Comfort Products 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair Review

This Comfort Products massage chair is a great option for those looking to get started on a great massage chair. It is easy to move and is going to work on your four most important zones, like the calves, thighs, and both the upper and lower back while you get to sink into some great materials that were used to make this great chair.

If you are tired of being sucked into a massage chair that just seems too big for your body or your home and you want something that is lower in price to meet your budget, this is going to work out great. While the chair is not a good option for those who are bigger in size or weight, it is perfect for the average American size. Add in all the massage zones that you can get with this chair as well as the self-timer and the great ottoman feature that allows you to put your feet up for ultimate comfort, and you have a chair to be proud of.

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Positives of This Chair

Lightweight and easy to move

Unlike a lot of the other massage chairs that are on the market, this one is nice and lightweight. This makes it really easy to move the chair if it’s ever in your way or you would like it somewhere else.

Quality upholstery

This upholstery on this massage chair is one of a kind. It is meant to last through heavier use and for the price point, you are not going to find something that will last this long and still look this great. This chair uses fake leather so you can get all the luxury you are looking for inside this one chair.

Works on four different zones

This massage chair is going to work on the four major zones that may be giving you issues each day. This four zones include the calves, thighs, upper back, and lower back. You can also choose to either just work on the one area or get it all loosened up or you can work on all the areas in the same massage. It is all up to you to decide how long the massage should be and where the massage should take place so that your body can feel nice and relaxed.

Best for people who are medium sized or lower

If you are a medium to small sized person, this is the massage chair for you. Many other massage chairs cater to those who are really big and need a lot of space. While this is nice for those people, it can leave the smaller and medium sized people feeling like they are being drowned in their massage chair. This massage chair is not meant for people who are really big. It is meant for those who are average height so it is perfect if you are tired of being swallowed up by your massage chair.

Good price point

While there are a lot of great massage chairs on the market, there are many that are priced well out of the budget of many consumers. Often these massage chairs will have all the benefits that the customer is looking for, but they are just not willing to spend that much money. If you are ready for a massage chair that is comfortable and can provide you with a great massage in just a few minutes each day, but you don’t want to spend the outrageous prices that some of the other options have, then this is the one for you. This massage chair from Comfort Products comes in much lower than most other massage chairs, but will offer you the massage that you have bee looking for.

Self-timer for the massage

You will be able to set the self-timer on this massage chair. This can be nice so that you ensure you are getting a long enough massage, or getting out in time for another event, without having to ruin your relaxation time trying to keep track of what time it is. Before getting into the chair, you can set the self-timer so that it will go for 10, 20, or 30 minutes long. Then just sit back and enjoy the nice massage that you are getting. When the time is up, the massage chair will turn itself off and you can go about your day, or go to bed, knowing that you got an amazing massage.

Negatives of This Chair

Hard for heavier people to use

This is not a massage chair that was meant for heavier people. It states that it is meant for those who are below 200 pounds. Once you get much above this weight limit, the chair is not built sturdy enough to handle that. There may be issues with the chair being uncomfortable or the massage rollers not being able to do their job. If you are above 200 pounds, it may be best to pick out another massage chair that will be able to give you a great massage and leave this one alone.

Has trouble turning off without unplugging

While most massage chairs will turn off once the massage is all done with, this one seems to have a bit of a problem with this area. In many cases, it will not stop vibrating and making a lot of noise, even after you turn it off or the self-timer says that it is done. Most customers have had to unplug the machine completely to get it ready to turn off. If you are willing to do this simple step to save some money and still enjoy a great massage, then it’s not that big of a deal. Others found this extra step annoying and chose to go with another massage chair.

Doesn’t recline very far

If you are looking for a massage chair that is able to recline really well, you may need to pick out a different option. This one is not very good at reclining and will just go back a few inches at most. For most people, this is plenty of space to go backwards and still get a good massage, but for others, this may be just far enough down that they are feeling a bit annoyed when they should be relaxing.

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This is a great budget chair for families who want to have a great massage at a cheaper price. That being said, you are going to have to be careful if you are over 200 pounds and want to use this massage chair. It is not good for heavier people as the frame is not designed to hold all this extra weight. The machine also has some issues with shutting off the vibrations without being unplugged, but if you are able to just unplug it after each use, this should not be a problem. There is a lot to love with this massage chair including how it can work on a few different zones of your body and is easy to move around. The price point is what will draw in the most customers for purchasing this chair.