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Are you looking for a massage chair but are not sure about what features you want? or are you looking for a massage chair and have a certain budget? Here you can read our price guides and choose your perfect massage chair based on your own budget.


High End Massage Chairs

High end massage chairs aren’t just for the rich and famous. Consumers and normal everyday professionals use them to relax. With some of the media features built into the chairs, there are plenty of reasons to consider a high end model for a home... Read More


Massage Chairs Under $2000

For a shot at the higher end of massage chairs, buyers will have to spend a little more money. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank, though. There are plenty of top tier models available for under $2,000, and the list continues to... Read More


Massage Chairs Under $1000

Getting the best massage chair for under a thousand dollars is a fun process. You have a lot more freedom to choose since the budget is high, and it gives you access to premium massage chairs at a great price. With high tier massage chairs in the... Read More


Massage Chairs Under $500

Around the $500 price range buyers get a lot more options, including some high end ones. Midrange is a good way to describe the bulk of these chairs, but in reality this still touches on some of the low cost models. These are generous sets of prices... Read More


Massage Chairs Under $200

A massage chair for under $200 sounds like a pipe dream for most buyers. Thankfully, it’s a reality and involves careful shopping and brand awareness. Within the $200 limit are a lot of brand name options, with some of them going on to become even... Read More