industry. After seizing control of a large part of the home theater market, they did the smart thing and invested in massage chairs. This brand is suitable for high end customers that want everything. The price is high, but you’ll end up getting everything you could ever want out of a massage chair.

So Which Brand Is The Best?

If you’re going for a chair with the most features, Panasonic, Osaki or Inada are considered to be the leaders with innovation. Their chairs are packed high with the latest features which have been fined tuned over multiple series renovations. The prices of their flagship products reflect this superiority, so as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. These three companies represent the high end luxury market the best, so if price isn’t a concern then this is where you want to spend your hard earned money.

The price conscious consumer will find the best companies for their wallet to be Human Touch and BestMassage. These two companies keep their prices low and still squeeze in a lot of useful features. The iJoy series has perfected the built in power outlet, a feature that is not even available in a lot of high tier premium chairs. Going with either of these two companies will get you the most features at a fraction of the price. And as a bonus, professionals openly use products from BestMassage.


Consumers vote with their wallets, and that alone makes it much easier to group the best massage chair brands. Even if you don’t go all out with luxury, there are still brands that can give you the best for your money.

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