Massage Tables Reviews of 2018

Massage tables are lightweight and come in many different colors. Their strong base makes them a good long term value. It isn’t often that you’ll have to call in a warranty for your product. With oil/water resistance in most models, they are built with high use in mind.

1. New Black 84″ Portable Massage Table

Having everything in a single massage table helps out a lot, especially when the price is low. Size also helps out, as the table is 73 inches long and 28 inches wide. That is enough to accommodate all sizes, and these measurements don’t even include the face cradle. It supports up to 450 pounds total, which is pretty good considering the material it’s made out of. With an adjustable height of 24-33 inches, you can customize it in multiple ways to fit body sizes. Available colors are black, burgundy and cream.

Extras included with the table is the standard carrying case. The material is not meant to protect, but instead meant to make transportation easy. Removable pieces include the arm and face cradle, further extending the usefulness of the product. Materials used to make the table are beach timber and high density foam. It is a nice combination that lasts for years without wearing down too quickly. Total weight of the table when it is in the traveling bag is under 32 pounds, so it travels well on long trips. This is a good massage table to buy if you want a little bit of everything.

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2. Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

Saloniture is the first big name brand on the list, and they deliver huge. Their mid-priced massage table has a lot of premium features that complement the company’s other products. Comfort was a big deal with this mode with the high density foam and hardwood frame. It is great for all body types that want to be relaxed while getting a massage. They didn’t take any shortcuts with the design, and used support cables made out of steel to hold everything together. Because of this, the maximum supported weight is 450 pounds.

A lot of professionals like this Saloniture model because of its reliability. The table is 84×37, so slightly bigger than competing products. Both the headrests and armrests carry the same comfort levels as the base of the table. The carrying case that’s included is made out of nylon, a good alternative to the hard cases provided by default. It has pockets so that you can store accessories, useful for aids that enhance massage. Total weight of the table when it is packed is well under 38 pounds, so it is pushing it into heavy territory but not much. There is plenty of value with this purchase, so potential users should give Saloniture a try.

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3. BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table

Available in burgundy, this mid-priced massage table is possible thanks to the innovation of BestMassage. It features two inch thick padding that is firm but comfortable when you lay on it. All of the padding rests on top of a durable birch hardwood that is made to last for years. Folding everything up to put in the carrying case takes seconds, but there is a small downside since this is one of the heaviest on the list. The extra weight pays off with key features like PU leather that is water and oil proof.

When using the face cradle you’ll have extra support from the aluminum they added to that area. Dimensions come out to 72×27, so about average for a massage table of this price. Weight capacity is 450 pounds, so no change there from the rest of the industry averages. Where it differs is with the thickness of the legs and how it supports balance. It is better at supporting its max weight than some other tables supporting half the weight. Buyers that want a little more strength added to their massage table will be satisfied with this purchase.

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4. Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Folding Massage Table

This Merax massage table represents an innovative approach to multiple use products. It functions as a massage table, tattoo bed and more depending on your general use. Available colors are black and black/red, with the second being a popular choice since the colors blend together well. Measurements are 73×27, putting it at the average for its mid-price range. This is the best looking massage table on the list, and also the most customizable. You can even put it into a sitting position with the fully adjustable headrest, leg rests and arm rests.

Even with all of the different customizations, setting it up is easy. The carrying case is standard, but good enough to make carrying it comfortable. Weight capacity is 550 pounds, beating out rival massage tables by a full 150 pounds in support. It even has an adjustable height that ranges from 26-36 inches in total. This is the most heavy duty product on the list, and was made to cater to different sized clients. Merax always produces great products, and this massage table is still one of the best available.

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5. Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Closing in on the end of the list is this Sierra comfort model, a massage table that has multiple colors available. You can choose from pink, burgundy, cream, purple and royal blue. All of the choices are rich with their chosen color and a true standout if they match room décor. The high price of the massage table has a lot to do with all of the extras they bundled with it. Rather than sticking to the original formula, Sierra Comfort made it easier to purchase everything you need for the best massage.

Extras included are cotton fitted sheets, a semi-circle bolster, towel hanger and an oil pouch. All of the extras fit inside of the included case for easy transport. The table measurements are about average, coming out to 72×28 in total. A five year warranty is attached to all the pieces, making it the longest available guarantee on the list. You won’t have any durability issues since it is made of oil/water resistant PU leather on top of hardwood construction. Even the weight limit is generous, topping out at 450 pounds. This is one of the best choices on the list and well worth your time and money.

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6. Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table

The last product on the list is also a Sierra Exclusive, and this time they decided to keep things simple. This mid-priced black massage table is as basic as it gets, right down to the 78×28 measurements. Even the adjustable height from 23-33 is average, but all of these simple features are packed into a dependable model. Beech hardwood construction is topped with thick high density foam that is firm yet comfortable to lay on. The 2 inches of thickness really makes a difference, especially when higher weight lays on it.

Oil and water resistance is built naturally into the deck, so you don’t have to worry about general use degrading the product. Max weight supported is 450 pounds, putting it on the upper end of massage tables. The best thing about the table is that it folds into its own carrying case, featuring strong but premium handles. You don’t have to bring a bag to pack it away in, and that makes this the most portable option on the list. There are a lot of choices in the massage table category, but the simplicity of this model puts it in a league of its own.

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Massage Tables Reviews There are a lot of recognizable names on the list but Sierra Comfort and Merax are the standouts. These two companies are particularly skilled at giving consumers the most bang for their buck. Sierra Comfort excels at having the most choices across different price points, while Merax puts out the best all in one massage tables. When you’re having trouble trying to figure out which brand to go with, picking from one of these two will usually get you a winner. With that said, there are still no big name dominant brands. You’ll get similar quality with the materials no matter what company you choose.

Best Features

Massage tables have to meet a lot of needs with their features. What separates one model from the next is how much thought goes into the core mechanics. For instance, some massage tables sacrifice usability for portability. These small changes make a big difference to consumers that are looking for specific features.

High Weight Limit – Topping out at 350 pounds is nice, but the brands that go up to 450 (and sometimes 550) are great choices. That makes it virtual compatible with anyone that wants to get a massage. Tables that support higher weight also tend to be better at balancing the comfort levels of lower weight.

Foam – Speaking of comfort, most massage tables come equipped with 2 inches of high quality foam. This is an important part of the general construction of the table. Ideally you would want that foam to be oil and water resistant so that it is better equipped for all types of massage sessions.

Massage Tables Reviews Carrying Case – Some tables fold into a carrying case while others come with a carrying case. You’ll get varying levels of use out of this feature depending on how much you set up and put down the table. The case has proven valuable to users, even when they rarely move their massage tables.

Removable Pieces – Depending on the model, certain parts are removable. The face and arm rest are the most common, and also function as the most adjustable pieces. You’ll use these a lot when you want to customize specific massages based on the user’s weight and height.

Low Weight – Count this as an important feature for users that travel a lot. Being able to carry the massage table is only useful if it doesn’t weigh a ton. All of the models listed are under 40 pounds in weight, which is more than manageable.


Prices range from low to high, with the bulk of the tables settling somewhere in the middle. Tables that are high cost include a lot of improvements like higher weight capacity and better accessories. Consumers that don’t plan on using the extra features can always opt for a low cost or mid-range massage table. Doing so won’t be a drop in quality, only in unnecessary features. This is why massage tables maintain their value better than any other massage product.


A healthy selection with good prices will help you decide on the best massage table. They are versatile in their look and feel, so you’re getting a bargain no matter what model you decide on. And if you still have trouble making a decision, go with Sierra Comfort or Merax.