Best Scalp Head Massager

Portable stress relievers are underrated in their ability to help out consumers that need help quickly. One of the types that has become popular is scalp head massagers, both old and new. These small products are quick to provide relief for the user and can be used by anyone regardless of experience. Brand superiority with these models takes a backseat to products that were built for maximum usefulness.

Hand Held Scalp Head Massager

The lowest priced scalp head massager on the list comes from Kikkerland, and it even comes in a pack of two. It’s the most basic type of scalp massager, yet is the one that users keep coming back to when they need comfort. When used correctly, this massager increases blood circulation at and around the areas affected. No special directions are needed to get the benefits of the stress relief, as the complexity of use for this product is no different than a back scratcher. Finesses is recommended, but in truth you can be as rough as needed to get the job done.

As a package it is small and light enough to fit in a backpack or purse. Prongs on both of the massagers use a ‘one size fits all’ model, so it will be sufficient for kids and adults. Using these types of massagers instead of your hands is a better choice. It won’t mess up your hair, and you can equally apply the right amount of pressure to the scalp. It’s the most inexpensive way to get a tingling scalp massage anywhere you want. Buyers will get their money’s worth with this purchase, relieving stress in the quickest way possible.

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AMEISEYE Hand Held Scalp Head Massager Therapeutic Head Scratcher for Deep Relaxation

There are a couple of things that separates this scalp head massager from the rest; starting with design, it is one of the more unique looking models on the list. The handle is stylish but comfortable, accommodating multiple hand sizes. With the gold ball at the bottom of the handle, it stands out a lot from the other bland looking choices. There are multiple colors to purchase for buyers that want their massage products to match with a specific color scheme.

The second part of this purchase is interesting due to the free gift. A pre-moistened lens wipe is included, with a faint lemon scent. It may seem like a throwaway gift, but is a necessity for scalp head massage users that wear glasses. A lot of the irritation on the sides of your head come from wearing glasses all day. With the free wipe, you clear out a lot of that bacteria after giving your head a thorough massage. With the low price of the product, this is a compelling buy for users that value a good looking head scalp massager.

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StaiBC Bear Claw Telescopic Back Scratcher

Another low cost product that has a lot of great recommendations is the Bear Claw from StaiBC. Normally this would be used as a back scratcher, but the design makes it a nice alternative to use as a scalp head massager. Sold in a pack of six, there are various colors to choose from. Buyers will have a choice of pink, red, yellow, black, blue and purple. The coverage area is small, although the handle is good for all hand sizes. It’s made of soft rubber so is ideal for long head massage sessions.

The material of the scratcher is stainless steel, reaching a full 22.83 inches when it is extended. For transport you can leave it at the default 8.46 travel size, making it ready to go at a moment’s notice. Because of the extension you can use the scratcher on any part of your body, and that alone makes it much more versatile than a regular scalp head massager. While in the sitting position, an average sized person can reach any part of their body. The possibilities are endless with the StaiBC Bear Claw if you want to use it for more than back scratching.

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Body Back Company’s Scalp Massager

This scalp massager from Body Back Company is a traditional setup that relieves stress. Nothing is fancy about the design or the way it relieves head pains, but it is still efficient at the job it does. A big part of what makes scalp massagers so good is the way they increase blood flow throughout the massaged area. Multiple colors are available as a single pack all the way up to a ten pack. All of the six available packages are low priced, so you’re getting a good deal either way.

Handle size is about 3.5 inches, so it is suitable for small and medium hands. Larger hand sizes will get a little frustrated with the lack of grip when using it. All 12 tines follow the same traditional look and feel of other scalp head massagers, with an average of 5 and 6.5 inches depending on the tine. Although the entire massager is about 9.5 inches in length, it’s still portable enough to be carried in most backpacks or purses. Weight is half a pound, so you’ll barely notice it even when carrying multiple models. Quantity and quality are valid reasons to consider this deal one of the best in the industry.

