Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews

Zero gravity massage chairs are all about the various reclining positions the chair can assume. It is a position that most people will associate with astronauts that go out into space, since they spend their initial takeoff in that position. In short, zero gravity puts the body in a place where it evenly distributes stress and weight across the body. The reclined seating is great even outside of massages, but is greatly enhanced with the proper chair. Since not all zero gravity chairs offer a massage option, it has become an increasingly luxury feature to include in the latest designs. Even on a professional level, zero gravity massage chairs have found its niche.

1. Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

Ideal massage is one of the top rated makers of massage chairs in the industry, with a high customer satisfaction rate across the board. They excel where it counts, and this is one of their high priced masterpieces that really turns heads. It comes equipped with a program for 30 minutes of uninterrupted massage, or variable settings from 5-30 minutes based on the zone. What makes this chair unique from others in the price range is the use of zero gravity and 3-d intelligent detect. Along with the four muted massage hand wheels, this is also one of the quietest chairs available in this size.

The multiple configurable programs are easy to access, and can be changed quickly enough on the fly that anyone can do it. Even when using the preprogrammed modes, the chair gives a surprisingly thorough massage. Heat therapy is built in, and adds enough of an effect to relax the core muscles groups when needed. There are a lot of chairs in this price range that can’t offer half the features of this Ideal Massage model, so customers can consider this a solid buy in the current price range. The quality is high, so the value is more than enough to hold customers over for years.

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2. Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

Available in black or brown, buyers can spend in the mid to high price range and still get one of the best zero gravity chairs available. The exclusive armrest linkage design enhances comfort in ways that competing models only dream of. When programmed, the chair uses that design to give the user a pulse-type airbag extrusion massage. This is comfortable for users that suffer from restless arms and can help them to relax. Instead of foot airbags the company chose to go with a foot roller function so they could maximize effectiveness.

The usual automatic and manual sets of programs are included, and the controls are a joy to use. The large size of the chair isn’t confusing to assemble, and the included instructions are clear to follow. Heat functions start at the waist and covers the lower back area nicely, but it would have been better if a larger zone was covered. Out of the box it comes with a 3 year warranty, which is more than enough to cover the most important parts of the massage chair. It’s a little more complicated than the average chair when going beyond the basic features, so buyers should be aware. Among the other zero gravity chairs available this is a good buy in either color.

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A return to the high priced zero gravity chairs shows off the impressive form of the MK-II Plus. Relaxonchair’s highest rated model performs much better than their previous ones, and this time there is a focus on design. It features one hand remote controlled operation so you can relax without needing to check the current program settings. There are four available modes with three manual modes that control the zones. They went all out with the way it handles the massage, with the reduced airbag pressure helping out the comfort settings.

Using a synthetic leather build, the zero gravity design works better than a lot of competing chairs. They included a patented buttlock L—tracking massage system that makes use of the advanced rollers. It goes from the upper back down to underneath the seat in one seamless motion. Paired with the heating system, it feels really good for long massages where you just want to kick back. Unlike other chairs that use a simple heating element, this one uses two lower back heating pads. The difference is noticeable, and can be considered a luxury feature to customers that are interested. As one of the better choices in zero gravity massage chairs, the MK-II Plus lives up to expectations.

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4. “ZeroG 5.0” Premium Full Body Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Fourth on the list is a model from Human Touch that comes in colors of Expresso, Bone and the standard black. It provides a full body massage with zero-g gravity settings for optimal comfort. Using a Smart 3d massage engine, the chair coordinates all of the mechanics into one smooth platform. No matter the height of the user, the foot and calf massage can be adjusted for the perfect fit. This is a small inclusion on the feature list that isn’t available in all massage chairs, so taller or shorter customers will be pleased.

Exclusive in this brand is the patented warm air technology that handles relief for the lower back and shoulders. The lumbar support on the chair is good, and puts the customer in the proper position during the massage. This is one of the highest priced massage chairs on the list, so the extra features do come with a little bit of cost attached. For the most part, a lot of the main features of this product can’t be found in others at a lower price. Buyers that are interested in luxury zero gravity chair features should purchase this Human Touch model. The controls are responsive, and the program settings go beyond the basic format provided with competing products.

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5. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

The LM-6800 is the best Kahuna Massage Chair has to offer for the zero gravity line. Although the asking price is high, it is more than worth it when compared to similar models. Available in brown, the company even include a remote holder in the finished design. Double layer shoulder airbags pair well with the foot padding to give a great closed in feeling when getting a massage. Using the L-Track massage system, buyers get to experience three stages of zero gravity. And despite body size, the chair will intelligently scan and accommodate anyone that gets in it.

Going beyond the four basic preset massages, the LM-6800 introduces a more involved 6 preset system. There are now enough options available from the start so that customers don’t have to fiddle with the manual massage options. The star of the preset system is the yoga stretching programs, good as both a starter and finishing massage for the day. A three year limited warranty is included, and should take care of any issues that customers run into when operating the unit. Energy consumption is also low when operating for long periods without a break. Consumers will love everything about this massage chair, and will quickly see why this is a great luxury model.

