Best Portable Massage Chairs Reviews

Portable massage chairs are made for professionals that want to take full advantage of their masseuse skills while away from home. But the real value of these chairs is that they’re also used in non-professionals settings, sometimes with the biggest attraction coming from demos. Whatever your use for them, the bulk are at a value price and come with carrying cases included in their overall package. It is a great way to get started, or for some people a good way to have access to a good massage chair at a moment’s notice.

1. EARTHLITE Vortex Portable Massage Chair Package

Starting off the list is the Earthlite Vortex, an average priced chair that comes in multiple colors. It is available in Amethyst, Black, Burgundy, Latte, Mystic Blue, Sterling, Teal and Vanilla Cream. That’s a lot of colors to choose from and one of the main selling points of the product. Included in the package is a nylon carrying case, sternum pad and shoulder strap. It’s everything you’d need to get started, and is perfect for professionals and hobbyists that enjoy massages. The good features don’t end there, and it continues deep into the mechanics of the product.

The Vortex is listed as the lightest chair on the market, weighing only 15 pounds total. This is a great weight to deal with if you carry it for long distances during the day. A good example of this would be using it during a trade show where massages are demoed. Earthlite supplied this product with a lifetime limited warranty, which covers the frame for a lifetime and three years total for the cushions and upholstery. This goes beyond being a simple starter set for portable massage chairs, and offers some really good incentives for users of all types.

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2. STRONGLITE Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair Package

The Ergo Pro II has a lot of similar features to the previous chair, right down to the average price. The color variations are a little more limited, but still plentiful with the offerings of Black, Burgundy, Purple, Royal Blue and Teal. The difference here is that their colors are bolder, richer and look great against darker backgrounds. This highly adjustable massage chair can handle bodies up to 6’6, letting you position it in as many ways possible. It’s slightly heavier at 19 pounds, but that is due to the solid construction.

Using a T6 aluminum alloy frame, they improved the stability of the chair without adding extra weight. The gloss powder-coated finish is a nice touch and looks good no matter what color chair you choose. A good selling point for this product is the inclusion of wheels, helping customers out that need to move their massage chair around constantly. The packages also includes a nylon carrying case and valuables pouch, turning this into a must buy for someone that needs a complete set. For the price this massage chair goes for, it is a steal when you need everything in one purchase.

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3. Portable Massage Chair Comfort

Available at the lowest price on the list is this model, which also comes with a free carrying bag. You will do a double take when you compare the price of this portable massage chair to that of any other in the industry. But that doesn’t mean it is cheaply made, with the soft PU surface one of the many quality materials. It’s soft, and relaxing to get a massage in this chair, and with the listed weight capacity of 700 pounds static, this chair is a lot more powerful than it looks.

The only downside is that the only color available is black, but they offset that con by offering a free carrying case. There is nothing fancy about the case, and it is simply there to transport the main product. An adjustable face cradle is advanced as the chair gets, and it will be more than enough for the average user. With a little bit of added accessories this chair can really be turned into something special, beating out the higher tier models that sell for four times the price. With some small adjustments to the original model, this portable massage chair can easily beat the rest on the list.

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4. Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair, Blue

Available in blue, massage chair can be purchased at an average price. It is pretty much on par with the weight of the first massage chair on the list, with an additional 2 ounces keeping it from being the lightest. This is a small weight difference that won’t make a big difference to the average user, so for that reason this is a great deal. It is oil and waterproof and built with an aircraft aluminum frame. This alone makes it resistant against everyday wear and tear.

Working capacity is something that may catch customers off guard, and it involves the weight limit of the chair while it has someone moving around in it. This chair supports an incredible 650 pounds of working weight making it one of the most durable chairs on the list. That is a good working weight, even by non-portable standards. Accessories that come with the package are a session pouch, wheeled carrying case and comfort memory foam pillow. There is tremendous upside with the use of this product and it is an easy top three contender in the portable massage chair category.

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5. Giantex Portable Light Weight Massage Chair

Another product to add to the low cost list is from Giantex, a trusted brand within the industry. Their take on the portable massage chair is an interesting one due to its compact design. When folder, it is completely flat and can be stored in a lot of hard to reach places. That means you can put it underneath your bed, in a crowded trunk or in any place where space is at a minimum. The included carrying bag is of good quality so won’t cut into your shoulders when using.

Different body types are supported with this model thanks to the modern design they decided to go with. Even though it is only available in black, the design is perfect for a lot of home and office settings. With the inclusion of oil and water resistant PU Leather, this is a nice deal when comfort is a priority. It qualifies as a winner in that area while still providing a rock solid aluminum foundation. You can expect years of use out of this chair, even if you tend to be rough with your products. For a low price with a lot of options, Giantex’s take on portable massage chairs turns out to be one of the best.

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6. Oakworks PKG7110-T01 Portal Pro Massage Chair

This is the most interesting portable massage chair on the list, but also one of the most expensive. The high price will turn away some consumers that want something simple, yet the allure of this chair goes far beyond its price structure. Over sixteen chair colors are available, more than any product on the list. Using firm foam, anyone that is getting a massage will get the necessary support without feeling like they are being swallowed up by the fabric.

