Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair Review

The Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair is a great option if you are just getting started out in the search for a massage chair. Unlike others on the market, this massage chair is able to provide a ton of great benefits for a great price. You are never going to be forced to sacrifice one or the other when it comes to this chair, from the automatic movable arm rests to the 6 different massage functions, you are really going to love this massage chair.

While there are some issues that come up with this massage chair, most noticeably the fact that is sometimes will not turn off right away even when the massage function is turned off, there is even more to love about this chair. The infrared technology works to heat up the body in a way that no other massage chair on the market has been able to do. The Forever massage chair also has state of the art technology that helps you to get a massage that is just as good as any you can get by a professional. When you are ready to lay down and get an amazing back massage, this is the chair for you!

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Positives of This Chair

Offers 6 different massage functions

It is always nice to have some options when it comes to your massage chair. Some people like to be able to switch it up so that they can get the best massage based on how hard or soft they need it to be for their day. Others will have more than one person who is using the massage chair and they want to make sure that everyone can find the right massage system that works for them. This massage chair comes equipped with 6 different massage functions that can help you to get the perfect massage each time.

Equipped to feel like real hands

This chair is unlike some of the other similar options that are on the market. It comes equipped with a massage technique that feels just like real hands are giving you the back rub. Rather than knowing that you are in a chair and comparing how this is different from going in to a professional to take care of your back, you can sit back, close your eyes and actually find that it is difficult to tell the difference. While this company has not released its top secrets to how they do this, the feeling of real hands helps to bring this chair up above the rest. You are going to feel like you are in a real massage parlor whenever you hop into this chair.

Arm rest moves to be closer to you

In most massage chairs, you will need to pick where you would like the arm rests. You will have to mess around with the arm rests, hoping that you don’t break the massage chair in order to get your arms right where they are the most comfortable. But this massage chair helps you out a lot. Instead of having to force your arms to go wherever the arm rests may fall because you get frustrated, you can just sit down and relax while the chair brings them in for you. This can be nice since you won’t have to worry about yanking or pulling to hard, and you can still be as comfortable as possible inside the chair.

6 adjustment levels for your legs and feet

Another unique thing about this massage chair is that there are different levels that you can use in order to find the right adjustment for your legs and feet. Rather than being stuck with them either down or completely up, you can choose somewhere in between. This helps you to sit in the position that is the most comfortable for your body. Whether you are looking to get them halfway up, just a bit off the floor, or somewhere else, this massage chair is going to help you to get to that point.

Infrared heating option

This chair is unique in the way that it helps to heat up the muscles. Instead of just adding in a bit of heat and hoping this works, this massage chair uses some of the best in infrared lighting to help you to relax and start to feel amazing in no time. You can turn these on and they will start working to heat up the muscles and get them a bit looser before you start in on the massage. You will be amazed at how big of a difference these lights make compared to some of the other heating massage chairs on the market.

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Negatives of this chair

Slow to turn off

One big complaint that a lot of people had with this chair is that it is really hard to get to turn off. Even after they have stopped with their massage, the chair seems to keep going for some time. This will include the massage part still moving and the air bags being inflated for a bit of time even when they are doe. Some customers have reported that they had to completely turn off the chair and unplug it to get this movement to stop.

Only two rollers on the back

Four rollers can be really nice on your back. They help to really relax the muscles and make you feel relaxed and ready to go on with the day. But this chair does not come with the four that it takes to really help relieve your muscles. Instead they only used two rollers. While this can help you to get a great massage as well, it just won’t work out the same as some of the other options from other chairs.

A bulky chair

This is a heavy and bulky chair that is really difficult to get to move around. It has a lot of air bags that are meant to help you feel comfortable and all the heating lamps inside as well as the mechanisms that move the chair around all the time can make it feel heavy. Make sure that you pick a good spot to place this chair and then keep it there for good.


There is a lot to love about this chair. You are going to like that there are a lot of different massage functions so that you are able to get the perfect massage each time. You will like that the armrests are able to move towards you so that you don’t have to fight with them each time and the heating mechanism feels amazing no matter what time of year. But there are some issues that some people aren’t that fond of. The chair is really bulky and when you have trouble turning the chair off when you are done, or getting the airbags to deflate on time, this can cause some issues for some people. Overall, it is a great chair, but there are some changes that need to be changed to make it perfect.