Kings Brand Massage Recliner Swivel Chair and Ottoman Review

The Kings Brand Cream White Massage Recliner is the perfect massage chair to bring into your home. It allows you to get a good massage, even with some heating, while sitting in your own home and putting your feet up. You will also love the color, cream white, so that you can change it up rather than having the same old brown and blacks that are found in all other massage chairs.

While this chair may not offer all the benefits that some of the higher end massage chairs are able to offer, it comes at a great price and offers you a fantastic massage in just a few minutes. Put your feet up with the detachable ottoman to really get a good massage in your day. Add on some heat and you are ready to go once the massage chair is done.

This is a great starter massage chair to bring into your home, although it is not the highest rated chair on the market. Many customers complain that it is not able to hold heavier weights very well and the padding is not as comfortable as some other options. If you are looking for something that is lower in price and can get you started on a massage chair, this is a great option to help you out.

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Positives of This Chair

A different color to go with your décor

Most massage chairs come in brown or black. If you have a lighter color scheme in your home, this can be frustrating because you are not going to be able to find one that matches your needs. This massage chair comes in a cream white color so that you can make it work in the room that just doesn’t like the other color options. This is a more elegant look that can add some style to your home. You may need to spend some extra time cleaning this chair though; since it is a white color it is more likely to get dirty and show easier.

A great price

For those who are on a budget when it comes to their massage chair, this is a great option to go with. The price point is well below what you will find with some of the highest quality massage chairs on the market. While you are going to have to give up a bit when it comes to quality of materials or the amount of options that come with the massage chair, this can be a great way to save some money on your first massage chair or if you are on a lower budget.

The ottoman and chair are separate

Unlike some other massage chairs that work more like a recliner, this one works more like a rocking chair with an unattached ottoman. This can make it easier to move the massage chair around to different locations as you need. It can also help if you have a big height difference in your home of those who will use the massage chair. You will be able to move the ottoman back and forth so that the massage chair becomes the perfect height for everyone involved. You can also choose to just use the massage chair if this is easiest for you or put your feet up and get really relaxed while using the ottoman along with the chair.

Heated chair

One nice thing about this massage chair is that it has an option of heating. This can be nice to help warm you up on a cold day or you can use it in order to help loosen up those muscles a bit more before starting the massage. The heat setting is just perfect for helping you to relax while doing the massage or even use this as a way to warm up while watching a movie.

Negatives of This Chair

Trouble holding heavier weights

Heavier weights may have some issues with this massage chair. It is a lighter version of some of the others and in the hopes of keeping the price down, this chair was not made as sturdy as some other models on the market. You may need to consider a different chair if you are considered a heavier weight or find some ways to reinforce this chair to keep it sturdy. Some customers with medium to heavy weights tried out this chair and found that it was just not able to keep up to their body weights.

Not very much padding

Some customers have complained that the padding on this chair is a bit lacking. They like the idea o having a massage chair that has a lot of padding so they can be comfortable while getting the massage. But this chair does not have a lot of padding on it which can make it really uncomfortable to feel the rollers on your back. If you are able to expand your budget a bit more, it may be better to go with a massage chair that has more padding, or consider bringing along some pillows when getting a massage in this chair.

Cheaper materials

In order to keep the price so low on this massage chair, there are cheaper materials that are used compared to some of the higher end massage chairs on the market. You are not going to get the real leather or the nice reclining options that are found on some of the other models. This chair is a good one to go with if you are looking to save some money and just want something simple, but there are a lot better models out on the market and this one is for the beginner or just someone who is looking to keep a small budget in mind.

Reviews are mixed

The reviews on this chair are a bit mixed. Some of the customers love this chair and think that it is one of their best purchases. Others feel that it is poorly made and that they will never purchase another chair like this one again. While it probably depends a lot on what the customer was expecting when they purchased this chair, the fact that there are so many negative reviews may make you question whether this chair is the right one for you.

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The reviews about this product are mixed. There are a lot of customers who love this chair and love that they are able to get it for such a reasonable price. But others were expecting a bit more out of this chair and so were disappointed that it was not able to compete with some of the other massage chairs on the market. If you are looking for a good starter chair or an additional chair to place in your home and want to get it for a good price, this chair is the right option for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a top of the line chair and are willing to pay more in your budget, it is probably best to go with another chair. This one is lacking in a lot of the features that other massage chairs have and you just won’t be able to get as good of a massage with this option compared to some of the others.