Brands are important. The biggest brands have built reputations over years by offering quality products, and good after sales service. We’ve reviewed the products of four of the best brands on the market today. These are the market leaders in massage chair technology. Their products have stood the test of time, and today they offer innovations that are hard to ignore. Their design features, materials and fabric choices are modern and good-looking, so they will blend in and enhance any style of home.

Best Osaki Massage Chairs

Osaki, one of the biggest distributors of massage chairs in the world make high end luxury chairs, amongst them the OS4000 series. The chairs come in a wide range of colors making it easy to match with your décor. They offer a number of great features like zero gravity and computer body scan. These chairs are large and bulky, and will manage even the largest frame. The full body massage chairs come with variety of massage types, heaters and the ability to change the intensity and speed of the massage. You can use preset or customized options to activate the chair’s air massage technology.

Best Inada Massage Chairs

Based in Osaka, Japan, Inada leads in the massage chair industry. The company designs and manufactures top end massage chairs that feature the popular Shiatsu massage. Inada is known for its culture of innovation and premium quality. You’re assured of top end features and a chair that will look good for years when you buy an Inada massage chair. These chairs support 12 000 square inches of body massage for tall or short frames alike. They offer more than 1000 customizable massage options, retrievable via remote control. The range of award-winning Inada massage chairs offer outstanding features and comfort.

Best Human Touch Massage Chairs

In the massage chair business for over thirty-five years, Human Touch focuses on massage chairs with space saving designs. The brand includes chairs with a reduced range of features and in so doing they have kept costs down. The Human Touch massage chairs are therefore very affordable. Their iJoy brand remains the best of the entry level chairs available on the market. Across the range from entry level to top end Human Touch chairs are considerably less expensive than the competition. Despite the lower cost you’ll find a Human Touch massage chair with all the features that you want.

Best Panasonic Massage Chairs

Panasonic is a leading Japanese electronics manufacturing company. It has been around since 1918, starting out as the Matsushita Electric Industrial Company. Over the years Panasonic has developed a reputation for quality and innovation. Panasonic massage chairs are designed for comfort. 3D massage technology allows the chair to detect the shape of the body and adjust the massage accordingly. The thermal massage technology distributes heat over a wider area of the chair. Panasonic massage chairs are made from long-lasting durable leather of faux leather.