High End Massage Chairs

High end massage chairs aren’t just for the rich and famous. Consumers and normal everyday professionals use them to relax. With some of the media features built into the chairs, there are plenty of reasons to consider a high end model for a home theater setup. And if you just want to get the best home massage possible, this still remains the best choice.

LURACO TECHNOLOGIES iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair

Buyers that are looking for something fancy will fall in love with the iRobotics 7. It is a high priced massage chair that is still one of the most expensive in the industry. Available in black, chocolate brown and cream, all colors have a distinct look. Luraco Technologies went all out with the features, making this the only chair with FDA and UL listings. Not only is it in a league of its own, but it changed a lot of people’s perception about consumer grade massage chairs. The remote looks like a cross between an iPhone/iPad, small enough to hold in one hand, but with enough screen space to make sense of all options. It’s a smart remote that gives you access to five personal memory settings and a robust 3d massage setting. Neck, back, arms and feet are all taken care of once you get used to the settings. Media features include a built in mp3 system that plays all of your favorite songs that are loaded. With multiple zero gravity settings, this is amedia rich and technologically superior massage chair. Luraco is one of the best, proving that high end is worth the money.

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U.S Jaclean Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair DWA-9100

One of the oldies but goodies is the high priced DWA-9100 from U.S. Jaclean. What makes this model superior is its use of roller massage technology. Instead of having a short set path, this massage chair focuses on having a long continuous roller that reaches more areas of the body. It goes a full forty-nine inches total, from the neck down to the gluteus. As an uninterrupted motion, this is a fantastic feature for releasing tension. Simple things like rocking rotation technology gives the chair the same feeling of being in an old lazy boy. It is a comfort feature that mimics metronome movement without disorienting the user. Bluetooth is built into the chair, connecting wirelessly to all compatible devices so that you can stream sound or music. The speakers built into the headrest are nice, providing just enough boom without disturbing the massage. Six preset programs are built into the design, so you’re ready to go without needing to use any of the extensive custom features. Maximum height supported is 6’4, making it compatible with a lot of taller users. For a great massage in a comfortable chair, the DWA-9100 is still the top preference by a lot of consumers.

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Fujimi EP8800 Massage Chair

Third on the list is the EP8800, a high end chair from the renowned brand Fujimi. Available colors are brown and black, with the black having a nice executive look. The price is high, with a lot of care being put into the durability aspects of the chair. What separates this model from the others on the list is that it has no stand out features. This isn’t a bad thing, as it is the most balanced chair on the list if you’re looking at features. There are twelve zones for massaging built in, and all of them are made to simulate hands. Thai and magnetic therapy presets are supported, with a large affixed control panel used for simple and complex massage options. Comfort is top notch, so consumers will have no problem stretching out in this chair and falling asleep. And despite its large size, it comes in at under two-hundred and seventy pounds in weight. That makes it one of the lightest high end chairs in the industry without sacrificing head to toe comfort. Fujimi is a good brand that consumers can trust, and their EP8800 is a solid choice.

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Schultz ZycraPulse Massage Lounge Chair

High end massage chairs are usually high priced, yet the Schultz ZycraPulse is available at an average price. This puts it in special territory when surrounded by the other expensive models. Even with the low price, there are no major differences in quality and features. The design employs a simple black and white color scheme with an attached remote, which turns out to be the best addition to the purchase. Schultz’s remote has a small screen to identify current options, and is advanced even when compared to the smart remotes elsewhere on this list. You can control heat zones, memory settings, five massage techniques and five presets all with the press of a button. There is even an option for zero gravity reclining, all of which fits perfectly into the chair’s ‘all in one’ theme. The weight limit is set at three-hundred thirty pounds, which puts it in the same weight category as other major chairs. With an excellent build quality, you can expect to use this chair for years. If the price of this chair doesn’t catch your attention, then the great features and materials will.

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Ogawa Smart 3D

The Ogawa Smart 3d is an innovative massage chair that blends luxury comfort with modern technology. It does away with an average remote or smart remote and puts a fully functioning tablet in its place. With the included Samsung tablet, you have access to the chairs apps to fully control it with your own created user profiles. And when you’re not in the chair, the tablet is fully functional and can be used like a normal device. This puts the Ogawa Smart 3d in its own category- especially since you can just use the controls on the arm of the chair. Other included features are the 3d roller tech and body scan, both used to give users deeper massages regardless of size. The adjustments it makes on the fly are proven to mesh with the rest of the chairs superior massage features. With over seventeen programs to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about setting up your own custom massage sessions. Every feature that is automated on the chair has a manual function, so it has the most options available on the list. The Ogawa Smart 3d is a surprising top three pick and one of the better buys available.

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INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

Available in black, cream, dark brown, red and trublack leather, the DreamWave is one of Inada’s best. Starting with their patented body scan technology, it still serves as the best form of home shiatsu massage. It personalizes the experience by finding key points on your body that are currently under stress. But the reason so many people are after this chair has to do with the name itself. The DreamWave is a technique by Inada that uses a figure-8 motion to deliver relaxation. This covers the entire body from head to toe, and it only requires the push of a single button. That is twelve-hundred inches of coverage for every user of the chair, which is a lot even by modern standards. For younger users, there is a specialized youth mode that conforms to their smaller bodies. The wired remote sits comfortably in the side pocket of the chair, ready for use anytime. By current standards it is consider unspectacular in design, but the functions are still top notch. Buyers that want the best version of this chair should choose the trublack leather. Inada comes through for consumers again, producing a high priced massage chair that earns its value.

