Best Prime Leather Massage Chairs Reviews

Prime leather massage chairs are high tier items at an incredible price. And even with the focus of their support coming down to the quality of materials they use to make leather, the true strength is really a combination of the materials and features offered. A prime leather massage chair has enough going for it that customers will choose them over more expensive options. And with the different styles that are being represented with prime leather massage, it opens up the market for some interesting combinations. Innovation with massage chairs will most likely come from the prime leather category, as the further refine their style points.

Best Choice Products Massage Recliner Sofa

From Best Choice comes a low priced massage recliner with padded PU leather. It is cushioned from the outside but strong from the inside thanks to the steel interior frame. Using the chair for years gives it a nice feel, which more or less has to do with how they adjusted the materials. The attached controller is nothing too advanced, opting for simple controls that handle basic and advanced functions. With it you can set up the five preset modes, adjust intensity and turn on heat. They added the heat option in a unique way so that it actually does the job rather than just getting lukewarm.

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iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

The iJoy-2580 is something different altogether for leather massage chairs, with a high price point attached to its unique design. Available in Expresso or Black, it has full recline and three auto- massage presets. This includes options that handle the neck, back and shoulder areas. When fully reclined, it can go to 180 degrees for an unmatched experience. And the built in control panel is a much better alternative to an attached remote control. Everything you need is within arm’s reach, and built directly into the chair.

The leather material of the chair is high class, with a removable massage softening pad to enhance the experience. Luxury features added to the design are a cup holder, power outlet for charging devices and a nice plush feel even when you’re in the chair for long periods of time. There is a reason this was voted a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy, and continues to be one of the top rated chairs in the industry. For a leather chair that has all of the best materials, the iJoy-2580 will meet your standards.

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“ZeroG 5.0” Premium Full Body Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

What ranks as the most expensive chair on the list is also one of the better choices. The ZeroG 5.0 is available in Expresso, Bone and Black. Using a modern zero age design, buyers will gain access to a smart 3D engine that targets vital parts of the body for a massage. This includes the foot and calf massager which are a zone by themselves, and collaborate with the rest of the chair for a full experience. Endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic, this chair has a top tier leather material that aims to please in both style and comfort.

Weight capacity maxes out at 285 lbs. with a limit of 6’4 on the height. These are optimal numbers that beat out the competition, with even higher benefits since it supports a zero gravity massage. Included in the design are four manual massage options, four preprogrammed options and an extensive heating function with lumbar support. Buyers will get the most advanced remote control on the list with this design, with an assured comfort level that exceeds their expectations. Even without a cup holder, this is a top three choice on the list.

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Homelegance 9745BRW-1 Jimmy Collection Upholstered Power Reclining Massage Chair

Available in black or brown, this massage chair from Homelegance comes from the Jimmy Collection. The bonded leather is soothing to the skin and looks great when paired in a room with high tier appliances. It hovers around the medium price range, but offers a lot of luxury features that make the price well worth it. A feature that is beloved by the customers is the touch power mechanism, similar to the one touch zero gravity feature in similar massage chairs.

Rather than using an attached remote control, the one touch feature is built into the chair itself. With it, users can activate cup holder chilling functions, massage presets and the reclining feature. An unusual addition to the chair is the inclusion of an LED lighting panel, also operation from the one touch controls. Using the lights are optional, so it isn’t something you have to worry about being on all the time. As big as the chair is, it is light in weight at under a hundred pounds. With nice leather and a lot of power features, users will get a lot of choices with this chair.

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Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman

With the low price of this model, a lot of massage chair enthusiasts have been comparing it to other models. T & D Enterprises introduced a recliner ottoman combo to solidify their lineup, and it’s a welcome addition. Using a leather wrapped base, this black massaging chair is comfortable without getting too crazy with the design. Its familiar setup includes the side pockets which are deep enough to keep magazines in, along with the included controller. Having a wireless controller would have been nice, but this version is small enough to not have an issue with storage on the side pockets.

These controls work both the chair and the ottoman to provide a full experience. Everything is light, as the chair and ottoman come in at under 56 pounds. That is lighter than a single massage recliner by itself, so there is a lot of benefit to getting this bundle. And with the use of the ottoman, taller users will be able to adjust to it better than a recliner. Weight capacity is still average at around 250-270 pounds, so the benefit leans more towards height. In its current state, this is a solid choice for a massage chair that includes an ottoman.

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Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair

This is one of the few chairs on the market that offers a camouflage color, so it is a rarity based off of that alone. Other colors available are brown and black, and they all sport the same low cost as other styles with the same features. The leather is top notch, and is a real stand out regardless of the color you choose. They experimented with the leather material, using simulated leather to great effect. It’s soft to the touch and incredibly popular with the customer base.

What separates this massage chair from other products with the ottoman is its large amount of preset massages. There are nine programmed massages available, making it very unlikely that you’ll ever need the manual function. You can also choose up to five intensity levels, so it gives an unusually complete experience at a very low price. And with its support for high weight at 300 pounds, it is accessible to more sizes than a standard massage chair. As the last prime leather chair on the list, this is a delightful choice for buyers that want something different.

