New Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 Review

With a low price point compared to similar options on the market, the new full body shiatsu massage chair recliner is the perfect choice for those who want the very best, even if they are on a budget. This chair will look amazing in every room of your home with the faux leather seating and the sturdy construction. You can choose to sit and have this chair on while you are relaxing or take it a step further and fully recline to hit every part of your sore aching back. There is just so much to love with this amazing chair that you will keep coming back to it to reduce your stress and tension.

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Positives of This Chair

Works well in the office

The best place to put this chair is in your office. It can match in well in one of the corners as a place to relax or you can even use it as the new office chair without it looking out of place. The leather matches well with any business décor that you place into your office. You can sit this up when you are hard at work and then recline a bit during break time or at the end of the day to get a few minutes of relaxation before heading out the door. Even better, place it in your home office to have a nice quiet retreat whenever you need.

Great materials

This chair is made from some of the best materials that you can find in full body massage chairs. The faux leather looks just like your real leather upholstery, but since it isn’t real, it makes the chair fit much better into your budget much better than some of the other full body massage chairs that are out there. In addition, this material is much stronger than some of the plastic chairs or other cheap materials that are on the market. This means that you can get a great quality made chair, that looks professional, within your budget.

Easy to move around

This full body massage chair is perfect if you need something easy to move around. Many massage chairs are big and bulky and you can’t get them to move without some professional help. This can make them difficult to deal with when you have limited space and may need to place the chair in a different location for storage and for use. This chair is lightweight and pretty easy to move around how you would like without having to strain yourself.

Holds heavier weights

One problem that a lot of full body massage chairs have is that they just aren’t able to hold some of he heavier weights. They may stop at a light weight person or just not function properly when they have someone heavier. This chair is made with sturdier materials that allows it to hold weights up to 250 pounds with no issues.

Great for the neck and lower back

If you are one of those people who suffer from neck and lower back problems, this is the perfect chair for you. It is going to be able to get all these problem areas even on the lowest setting and you can adjust to get the spots that are really bothering you. Don’t spend too much time in this chair or you might not want to get out!

Reclining for more relaxation

Another key benefit of this product is that you can recline back. Rather than trying to keep comfortable while sitting up and trying not to be tense, you can put this back at several different angles to find the reclined relaxation position that works for you. Some people just choose to put the legs up a bit to get comfortable and others may want to get back into a laying position to really get the lower back and the neck; all of these are possible with this great full body massage chair.

Budget friendly

With all the benefits of this chair, many people would assume that it wouldn’t fit into their budget. But thanks to the smart planning by the manufacturers, you are able to get a product that looks amazing while still fitting below budget compared to many similar products on the market. You can get the classy look that you want for your office or home setting, a chair that works great, and you save money in the process.

Negatives of This Chair

Won’t look nice as a recliner

Some of the massage chairs on the market look a bit better in a living room setting. While this chair has a nice faux leather material covering it, the chair looks like it fits better in an office setting rather than in your living room. This is easy to move around so you are able to place it between an office and your living room, but it won’t look quite as nice as some other options.

Misses out on the lower legs

While you can get a great massage out of this chair, you are going to miss out on some areas of the body. This one seems to cut off by the lower back. You can get a little bit of action in the glutes, but this is sometimes hard to feel unless you turn the settings way up and the lower legs are going to miss out quite a bit.

Not made out of real leather

If you are looking for a chair that is made out of real leather, this is not the one for you. While the pictures make it look like this chair is made out of leather, the material is stated as fake leather. It is sturdy though and can last for a long time through a lot of wear and tear and it still gives the look of being leather, allowing it to fit well into your office décor. So while you may be giving up the quality and prestige of real leather, you are still getting a great quality product that is easier to keep on budget.

Return shipping can be a challenge

If you plan on returning this chair, you may run into some problems. Because of the size of this item, the return shipping is often expensive and many customers have chosen to just keep the chair and not use it or find someone else who can take the chair rather than getting it replaced. This has led to some unhappy customers who would love a great massage chair but something little was wrong, such as something broke in shipping, and they weren’t able to do anything about it.

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Whether this is your first massage chair or you have been enjoying these as a way to relax for a long time, this is a great full body massage chair. You are going to enjoy having this in your office for when the work just becomes too stressful and it is easy to move around for your decorating needs. Getting rid of those lower back and the neck kinks is a guarantee, although if you are looking to take care of lower areas you may be disappointed. All in all, if you want a chair that has a lot o good qualities and will get rid of all those bad kinks in your body, for a price that is affordable, this is the chair that will meet all your needs.