Comfort Products 60-0582 Leisure Recliner Chair Review

There are a lot of great massage chairs on the market, but finding one that is able to effectively balance the features that you are looking for with the price that you feel comfortable with can be a challenge. The Comfort Products 60-0582 Leisure Recliner Chair is the one chair that is able to do all of this without any problems. This is one of the most budget friendly massage chairs on the market, but you won’t be able to tell this once you sit back and start getting a great massage in your own home.

With an easy hand controller to keep track of the massage, 10 motor massage option, heat added in to help your muscles to relax before the massage, and the ability to hold medium and even larger people in it, this chair has everything that you are looking for. While you won’t be able to use this as an office chair and it isn’t as sturdy as some of the higher priced massage chairs on the market, this one comes in as being one of the best on the market.

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Positives of This Chair

10 motor massage

This is one of the best massage motors that you can find in a massage chair. This allows the massage to get really deep down into the muscles so that you can feel relaxed and ready to take on the day. Whether you are just tired from a long day at the office or you have some chronic issues that you would like the massage chair to help out with, the 10 motors in this particular chair will be able to help you out.

Heat added in

In a chair that is this budget friendly, it isn’t common to find a lot of added features for you to enjoy. But with this chair, there are so many features that you just won’t know what to start with first. One of the best features that you are going to fall in love with is that there is a heat setting inside. This allows you to warm up the chair, even before use, and get those muscles ready to go and get a great massage. Use the heat just to warm up or keep it on during the whole massage to feel amazing.

Hand controller to make it easier

The hand controller makes it really easy for you to get the massage that you have been looking for. You can change up the speed or the intensity of your massage in just a few seconds with pushing the buttons on the controller. This can make the massage so much better in hardly any time at all.

Budget price point

When budget is a priority, you want to make sure that you are getting a high quality massage chair even when the budget point is low. There are a lot of massage chairs on the market that promise to be the very best, and while they may be right, their price points are so high up, you may have given up on ever finding a massage chair that works for your budget. This chair is here to help! It is on the lowest end of massage chair budgets, but it has a ton of the features that you have been looking for. With this chair, you won’t have to sacrifice quality or your budget to get a great at home massage.

Easy to move

This is a really easy to move massage chair, making it easy to get wherever you would like in your home. You won’t have to rely on other people being at the house when the chair arrives and may be able to move it around and get it all assembled before someone else comes home. This can also be nice if you want to move the chair between rooms on a consistent basis and you won’t have to worry about hurting your back in the process.

Can hold heavier weights

Unlike some of the other massage chairs at this price point, this one is actually pretty good at holding the heavier weights. While some of the biggest people may find that their weights aren’t doing so well on the chair, this massage chair has been shown to hold at least 250 pounds comfortably. This allows people of all sizes to get in a good massage with this lower priced massage chair.

Negatives of This Chair

Won’t work at a desk

There are a few customers who had purchased this chair to use at their desk as an office chair. This chair sits a bit lower than most desks though so this can be a bit of a challenge. You may want to choose a different chair to work in this function or consider getting a desk that is lower. Since this chair is so low to the ground, you may also have troubles with getting out of it, especially when your muscles are all relaxed from a good massage. This has been a challenge for a lot of those who are looking for a massage chair and who have some issues getting off the ground in the first place. You may want to find a way to support yourself out of the chair before starting to make this a bit easier.

Not as much cushion as other options

If you are looking for a massage chair that is going to engulf you in coziness and which will have a lot of extra padding, this is not the chair for you. This one does have padding and it can be comfortable, but for those who are used to some of the other massage chairs on the market, this one may not work as well as some of the others.

Tips over easily

Some customers have complained that this chair is able to tip over pretty easily when they tried to reach for some items while sitting in it. This is a result of many people choosing to use this chair for several functions at once; they want to use it not only as a massage chair, but also as a chair for their desk. When using this chair, it is important to remember that it is not as sturdy as some others and to use caution when trying to reach over for things or to do anything in the chair that is not just massages.

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When purchasing this chair, remember the price that you are getting it for. It is a budget massage chair that is meant for those who just want something easy or who are saving up for one of the higher end massage chairs and want something that can get them by. While the price is low, you are still going to get a lot of benefits, you just need to remember that this is going to be missing some things that you may have enjoyed with a higher priced chair. Overall, you are going to love that there is heat inside the chair, that it looks nice in any room of your home, and the 10 motor massage gives you one of the most relaxing massages available for this price point.