How Many Types of Massage Chairs Are There?

Going over the long list of massage chairs available can be exhausting to the normal consumer. But there are some key differences in all their forms that makes it worthwhile to know how they will benefit you as a consumer. To get the most comfort and value out of a massage chair, ask yourself what you value most. And if the answer doesn’t boil down to price alone, then you’ll have several available choices to go through. Here are the most prominent types of massage chairs in the industry, each with their own sets of pros and cons.


This is a familiar choice for anyone that has walked in a modern day mall or furniture store. It is basically a lazy boy recliner with advanced massage features. This is a big step up from adding a massage pad to a recliner, and takes it a step further by blending the best of both worlds into one. Most of them are made with a nice material like leather, and it blends in well with other furniture in the home. If you’re in the market for a recliner, then spending a little bit extra on a reclining massage chair would be a smarter choice to futureproof your investment.

Zero Gravity

It looks funny, but is a great simulation of the position that astronauts are in when going into outer space. The benefit of any zero gravity chair is to relieve joint and bone pain, getting rid of the pressure that may collect over long days. This is a great way to relieve stress and inflammation in the back, but it does come at a cost. Regular zero gravity chairs come in at a premium, so if you’re in the marker for a massaging zero gravity chair, then add that extra cost on top. The price is worth it if you’re dealing with a lot of body pain and want the best bang for your buck massage chair.

Full Body

This is the ultimate type of massage chair, and is the equivalent of getting a Mercedes with all of the options. The few home setups that have one of these chairs are incredible in their own right, and the ones that included them in a theatre room are considered next level. This is the most expensive type, but will also give you the best massage possible, from your head to your toes. Consider this option the best choice if you find yourself enjoying the timed massage chairs on display in the mall. If this is within your budget, it is the best thing to happen to any room.


Considered the budget massage chair, ottoman types have come a long way and are good choices for any home setup. They provide wonderful cost per value, with a large return on your investment if it is in a high use room. Ottoman types are more about comfort than the actual massage portion, and tend to have weaker mechanics because of it. Adding the ottoman to a low end massage chair is an ingenious way to spark interest in consumers normally aren’t interested in buying massage chairs. For only a little bit more than a regular chair the ottoman type can serve as a valuable entry into getting a modern chair.


Having a massage chair with a heating option is a nice touch, even if you don’t use it a lot. Think of it as a good way to ‘futureproof’ your chair. But the heating element has a lot more pros associated with it when paired with normal massage functions. Muscle relaxation therapy makes great use of heating sore muscles to relax them into healing faster. Combining that with the base elements of a massage chair can really show some significant results in your relaxation. Both low and high end chairs can have the heating feature, so make sure to make it a priority when looking for a product.

Chair Add-Ons

On the lowest to low end with massage chairs are the add-ons, which are hit and miss depending on which company you go with. Major advances in the technology have made these add on chair pads much better than they were before, although they still pale in comparison to a high end massage chair. The highest rated add-on pad at best will equal a mid-level massage chair in performance. In the end, a massage chair add-on will only be as comfortable as the chair you plan to use it on. With the Ottoman type gaining a lot of recognition, the pads are becoming the less likely first choice of entry level massage buyers.

What Are The Most Purchased Types?

Chair add-ons, Ottoman’s and reclining massage chairs are the ones that buyers have flocked to the most. The most fascinating choice in this list is the reclining massage chair, which can range from medium to high in price depending on the features you go for. It still manages to sneak into the enthusiast level of massage chair buyers, and proves to be a valuable addition to low and high end setups.

What Are The Least Purchased Types?

The least purchased types are full body and zero gravity massage chairs, although the latter is gaining popularity and may end up in the most purchased types soon. These two massage chairs are also the most advanced models available, and provide the most features. Their price makes them a hard sell for new users, yet a viable upgrade option for consumers that are familiar with massage chairs. To make a point out of this, whenever a full body massage chair goes on sale, it flies out of a stores door faster than any other type.


You can’t go wrong with any of these choices, just make sure your current room setup fits. About the only thing that can be considered a must with massage chairs is the heating option. Everything else is up to the imagination of the consumer and what they want the most out of a modern day massage chair.



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  • Thanks for going over different massage chairs. I actually didn’t know that there was a zero gravity one or that it can help relieve joint and bone pain. I’m interested to learn if these could be good for athletes that work regularly or if it’s good for people who don’t use their joints often.