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Here you can find all the most popular massage chair brands and read our reviews and guides in order to find the best massage chair that is the perfect fit for you.


Best Panasonic Massage Chairs

Time has been kind to Panasonic, as they continue to innovate with their massage products. Over the years they’ve avoided a lot of the technical weaknesses that have bothered competitors. So if you need a slick looking massage chair with all of the... Read More


Best Human Touch Massage Chairs

A satisfied Human Touch customer is nothing new, as the company has continued its excellence with both design and mechanics. While other brands choose to go bigger and bolder, Human Touch takes that boldness and stuffs it into a smaller frame. Only the... Read More


Best Inada Massage Chair Reviews

Inada (also known as Family Inada) is a Japanese based massage chair manufacturer based in Osaka. They are leaders in the massage chair industry, and have constantly retooled and eventually perfected the shiatsu technique. With a prime focus on high... Read More


Best Osaki Massage Chairs

Osaki is an experienced manufacturer of top grade massage products, most notably the OS-4000 series of massage chairs. The company puts a lot of resources into high end luxury products, and is very user friendly for the entry level buyer that wants to... Read More