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HomCom Executive Ergonomic PU Leather

Getting back to a low price point is this HomCom model, using an executive look that has become traditional with non-massage chairs. It is the same design, only with a massage function added in for good measure. Available colors are black, brown, cream and red. This is the most varied you’ll get with a massage chair, especially one that is made of PU leather. The leather is good, and bonds really well to anyone that sits in it. This is a good looking chair with tough leather attached to the frame, and with a long lifespan ahead with proper maintenance.

The zones on the chair are spread apart enough that they cover the legs and back areas fully. And if things get uncomfortable, you can adjust the height and position of the chair so that all of the zones are in the correct areas. An attached remote control is the basic version that you would expect from a low cost massage chair, and offers preset and manual options. Using the advanced manual options is a breeze, and the chair supports up to 300 lbs. in weight. This is a chair that potential buyers should keep their eye on, with its value rising by the day.


Best Prime Leather Massage Chairs ReviewsLeather materials are a mix and match of some of the finest types in the industry. There are no dominant brands that make a universal leather type that everyone loves. So all of the brands on the prime leather massage chair list are known for their creativity with the massage portion of the chair. To narrow it down, their features are the most in demand for leather chairs. Although the materials are important, without the electronic materials to make the chair stand out, it will lack the massage strength needed to satisfy the customer. And if you’re going to pay for a massage chair with subpar massage features, then it is better to just pay full price for a high end leather chair. So the brands on the prime leather massage chair list were chosen for their combination of great materials and even better chair features. Majority of the prices are really good values, with only a couple going over the low price point. All of the brands listed did a good job in finding a common middle ground with the customer, and a first major step in building a long lasting relationship.


The varying sizes represented with the list is a good sign, and shows that the makers of these chairs are not prioritizing larger rooms. While the few recliner/ottoman combos that made the list are nice, most of the chairs are a lot smaller by comparison. Even the standard massage recliner gets its own special iteration on this list, making it harder for customers to make a definite choice. Prime leather massage chairs aren’t all big, puffy and space consuming. If space saving is a key to your purchase decision, then you’ll have plenty of choices in this category.


The standout on the list is the iJoy 2580, a luxury leather chair that modernizes the entire look of massage chairs. Being different works out well for this model, and may endear it to customers that want an eye catching piece of furniture. The only other design that was a standout was the rare camo from Relaxzen. This was a surprise but was well done by the company, proving that leather can be available in more than red, black, brown and cream. The alternative option works well, and it would be nice to see other companies go in that direction.


Best Prime Leather Massage Chairs ReviewsThere are loads of features in prime leather chairs, and they go far beyond basic massage. What you’ll usually get with these types of chairs are comfort features like better lumbar support, good zone coverage, easy to use remotes and cup holders with a cooling element. Prime leather chairs are made to be standouts, and they will definitely meet their high demand when asked. The mechanics are sound in all models, so no shortcuts are taken to complete the build. Along with having a lot of electronic features, the models are also highly durable.

Leather Quality

For the prime leather massage chairs on the list, leather quality is an important addition. Whether they use their own branded fake leather or the real thing, all of the models on the list come with high tier leather. Some are tough, some are soft and others concentrate on elasticity. They all have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, with a lot of focus put into the comfort of the material. Some really good creations came from all of the brands, and their ideas have gone on to innovate outside of the industry. When done correctly, PU leather can surpass the usefulness of real leather.


Best Prime Leather Massage Chairs ReviewsMost of the prices were low, with only a few going to the high price range. This is where customers get confused when it comes to leather based products. Not all leather products are meant to be expensive, even when they rank in the high tier. So with a lot of the products on the list producing some of the finest leather available, the choice between a low priced leather massage chair and a high priced one comes down to features. The choice gets harder when the features are matched up, and the only difference becomes price and brand loyalty.

Customer Support

Brand loyalty goes a long way with customers, and it is the main reason why top brands are able to dominate. With massage chairs, the industry is a little less top heavy and a lot more fragmented. This works out well customers that like choices, but will scare away the ones that want a solid foundation. All of the listed brands provide excellent customer support, whether it is the low priced models or the high ones. Customer support is defined as warranty coverage, phone/email support and main webpage information available.


Comfort changes based on the chair that is purchased, even if the same type of leather is used. That means companies using the same materials to produce their leather will have completely different comfort priorities. One chair might focus on being firm, while a model from another company will prioritize softness with their leather. That is why it’s important to look at all of the options available with prime leather massage chairs. If you already have an idea of the type of leather you want, choose the company that matches your wants the closest.


The old saying that leather ages well also applies to PU leather and its variants. It is a highly durable piece of material that only gets better the longer you own it. And unlike other fabric that loses it shape over time, leather is more likely to have that same bounce to it, even years after the original purchase. Value is tied to leather and is a great addition to any room.


Price alone should be a reason to gravitate towards prime leather massage chairs. The choices are plentiful, and the features are next level. And no matter which brand is purchased, you’re bound to get a completely different experience.