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Best Performance L-Track Shiatsu Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800

Kahuna Massage Chair has been riding high on their LM-7800, a high priced model that comes in four different varieties. Colors available are black or ivory, but the difference with the other choices are whether you want white glove service. The difference in price between the models is well worth it when you think about the attention to detail. White glove service isn’t always offered for massage chairs, so when it’s available consumers should make it a priority. Unique to this model is the use of rotating triangular calf massage. From the knee down to your feet this will be the most relaxing massage ever. An LCD remote controller is included that handles single and dual functions of the chair. Even when you have the settings on high, the softness of the material relaxes the user so the rollers aren’t overbearing. Four preset programs are included for one touch massage, rounding out the simplified control scheme for the LM-7800. Maximum supported height is about six feet even, which makes it about average among competitors. For the white glove service this deal is worth it, providing an extra bit of value to the package.

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Human Touch Novo XT Ultra High Performance Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Human Touch has always made it a point to create products that are much different than their competitors. The Novo XT joins the rest of their innovative line and becomes something special all on its own. Colors available are black, cream, expresso, gray and red. The first thing customers will notice about the product is the design, which looks completely different than other products on the list. This has a lot to do with its core functions, with both L track and zero gravity being top notch. It is a completely different experience when in the Novo XT, and is enhanced with media playback features provided by built in Bluetooth. The speakers are loud, with the shape of the chair perfect for feeling songs with a lot of rich instruments. An attached LCD remote has all of the usual Human Touch features, right down to heat and intensity control. If all of that doesn’t get you interested, then the five year warranty should be enough to seal the deal. Count this as another one of Human Touch’s best products, a high priced chair that rivals the rest.

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Osaki provides the last product on the list, and it is a technical marvel. Available in black, this high priced massage chair is known for its Kiwami Mecha 4D kneading ball system. When put to use, it has over 29 different types of kneading techniques at its disposal. That is the most of any chair on the list, and this is without taking the other features into consideration. It also uses a 3D point navigation system to map out troublesome areas on the body. No matter who gets in the chair, they will be able to select their own personalized massage. Three air options are selectable when using the air magic massage, which covers areas from the shoulder to the foot. For more relaxation choices, you can remove the back and pillow pad based on preference. The only thing this chair doesn’t have is zero gravity, but you’ll hardly miss it when you use all of the built in massages. Although the remote control takes some getting used to, the complexity of it was necessary due to all the customization features. For users that want the best technical massage, this Osaki model is the best choice.

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High End Massage ChairsAll of the choices on the list are from known brands, from Osaki, Human Touch, Inada and more. A lot of the big hitters made the list, which is no surprise when you’re dealing with high end massage chairs. There are only a few companies that could be considered ‘little known’, so the list will be familiar to any consumer that has dealt with luxury massage products. Things get even more interesting when you compare the warranties between the different companies. Human Touch provides the best one, yet the other big brands are not far behind.


High end is always going to be expensive since it is considered luxury products. Not all models are going to be on the far end, as proven by the Schultz ZycraPulse. It stands alone on the list as a sensible choice for consumers that want a high end massage chair but don’t want to spend big money. This is as low as it gets without losing major features, so it hits a sweet spot. Everything else will be in the upper tier of pricing, but to get the best you have to spend a little more.

Best Features

High End Massage ChairsAll the different variations of massage chairs on the list shows off some of the better features in the industry. Some of these are proprietary while others are just fine tuned due to years of research. Buyers should look through this feature list and decide which ones get priority in the buying process.

Preset Massages – When a model comes with preset massages, the higher number is always better. This lets you know how many full onboard massage programs it has without going into customization options. They are usually mapped to the remote control for one button access, letting you jump directly into a full sessions without messing with any of the settings.

Weight/Height Limits – You also want this number to be as high as possible. If you’re not the only person that’s using the massage chair, higher limits means it is more compatible. A tall person getting into a chair that can’t conform to their body will have a miserable time, even if the mechanics are good.

High End Massage ChairsHeat Therapy–Depending on the chair, heat nodes can go all the way from the head down to the feet area. This changes massages completely, adding to the full customization options on chairs with extensive modes. All of the chairs on the list have heating as it is considered mandatory for high end chairs.

Zero Gravity – Every mode does zero gravity differently, even if it’s from the same brand. Because of this, your zero gravity experience will be different with each chair. All high end chairs do an incredible job of simulating the zero g experience, with different stages available on select models.

Smart Remotes – Any consumer that has used a smartphone knows how convenient the interface is. Massage chairs have borrowed heavily from that experience and made remotes that are comfortable to use in all positions. Even if your chair comes with an endless amount of options, the brand spaces everything out so it’s easy to understand. And as a bonus, the most used features will have a dedicated button.

Other features like removable cushions are hard to find, yet highly preferable if the product offers it. There are a few on the list that market removable head/cushion areas, useful for adjusting the comfort level of the chair. It’s also helpful when you want more room to move around for casual settings.


High end massage chairs earn their value by being the very best of their kind in the industry. Even if you don’t want to spend a lot, there are choices that are priced low enough to pique your interest. Consumers that want to jump into the high end massage market will leave with one of the best home purchases available.