Best of Massage Rollers

Massage rollers are a cheap and inexpensive way to get rid of muscle cramps or pains. But the primary use for the rollers are incorporation into pre and post workout routines. They are everything you need in a small package and have a small learning curve. Just about anyone can use massage rollers, even if you have medical conditions. Over time the design has changed a lot, so currently non-flexible rollers have become popular. These hard rollers are strong enough to last for years without needing a replacement.

Idson Muscle Roller Stick

The popular Idson muscle roller stick is built from years of innovation. It’s a low priced massage roller that is useful for relieving stress and pains in multiple areas. At eighteen inches in length, you can store it in a bag to use anywhere. Weight won’t be an issue since it comes in well under a full pound. Nine spindles are in the middle of the product, and this is where the magic happens. They are smooth but strong, a perfect complement to the unbending core of the product. Users that add this to their normal workout routine will gain a lot of additional benefits.

The design is simple, using black and green as the main colors. When you’re not using it, place it in the included sleeve for transport. Users won’t have any trouble holding it thanks to the polypropylene handles, perfect for sweaty hands. Durability is high, and you’ll have a hard time breaking the steel rod core. Using the manual will help consumers decide which roller stick exercises work best for their daily routines. With its small size and low price, the Idson muscle roller stick is a solid purchase with little downside.

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Top Rated Muscle Roller Stick

Supremus Sports has turned their popular roller stick into one of the best in the industry. The design and purpose of it is to stop injuries before hardcore exercising. Sufferers of arthritis or stiff muscles will see huge gains from using this low cost product. It also works well as a post workout roller by getting rid of pain and speeding along the recovery process. Repeated uses of the roller before and after workouts will lead to increased flexibility. At the current price, this is a steal if you’re interested in myofascial release.

Like most roller sticks, it is stiff and has a high durability rating. Drops and weight being put on it won’t affect its performance. The stick is average in size, measuring eighteen inches total but coming with a carrying sleeve so it is protected from damage. Exact measures come out at 18.3 inches, with the extra bit of length helping out when rolling along your back. There is a break in period after taking it out of the box. A session or two should be all that you need to get it rolling right, just make sure to read the directions. This is a solid buy, even among the higher tier rollers on the market.

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SOL Body Muscle Roller Stick

There are a lot of choices to be made when considering a new muscle roller. SOL manages to make their low priced product stand out by introducing a great color scheme of black/green. Beyond the design, they made the handle easier to grip even when your hands are sweaty. It is made of soft rubber and doubles in use as a pressure point tool. When you’re done using it as a roller, the handles are really effective at finishing off the routine.

Better handles are just the beginning of what makes SOL’s roller better. The entire roller is made of strong, solid material. You won’t get that lightweight hollow feeling after picking up this product. Customizable roll options helps users determine how much pressure to apply during sessions. This is the perfect balance between free rolling and sliding roller types. But the real reason people prefer this model comes down to being slightly flexible. It is still tough, yet the slight flexibility helps it to reach more areas than a normal massage roller. If you’re looking for an innovative product, then this is exactly what you want.

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Elite Sportz Massage Roller Stick

The second to last product on the list is from Elite Sportz, and like all other low priced massage rollers it targets hurt muscles. In less than five minutes, you can get rid of the worst muscle cramps throughout your body. At eighteen inches in length, it’s perfect for leg and back sessions without straining too hard on reach. Elite Sportz stuck to traditional materials, opting to keep the stick stiff and strong. So the durability is high enough that you can put as much pressure as needed without breaking it.

Black and gray are the colors the company chose, so nothing really stands out with the design. Buyers that combine the use of a pain reliever ointment with the use of this roller will get a match made in heaven. While the roller itself feels good on its own, the materials really begin to activate when used in conjunction with the ointment. This isn’t a special feature of the product, but it was found out by several users that lucked into the combo. To gain massive benefits before and after your workout, consider purchasing this roller to compliment the rest of your accessories.

