Best Seat Vibrating Massage Chairs Reviews

Vibrating massage chairs is all about the lower cost options in the massage chair lineup. They usually consist of recliners that need some space so that you can full recline. They all spin 360 degrees, so how it works with the room will depend on where you put it. A lot of setups focus more on reclining space more than anything, but everyone’s setup is different. With this model of chair comes a lot of uncomplicated options, with the remote control having the bare essentials even for advanced functions. Massage chairs in this lineup are comfortable, last a long time and has some of the fewest moving parts out of any type of massage chair. It is entry level at its best, and can really turn you onto the market.

1. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Low priced and available in multiple colors, this Esright model is perfect for users in any setting. Available colors are Black, Cream and Dark Brown. Each have their own special touches, but for the most part they have the same clean look. The PU leather is soft and cushions the body well even when using the heating functions. You can swivel and recline in full motion, so even with the massage functions off it is still a useful chair. Esright made the padding thick for this specific purpose, so even as a lounge chair it will work fantastic in a room.

The massage features come with five control modes and two exact intensity levels. It is about average to above average when compared to the competition, with the included remote control using a familiar interface. Buyers will look at all of the options for this chair and think of it as an entry level offering, and they would be correct- the biggest selling point for this model are the two cup holders and 4 storage bags. Nothing will blow you away about what the chair offers, but it also doesn’t have a lot of weak points. When needing a couple of massage chairs in bulk for a great price, this Esright model is a nice choice.

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2. MAGIC UNION Wall Hugger Power Lift Massage Recliner

This seat vibrating massage chair offers a couple of unique features not found in the others on the list. From Magic Union, the pro features of this model are the power lift and wheels. The power lift is great for users that have trouble getting out of chairs, and lifts the chair up into a better vertical position so you can stand up. This isn’t a revolutionary feature, but is definitely a must have for a lot of customers. For portability, this is also one of the few chairs to offer wheels to help with moving. It is another killer feature that is so rare with massage recliners that it is worth mentioning for potential buyers. An amazing thing to consider is that this is all available at a low price point.

Keeping with an old school design, the company used a solid wooden frame and paired it with PU leather. The wooden frame is a hit or miss depending on the customer, and is something that could be a deal breaker for some. All of the usual extras are present including the cup holders and storage pocket for the included remote. When using the massage functions, there are four zones that take care of eight massage points on your body. With the vibrating and heating features it is a nice overall package, and turns this Magic Union chair into something special.

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3. Merax Power Massage Reclining Chair

This is one of the lowest vibrating massage chairs available, at a price many would consider a steal. It uses a comfortable leather material that is resistant to rips and tears. Zone settings in the massage profile allow for both manual and preset massages to take care of the body while seated. There are three intensity levels, and when paired with the lumbar heat it creates a great universal experience. An included remote control is small, but extremely detailed. You can manage most of the advanced functions from the remote without needing to look at the manual.

Some things that are missing from this model are basic comfort features like cup holders. It did leave room for the pockets on the side so you can store the remote or other small items. A generic cup holder can be purchased at a low price if customers absolutely require it. But the overall design of the chair is built for stretching out with the recliner, so getting an add-on cup holder may just get in the way. As an entry level option for vibrating massage chairs this is a winner, and is more than capable of satisfying consumers.

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4. Merax Suede Heated Massage Recliner Sofa

Merax made the vibrating massage market interesting by introducing a chair in suede. Going away from the traditional leather background of other massage chairs, this suede chair offers an alternative comfort option for customers that hate leather. It is available in Grey only, as the Black option is leather. Using a steel backrest gives it good balance when handling weight, and the foam filled cushions adds a nice plush feeling when getting into the chair. Beyond the different material used on the outside, this is a regular entry level vibrating massage chair at a low price. There are no differences in price between the two material options, so customers won’t feel pressured either way.

An eight point massage is used during operation, targeting the upper back all the way down to the feet. Heating isn’t as good in this version as the leather version, but is still competent for what it does. This has more to do with the suede material vs. leather rather than the internals of the product. Like the previous product on the list, this one is sans cup holders. It does have a pocket for the remote, which uses a simplified interface. For an alternative to the leather heavy lineup from most massage chair makers, this Merax suede model is a deal that is too good to pass up.

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5. HomCom Heating Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner

Staying in the low price range is this HomCom leather model, available in Brown, Black, Red and Cream. It looks and handles like a chair that was made for an entertainment setup, sporting a slimmer design and dual cup holders. The pockets on the side are easier to reach than other chairs, and the overall finish of the PU leather shines when paired with a matching setup. It rocks and reclines to comfortable positions, with a full 360 spin setup if you give it enough spacing. Using the remote won’t be a problem, since it is basic in operation even when using advanced modes.

Vibrating functions are good, with two speeds to choose from when getting a massage. There isn’t anything too advanced when going through the operating modes, and the heated massage is surprisingly efficient. Manual modes aren’t as robust as other models, but the five preset modes will be more than enough to get what you want out of the chair. Once again, the slimmer size and design benefits consumers that want to use this in entertainment setups. At the price this model is selling at, it is an instant top three option for vibrating massage chairs.

