A Guide to Massage Table Warmers

Massage table warmers are recommended if you have a massage table. With elastic straps built into most models, they are compatible with both small and large areas. The heating element is strong enough to soothe muscles and relax the person laying on it. Simplistic controls and a small power draw are some of the top reasons buyers like massage table warmers.

Therapist’s Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Warmer

This massage table warmer is available at an average price. It measures 31×71 inches, so is big enough for most leading tables on the market. Because of the size, it’s also great to use as a warmer away from the massage table. Buyers can move anywhere they want in the room thanks to the 12 foot power cord. The extended reach provided by the cord length makes it easier to add this to the table without having to rearrange its position. In offices or homes with limited outlets, this is a big reason why consumers prefers this model.

Heat settings are expansive, carrying five different modes. Overheat protection is built into the warmer, so you can leave it on without it malfunctioning or causing a fire. With a max temperature of 88 degrees, the protection was a great safety addition. Comfort is top notch, with the high quality fleece feeling as soft as it looks. Any massage table that this warmer is added to instantly becomes as soft as a bed. A one year limited warranty is included, so you’re protected if anything goes wrong. The comfort and heat settings of this warmer makes it a worthy purchase for any buyer.

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Therapist®s Choice® Standard Massage Table Warmer

The second item on the list is the midrange priced standard version of the Therapist’s Choice warmer. So it is identical in every way to the Deluxe version except for a few premium features, which are now missing. Positioning straps are included to keep it attached to a massage table without sliding. They’re elastic, so larger table corners will still be compatible with the design. They kept the standard full size of 31×71, so it remains the same size of the Deluxe version.

Five heat settings and four timer settings are built into the attached remote control. This is where the product shines for customers that are familiar with the design. All buttons are easy to read, and he functions are straightforward. No reading of the manual is necessary, so you will understand all settings in a matter of minutes. Along with all these great additions, there is a twelve foot power cord and one year warranty. One big change from the standard to deluxe is the material, which is not fleece this time around. It’s still comfortable, so if you use it under other materials it won’t really matter. Buyers can save a couple of dollars by going with this version, and it is well worth it.

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EARTHLITE Fleece Massage Table Warmer

Since 1987, Earthlite has been providing consumers with fantastic massage products. That is why the average price of their fleece table warmer is a welcome addition to the market. The main feature of is the dual heat setting that simplifies the core feature. Buyers only have to choose between a low and high heat setting to get the results they want. A small attached control keeps the buttons easy to manage, so there is no guesswork when changing operations. The overheat protection keeps the product safe for users that leave it on unattended.

When you get past the heating options, it’s easy to get lost in the coziness of the fleece. It’s soft against the skin, measuring 30×73. That makes it perfect for most massage tables, letting you flip it over when deciding between the fleece side or the regular side. A one year warranty is included with the product, with a lot of support from the company when needed. Elastic straps are attached to the edge of the product so that you can secure it to the massage table. This also makes it great for areas slightly larger than 30×73. This is definitely one of the best purchases you’ll be able to make when looking for a premium massage table warmer.

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Oakworks 48466 Premium Table Warmer

The last product on the list comes from Oakworks, and is also the only high priced massage table warmer on the list. Spending a little extra to get the best pays off, especially with this particular model. This model gets goes up to 135 F, giving it the highest heat advantage over any other product on the list. It also reaches that temperature faster and remains consistent with the same power draw. Even when it gets to the highest temp, cooling comes rapid thanks to the intelligent design. Real-time temperature information can be read from the attached remote, so you’ll know when it’s ready at all times. There are four main buttons on the remote that are easily identified.

With the main material being fleece, the comfort level is high. You can use the included straps to put it on a massage table and make a massage table much more inviting. Long operational times are expected, so the auto shutoff last an hour and a half before kicking in. Only 110v max is drawn in high power mode, so it’s low energy but high performance. A one year warranty is more than enough to cover the most important parts of this model. That is about average for a massage table warmer and for Oakworks as a company. There is no denying that this is the best model on the list, even with its high price.

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Oakworks is the standout with table warmers, improving on a lot of important features that the other brands take for granted. It does come at a higher price point, so the other competing brands are still good competition. If you’re not choosing Oakworks, then any of the other brands on the list will give you good value for your money. There really aren’t any top level players other than that specific company, and the difference in price is enough to scare away casual consumers. But if you want the best, then the brand that will provide it is a clear choice.

Best Features

Massage table warmers are more complex than you think. They are more than just blankets that get warm. A lot of sophisticated technology has gone into making these products an important part of the massage industry. Here are some of the features that make massage table warmers good, and sometimes great.

Fleece – When you think of fleece, soft, cozy and plush would be an accurate way to describe the material. Fleece massage table warmers are made of premium materials, instantly turning any table into a comfortable surface. Depending on the brand, some fleece materials are made better than others. It is the difference between laying on a fleece topper and laying on a fleece mattress. Thickness plays a role in how comfortable the fleece material is.

Auto Shutoff – This is a safety feature built into every massage table warmer, new or old. It keeps the product from overheating when left on for too long. Intervals vary by product, but it will usually shutoff in under half an hour. Premium models last a lot longer, sometimes tripling the auto shutoff time. Consumers that want to keep an area warm 24/7 can always plug their massage table warmers into a timer so that it comes on at specific intervals without overriding the safety protocols.

Heat – The most obvious feature of a table warmer is heat. What makes it unique from model to model is the max temp, and how long it takes to get to that point. Waiting around for a massage table warmer to get warm is a pain when it takes forever. Being able to heat up quickly is a good thing, while rapid cooling is beneficial when you need a change of pace. A good model will be able to control its temperatures at a steady pace without forcing the user to wait for several minutes.

Remotes – All of the remotes are attached, as there is little benefit to having a model with wireless remote functionality. Using a simple interface, most massage table warmers require no reading of the manual. You can’t really damage the product from overuse since the shutdown will kick in. Other than basic functions, the remotes will sometimes come with a display that shows the temperature. That feature is helpful in finding out when a warmer is ready for use.


Most of the products on the list are average in price, which is the norm for the industry. The one high priced model is considered a premium buy. If you don’t plan on using any of the premium features, then there is no point in spending more than the average price for a massage table warmer. It may get a little complicated with all of the competition have similar prices, but at the very least you’ll get a product of value that matches your monetary expectations. Buyers that are still on the fence about which model to choose can always narrow it down by materials, like standard or fleece.

What Is The Best Type Of Massage Table Warmer?

There really isn’t an argument against naming fleece the best type. It retains heat longer, even without someone laying on it. The material feels good against the skin and is much easier to clean when it gets dirty. It’s a luxury experience without having to pay a premium price. Fleece material is available on multiple massage table warmers, so it’s easy to find no matter what brand you go with. Some companies handle the material better than others, which is something that buyers will notice based on how thick they make it. Some models even let you flip over the fleece side to a more standard material, just in case you have a preference.

Are There Any Dangers To Using A Massage Table Warmer?

Even models that get as high as 130F when heated are considered safe. There are no dangers to using these products unless wires or exposed or it gets wet. Other than those specific circumstances, you’ll be fine using a massage table warmer. The auto-shutoff timer is included not just for safety reasons, but also to prolong the life of the product. Even when consumers bypass this by putting it on a timer, there is still no risk of danger while using it. You can expect massage table warmers to last well beyond the one year warranty that companies offer.


You can enhance a massage table by adding a compatible warmer to it. The come in multiple sizes, and are loaded with features to make hard surfaces much more bearable. Plenty of brands offer solid solutions that should please all interested consumers.