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Best Rated Premium Muscle Roller Massage Stick

Last on the list is this top rated massage roller from The Fitness room. It maintains the usual low price, so you are guaranteed instant value. The design is black and white, and the length is eighteen inches. Everything about this roller seems standard issue until you look at the middle portion. The rolling section is raised a bit more than regular rollers, giving a deeper massage experience. You can hit vital stressed points of the body better with the ridges, a feature that smooth massage rollers lack.

Despite its bulky appearance, it weighs well under a pound total. The materials used to construct it are strong enough to withstand a lot of use. When you grip the ends of the roller, there are no issues holding onto it during intense sessions. And because of the ridges in the middle, this doubles as a great foot massager.  It’s hard to believe that the roller is constructed of plastic, although it is high grade. There are nine myofascial trigger point beads built into the core of this roller, so it is considered high tier. As a top three product in the market, this massage roller is a winning buy.

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Best of Massage RollersBrand notoriety isn’t one of the strengths associated with massage rollers. Several companies have become popular through innovation, either by making the material tough or by making it comfortable. Design also plays a small roll in consumer interest with massage rollers, although it is more about color than function. Since there are so many similarities between the many products, innovation is hard to find. The few that stand out become popular due to being different rather than their brand tie-ins.

Best Features

There are a couple of key features that helps massage rollers stand out from the competition. You should put priority on having as many of these features as possible. With so many of the products being similar, the one that works best will always have one or two stand out features.

Self-myofascial release – Sounds like a fancy term, but is a pretty important part of owning a massage roller. It is practiced by professionals and therapists across all levels of fitness. The key item here is a massage roller, once that is comfortable enough for everyday use.

Lightweight – It’s portable, and can be added to any bag that fits its length. When doing intense sessions, the low weight helps with the repetition. You’ll never be in a position where a competent roller is too heavy for daily use.

High Durability – Even the flexible rollers were made to be abused. Just like weights, massage rollers can handle extended use without destroying its key functions. Once you buy one, there is little reason to replace it in your lifetime.

Comfortable Handles – Not only do the handles have to be comfortable, they also need to maintain grip. Rubber is the best material for that part of the roller, but there is nothing wrong with using hybrid materials.

Foam/Plastic Materials – You can go traditional with foam rollers or go modern with plastic ones. The latter has become much better at providing stress relief to sore muscles. But the best part is that no matter what material is used, the prices are still the same. You can choose whichever one you want and get the most benefits from the material.


Best of Massage RollersAll of the products on the list are low priced, and that pretty much sums up the entire industry. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get a massage roller. There are few ‘high end’ rollers within the market, and the ones that exist offer nothing different than their lower priced counterparts. Shopping for massage rollers by price won’t really get you anything special, so it is best to look at features. It is still the cheapest accessory to add to your exercise routine.


Not all products will include guides on general use, so new consumers may be confused with how to use rollers. There are plenty of videos that provide vital information to new users. The common theme among them is that comfort comes first. Rollers are meant to be a stress relief tool, so if there is too much pain, then there is a problem. You can do your muscles a big favor by learning how to use rollers properly, but it will take time. Even with a thorough manual, using rollers properly requires your muscles to get used to the sessions.

Are Foam Rollers Better Than Plastic Rollers?

This is still a hot button topic in the industry, especially now with plastic rollers gaining a lot of popularity. You gain a lot of flexibility with foam rollers, so comfort is less of an issue. The only problem is that the softness of foam rollers won’t provide as much stress relief as the hard plastic models. A good compromise is to get a plastic roller that offers some flexibility. Some models use materials that allow this, so a better all-around choice will always be plastic rollers. It is even recommended to switch over from foam to plastic when possible.


Exercise routines aren’t complete without a proper pre and post workout session. Massage rollers give users a product that handles the bulk of both options, and all without a downside. It is the most effective way to enhance your health without spending a ton of money upfront.