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6. OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair

The last chair on the zero gravity list comes from Osaki, a brand known for their great design decisions. They didn’t fail to impress, and the OS-4000 comes in Cream, Brown or Black. Even the standard black model has a nice look to it, yet that isn’t the only thing about this chair. It features the best remote on the list, a full size option that is attached to the chair. This isn’t a normal remote, and a large equipped screen is included to help visualize the massage options before you choose.

With all of the included eye candy, the price is high, but well worth it when you factor the customizability of the remote. Luxury extras like auto size adjustments, heat therapy and six preset programs are included. And to go along with the visual remote, Osaki has also included a small wireless remote control to control the core features of the chair. Including it was a nice extra, and improves the overall user experience. There are a lot of great options in this price range, but this chair is a definite standout for anyone looking for a high end solution.

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7. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

This is the second Real Relax product on the list, and it is another low priced chair with massive upside. It contains four preset massage functions and backs it up with a zero gravity design. There are right core massage points throughout the entire chair, so multiple zones are represented when doing a manual or reset massage. The plushness of the chair is due to the 35 air bags beneath the outer materials. Users will get a nice ‘cushion’ once they sit in the chair, even years after the original purchase. When buyers first sit in the chair, it is noticeable, and really helps make the massage better.

Also carried over from the other models is the arm sections with pulse to fully massage the arms during operation. Users with arthritis may purchase the chair solely for using this feature, and it’s worth it. A little assembly is required for the entire unit, but nothing out of the ordinary. Users with basic skills should be able to put it together in a short amount of time. An included manual details the setup from beginning to end, and is well written for users of all levels. Consumers that weren’t interested in Real Relax’s other massage chair will get a lot of great joy out of this choice.


Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair ReviewsMost of the brands listed are well known for massage chairs, and not just their zero gravity versions. Some brands are exclusively known for their innovation with zero gravity, but shouldn’t be favored over the others. It’s true that some companies do zero gravity better than others, and they even have a better hold over the market because of this. The competition that specializes in all types of massage chairs gets an advantage by having the better overall massage techniques. Remember that getting a massage chair will always be first and foremost about the massage features. Everything else is secondary, even when looking at zero gravity massage chairs.


Zero gravity massage chairs need space so they can get in the correct position. It is safe to say that you should allot extra space for this to be possible, and in turn this makes them one of the biggest space hogs on the market. They take up even more space than a normal recliner, so measuring the area before making a purchase is a must. Even if the chair fits in its closed position, that doesn’t mean it will be able to reach zero gravity status without bumping into things in the area. And if you plan on putting two of them in the same room, things can get really tight if the space is too small.


There are a lot of great colors to choose from, and they all have a smoothness to their look. There is nothing too out their like a blazing red or camo, at least not in the high quality of zero gravity massage chairs. The design is conservative so that it fits into most setups without clashing. Most of the chairs on the list are full types, meaning they massage from the neck all the way down to the feet. They have the look of a lazy-boy chair with double the extension length when needed. And if you decide to go with a top tier model, some come with large consoles that are attached to the chair itself. It can be used when you want a more visual look at the massage options and what they do.


Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair ReviewsWhen skipping the expected zero gravity feature, the chairs in this category don’t offer huge differences from other massage chair types. And while it is true that the zero gravity feature is their bread and butter, they also excel with their heating elements. Chairs in this category have much better heating elements, which is more to do with how they were designed. They cover affected areas while in the zero gravity position, relieving tired backs and muscles. For consumers that have chronic problems in that area, this is what helps seal the deal for them with zero gravity massage chair purchases.


Prices vary wildly from one chair to the next, and that turns out to work great for consumers. Zero gravity chairs are usually in the higher tier of luxury types, yet there are low cost alternatives available. Even at its cheapest, the low cost zero gravity chair options offer a lot of value for interested consumers. It’s one of the few times you can really maximize top tier options without spending a lot of money. When you want to go beyond the basics being offered at a low price point, then the deals available for zero gravity chairs expands even more. They usually retail at a high price point with more features than the average user would need. This excess of features in the high priced versions is useful in getting the best long-term investment for your money.


Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair ReviewsAll of the options in the zero gravity massage category contains plush material made for long sessions. It hugs the skin, and as a feature in some models it even conforms to the height requirements of the user. Zero gravity is all about stress relief, so getting the position right isn’t the only thing the companies are worried about. The same ‘plush’ feeling that you the first time the chair is used remains even years after the original purchase. Breathable leather is the best way to describe the material, although the actual feeling is one that is hard to replicate with non-massage chairs. This comfort level is active whether the massage is on or not, so a zero gravity chair is also useful as a regular product.


This is where things get a little tricky for new users, and it becomes a push pull between the low cost zero gravity and high cost models. You’ll get more features by going with the higher price point, but if you want to purchase more than one, funds will be the biggest issue. Long-term value is going to be a pro for the high priced zero gravity chairs. That doesn’t take away from the lower priced options on the list, and instead puts all of the models in a better light for buying decisions.


Buyers that are looking for the perfect zero gravity massage chair will have plenty of important choices to make. If they look for the most comfortable option, then the choices are still staggering compared to other massage chairs. In the end, zero gravity massage types is an incredible value for a starter or replacement build.