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6. MCombo Modern Massage Recliner

The last model on the list comes from MCombo, and is another good choice in the low price range. Available in black, the leather material is combined with no-sag spring support and a high elasticity sponge. This combination can last for years while maintaining its form, and is comfortable when using the massage operations. It would be nice if there were more color options available, especially since the design is slim. It looks like a regular recliner and stands out a lot less than other vibrating massage chairs. Top durability is also a pro of this model, and it seems to get favorable reviews across the board.

Vibration and heating options are adequate, with the usual four zones doing their job on multiple settings. The chair has a dual cup holder design with a pocket on the side for magazines or the included remote. There’s nothing too flashy about the operation, but some assembly is required out of the box. This won’t be anything too out of the ordinary and is considered minor work to get everything going. For what the chair does it is small and light, yet functions like some more of the heavy hitters in its tier. Buyers will like the build quality of this model when they need a long term massage chair.

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Not a lot of big names dominate the entry level market with vibrating massage chairs, but there are a few standouts. One of those is Merax since they provide the rare suede version of their massage chair. Leather isn’t favored by everyone, so a leather massage chair can be a turnoff to customers that hate the material. It isn’t just about allergies or personal beliefs, since some customers just find it uncomfortable and sticky. With Merax introducing a quality suede model, they managed to tap into a portion of the market that competitors don’t pay attention to. It’s all about options, and this is without a doubt the best suede vibrating massage chair in its tier.


Most of the chairs in this category are smaller than other massage chairs. But that doesn’t mean that they require less space- they are recliners, after all. The ideal setup for a recliner allows it to be fully extended and spun around in full 360 motion while extended. Yet the average setup will allow it to be extended, but not spun in multiple directions. They are most likely bunched together side by side in the living room, a reading room, entertainment room or any space where they can recline in one direction comfortably. They look a lot like regular recliners, so it isn’t uncommon to see them paired up with other chairs that have a similar look but lack massage functions.


This is a major pro of owning a vibrating massage chair. Unlike other massage chairs, these blend in a lot better with regular furniture. You can set them up in a living room and guests wouldn’t know it was a massage chair until you turned it on. A lot of these models don’t even have cup holders, so they fit in nicely with traditional setups. There also seems to be more color variation, although it’s still limited when compared to other furniture. And since this is considered entry level massage chairs, they can introduce material other than leather. Suede feels as good as it looks, and may be the only option for a setup that you want to blend with a non-leather setup.


Features are basic, with the average 4 zones cover 8 core points on the body. There is nothing revolutionary about the massage you’ll get from a vibrating massage chair, and it is all about the comfort level. Some only have two strength settings, low and high. Heat and vibration are standard, and won’t blow you away; but they get the job done when it counts. There is nothing better than having both the vibration and heat operations going while in a reclined position. The quality of this moment is what makes or breaks the performance of any vibrating massage chair on the market.

Massaging Power

Depending on what brand you decide to go with, the power will be average or above average. These types of chairs won’t overpower you with their massage functions, and they rely heavily on the comfort of the chair to help out the core mechanics. So purchasing a chair with fabric that lacks elasticity will affect the consistency of the rollers that massage your body. So the better the fabric, then the more powerful the massage will be since the mechanics are not powerful to begin with. Vibration doesn’t have the same limitations, and is an overall pleasant experience throughout the entire chair.


All of the vibrating massage chairs on the list are low priced, but that also goes for the entire industry. As entry level massage chairs they have all of the basic functions needed to give users a good massage. This is the best price to value ratio that you’ll get for massage chairs, and the price makes a big jump when going to the next tier. This jump in price from the entry level to the next tier is what has popularized vibrating massage chairs, making them the most accessible type outside of vibrating pads. In the low price range there is no better model to get, but if you’re close to having the money for the next tier, then it is advised to wait. And on that note, if you are low on money and need more than one massage chair, vibrating massage chairs will save a lot of money upfront. They really are the sweet spot for buyers that want to try out the technology without breaking the bank.


Comfort is always going to be subjective, but in this case vibrating massage chairs have an advantage over other types. They have the same type of material as high tier massage chairs, and aren’t that far behind on things like extra cushion or lumbar support. This is one of the biggest kept secrets from customers that are new to massage chair purchasing. PU leather or regular leather from one brand isn’t different from the other unless you talk about durability. The comfort levels remain the same, and as a plus you are spending a lot less. This will definitely factor into the buying decision if you are worried about higher tier chairs being more comfortable. Vibrating massage chairs are also one of the few massage types to offer alternative material. It was mentioned before, but there is a suede chair available for a low cost. Suede isn’t a material you will see a lot in the high end chairs, even though it is perfectly comfortable in everyday use. You get more options with vibrating massage chairs without losing any of the comfort.


Consumers get tremendous value by purchasing vibrating massage chairs. They are all low priced, the features are good, and the comfort levels are no different even if you go to a higher tier. With more chairs being introduced in the entry level category each year, that value will continue to rise. Some of the better deals with massage chairs are in the low price category, and that is where a lot of the market is made up- and not just from newcomers. A vibrating massage chair is as good an investment as a high end massage chair.


Everyone has a specific type of massage chair that they like, with features that they won’t do without. Buyers of all levels will find some great deals if they look at what vibrating massage chairs have to offer. Somewhere in the lineup there is a gem that will make a great addition to any home or office.