Review: Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman

There are a lot of massage chairs that are on the market for you to choose from. Most of them are really high end and will take quite an investment before you even consider looking at them. But others, like the Massaging Black Leather recliner and ottoman is a low budget chair that comes with a big punch.

There is a lot that you are going to love about this chair. The separate ottoman allows you to change the height of the user in the chair and even comes with its own massaging component so that you can get all the parts of your body from the neck and down. While you won’t get some of the benefits found in the bigger and higher priced chairs, this is still a great option to give you a good massage, even when you are on a budget.

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Positives of This Chair

One of the best prices on the market

Compared to most of the other massage chairs that are on the market, this is the lowest in price. It is easy to fit into your budget, especially if you would like to use it in your office as a desk chair. It is compact and can be placed into any room that you would like and the price is something to be beaten. If you are on a low budget but would still like to get in a great massage, this is the chair for you.

Pockets on the side

This massage chair comes with pockets on both sides of the chair. This can be really nice depending on the uses that you have for the chair. Are you planning on doing some reading while you are getting a massage? Keep a book or some magazines in the pockets for easy access. Are you needing to take your glasses off during the massage and want them to be safe? This can be a great place to keep these items. No matter what you need to bring to the massage, these pockets can really help you to keep things out of the way.

Easy to move

Many of the massage chairs on the market are big and bulky and really hard to move around. Once you get them into your house, you are pretty much stuck with them in the same location. This chair on the other hand, is less than 60 pounds, making it relatively easy to move around for most people. This is helpful if you would even want to move the chair to a new location to get more out of it.

Can work with different heights

Because the ottoman is not attached and you are able to move it around a bit, you will be able to make this chair work no matter what height you are working with. If you are a shorter or smaller person, you can move the ottoman in a bit closer to the chair and with the slim design that comes with this chair, you will feel right at home with a nice massage. On the other hand, if you are a longer person or a bigger person, you can do the opposite. Just move the ottoman out a bit more and you can find that it fits for your height as well. When it comes to the frame of this chair, you are going to love the real leather and sturdy frame that can work no matter who you are.

Massage works even in the ottoman

Even though this chair is lower priced compared to some of the other options on the market, you are going to be able to get a full body massage. There are even some massaging options with your feet. This allows you to put your feet up on the ottoman after you have been working hard on them all day and you can still get those worked out while your back is getting a bit relaxed as well.

Negatives of This Chair

The seating is low to the floor

This chair is really low to the ground. If you need some help getting off the floor or from lower levels, this could be a problem. Really tall people may be worried that they won’t be able to find the right comfort on this chair, but the ottoman being able to move around a lot can really help adjusting the length of the user. If you aren’t able to get off low areas, you should consider another option or find ways that you will be able to get up efficiently.

Not as many options

Unlike some of the other options that are available, there aren’t many options that are on this particular chair. You can change the speed of the massage a bit, and there is a bit of a massage in the feet, but that is about it. You won’t be able to change up the massage or keep some settings like other massage chairs. But for those who are on a budget who just want to get a great massage, this can still be an amazing chair.

May need wheels

If you are looking to use this as a kind of office chair, which some people have chosen to do as long as they are aware that the chair does sit a bit lower to the ground, you may wish that the chair had some wheels. This would make it a bit easier to move the chair around and it makes sense since the chair looks like it belongs in an office. Make sure that if you plan to use it as an office chair as well as a massage chair that you pick out a floor that is easier to push the chair back and forth on.

Doesn’t have reclining option

This chair does not have much when it comes to reclining. You are mostly going to have to just sit upright to get the massage, although you could move the ottoman a bit and still get a bit more of a lean, but this will cut out on some of the areas that get massaged. This is not top of the line, but it is going to get the job done if you just need a quick massage or want something that is easy to use.

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This is a great massage chair for the money. While it does not look like your traditional massage chair and it won’t do a lot of the different functions that some of the pricier models are able to do, this massage chair is still going to get the work done effectively for you. This is a simple stand alone chair that looks like it could fit into the office and behind a desk, with a nice ottoman that is able to move around with the chair or on its own for easier portability. This is a great chair if you just want a little massage and you just don’t have the budget for some of the more expensive options. You will also enjoy that this one is easy to move around and that the ottoman has its own massage capabilities for the feet as well.