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Naipo & Breo Scalp Massager Portable Head Massage

Last on the list is an electronic scalp head massager, which is also the best available. Using up to date technology, the 360 massage does a thorough job without tangling in your hair. Twenty-eight massage nodes handle the kneading functions without sucking up too much power from the included AAA batteries. You’ll get a nice two hours from those three batteries, which is more than enough for a good month of after-work stress relief. By keeping up with the massage treatments, this scalp massager can even encourage hair growth.

But this isn’t a one trick pony, and the Naipo MGSC-S comes with four brush attachments. It is IPX5 waterproof so you can use it while showering, making full use of conditioners, shampoos or face and body washes. Inside the box is everything needed to get started, including a stand to place it when not in use. Cleaning the attachments is easy since they can be popped off at any time without damaging the massager. Out of all the products listed, this one does the best job at being portable and giving the most thorough scalp massages.

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Best Scalp Head MassagerA lot of the brands listed are low key and aren’t as notable. Bigger brands are in the other massage categories but are in the same tier. The lack of branding doesn’t hurt the names on the list since they come with the same features as the more known products. Companies like Naipo are rising in the ranks and will become a big brand based off of their flagship massage products. Even for brands that don’t make it to the big ranks, scalp head massagers still put out fiercely competitive products across all price ranges.

Best Features

Plenty of features make scalp head massagers stand out from the rest of the competition. Their versatility adds to the value of having a product that can relieve stress in a moment’s notice.

Portability – Low in weight and size, scalp head massagers cab fit in most bags. You can take them anywhere without needing to make extra room for storage. For home and travel usage, this is a major bonus for potential buyers.

Easy To Use – There is no age requirement for using any of these massagers. Only the electric models require reading of the manual. Consumers of any age can master using any of the scalp head massagers to their fullest capabilities.

Universal – Any head size is compatible with scalp head massage products. Even small children can benefit from the stress reducing capabilities of the product without it being a danger.

Increases Blood Circulation – When blood circulation is poor in an area, the buildup can cause pain or a throbbing headache. Massagers used in and around that affected area promote healthy blood flow by releasing the user of unneeded tension.


Best Scalp Head MassagerDesigns are kept simple, with the only major differences coming down to available colors. Traditional scalp head massagers will mostly look the same, using a handle to control the multiple tines of different lengths. Not a lot of variation is used with the tines, which seem to be close in materials/sizing across multiple products. Electronic scalp head massagers function like mini spa brush but with additional functions. If you’ve ever used a spa brush before, the design will look familiar right down to the removable heads. Every now and then you’ll get a manual massager like the Bear Claw Scratcher that defies the norm, yet is more of an exception to the rule.

Why Is The Electronic Model The Best?

You can do more with an electronic massager compared to the traditional ones. There is also a better chance of reaching troublesome areas, and all with an automated method. Back when the electronic scalp head massagers were first introduced, they weren’t great. The main reason people didn’t like them was due to getting their hair tangled on the various settings. Modern electronic scalp head massagers don’t have this problem, and with the swappable heads they are useful for relaxing the entire body. Add in a little bit of waterproof protection and it is the perfect product to bring into the shower.


Best Scalp Head MassagerThe traditional massagers are an interesting bunch when you consider the only other difference besides colors is the handle. A handle will either be full sized or a little smaller, with the latter being slightly better for travel. They will either have a soft rubber or neoprene grip, making it much easier for repetitious motions when massaging the head. Hard handles should be avoided for multiple reasons, the biggest being they will slip if your hands are sweaty. And it has also been proven that the soft handles work better for traveling when durability is a top concern.


You won’t find a lot of high priced scalp head massagers in the industry, even when you look at the electronic models. Modern products contain everything inside the box so there are no extra accessories to spend money on. With the cost being so low, traditional scalp head massagers give customers the option to purchase in bulk. You can buy up to ten in a single pack, all with their own distinct colors. The extras can be stored in places you use them the most or given out as gifts for special occasions.


Plenty of choices are available for customers that need relief from daily stress. The scalp head massagers listed aim to provide that at a value price. Whether you go with traditional or modern, relief is only a few minutes away.