This is the best build out of any of the chairs and includes a design that helps out the masseuse. They will have full access to all of the pressure points of anyone getting a massage, with high support for any type of body. Extras included are wheels for transport, a premium carrying case and the high quality Boiance Crescent upgrade. The pillow alone is worth the extra cost, so when they say upgrade the company was serious. Without a doubt, this is the best portable massage chair on the list and is well worth the extra cost over the other products.

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Best Portable Massage Chairs ReviewPortable massage chairs don’t have a lot of top brands associated with them. There are some bigger massage companies that recommend specific brands, but that is more as a professional guideline more than for regular consumer purchase. Many of the portable massage chairs on the list use a leather based material, so if you’re looking for a brand that does it correctly, always opt for the company that has a generous warranty. Getting a leather based product from a brand that offers a paltry warranty is a sure sign that they are not reliable. All of the listed brands have reliable support and will definitely take care of their customer base.

Size And Weight

The sizes of all of the portable massage chairs on the list are about the same. Sizing should only be compared when you’re looking at its storage position. It much better to have a massage chair that can lay flat than one that has a lot of bulk to it when not being used. Similar products to compare this to are treadmills that can fold up and be stored underneath the bed. And with the light weight of a portable massage chair, you can even hang it on doors with the right equipment.

There’s no point getting into the extra ounces of a product since pounds is where it begins to matter. There is a major difference between a product that weighs 15 pounds compared to 25. It is a noticeable difference when you’re carrying it in a bag for several hours a day. With weight of the chair having nothing to do with how much weight it supports, there is no additional benefit to getting a product that has a higher weight. Extra weight doesn’t make it more stable, it just makes it heavier than the competition.

Features And Materials

Best Portable Massage Chairs ReviewMajor features of portable massage chairs are removable pads and of course the inclusion of wheels. The latter is a great addition and will make transporting outside of the bag much easier. Not all portable massage chairs have wheels, so check out the ones that do and compare it to the other products. Removable pads is a feature that is included in most mainstream massage chairs of this type, but only for certain sections. When there are specific positions you want to get in, having a removable pad can help out a lot.

Materials play a large role in not only the chairs comfort, but also its resistance against germs and bacteria. Usually made out of manmade leather, they are reinforced with extra materials to make them strong against stains, spills and even rips. This heavy duty material is at the core of a good massage chair, so don’t take it for granted. Even if the base of the chair is strong, having bad materials will only make things harder on the person getting the massage. Besides being uncomfortable, cheap material also absorbs bad odors when sweat is released from the person getting the massage.

There are other materials that can get the job done, but time has proven that manmade leather is the most reliable material to use for portable massage chairs. There are brands that have tried some experimental builds with varying degrees of success. Consumers shouldn’t be afraid to check those builds out, but they should also be aware that the industry standard for portable massage chairs will offer the best value for their money. There are firm, soft and many other types of materials on the market for use. Yet manmade leather can do everything better when it is used by a capable brand.


Best Portable Massage Chairs ReviewThe list includes prices that range from low to high, with all products represented their tiers well. Consumers that find everything they need from a low priced portable massage chair really won’t get much more by going to a high priced one. Knowledge is power in this instance, and with all portable massage chairs offering similar extras, the lines are much more clear. It’s rare for a customer to find portable massage chairs without an included bag, and that’s the main attraction to buying the product. Stressing about price shouldn’t be a problem with all of the great choices available for different price thresholds.


About the only thing that both sides can agree on is that portable massage chairs should never be too soft. When the material is too soft, the person receiving the massage will sink into the chair in an uncomfortable way. It can also ruin the effectiveness of the massage since you will have to work harder to relieve pressure points. Always buy chairs that conform to the body, but bounce back up when nothing is on it. This is a sign of breathability, and will without a doubt show that the chair is built for long term usage.


Best Portable Massage Chairs ReviewYou can find value in portable massage chairs based on their daily use. Professionals will get the most use out of the chairs on this list although there is plenty of reasons why an everyday consumer would make a purchase. For professionals, it is all about being able to go to work wherever they are in the world. Having the ability to put your carry your job with you in a case is a luxury that not a lot of people have. It also helps out aspiring massage therapists that are required to purchase equipment for their classes. The many low cost options available with portable massage chairs are one of the many reasons they are so popular with professionals. Buyers take the same product from their training and use it when they become professionals. For most professionals, portable massage chairs pay for themselves within the first week of use. And if the chair in question is one of the low cost models, can pay for itself with a single massage session.

For normal everyday consumers, portable massage chairs have their uses in the home and at the office. At home, a room can be set up where they are most beneficial. Massage chairs can also be used for more than getting a massage, with creative consumers incorporating them into alternative exercise routines. The uses are endless, with the only limit being your imagination. Different color schemes for massage chairs have been introduced over the years due to consumer interest in the products.

Choosing A Portable Massage Chair

Many people look at the amount of options and get intimidated- but finding the best portable massage chair is easier than it looks. Some key things to look for in a potential buy is weight and materials. Weight is important for users that will be carrying their chair around a lot. The last thing you want to do is break your shoulder going from point a to z. Materials is a priority for all users, with the buyer having to decide on the firmness that they find the most acceptable for their sessions. These two things should always be in the purchase decision when getting a portable massage chair.


With all of the different prices a portable massage chair offers, customers can find exactly what they want without too much confusion. These products are made to give the best experience possible when getting a massage in or out of the home.