Best Massage Pillows

Massage pillows employ Shiatsu techniques to soothe aches and pains while relaxing sore muscles. It’s a safe product to use with low power draw for home and travel. This is one of the few massage products that won’t kill your wallet but still offer excellent value.

Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager

The low cost of the ZMA-13 is only one of its attractive features. Four rotation nodes make up the core of the pillow, with optional heat to round out the authentic Shiatsu massage. It can be used on the neck or back to improve blood flow in troublesome areas. There are no confusing settings to play around with since the ZMA-13 has a single button that turns the unit on or off. It’s placed in an out of the way position on the pillow. This stops accidental presses when you’re laying down and trying to relax.

A one year warranty with free 90 day money back guarantee is enough time to decide if this pillow is right for you. Zyllion stands behind its products, with the ZMA-13 being one of their best available. Built in adjustable straps let you secure the pillow to any compatible seat, even in your car. Buyers can turn on the massage functions and sit back without any worries in the world during a drive. After twenty minutes it shuts off on its own, so once you push the button it requires no other user interaction. Zyllion’s ZMA-13 is a solid purchase for home or road setups.

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Etekcity Shiatsu Massager

The Etekcity Shiatsu Massager is a unique model that concentrates on simulation the Shiatsu experience as closely as possible. It’s low cost, and comes with a pillow cover and a home/car adapter combo. The cords are long enough for both adapters, so any suitable power outlet will give you the full experience. Like the ZMA-13 from Zyllion, there is a button that controls on and off functions. The difference is the Etekcity version also lets you control two speed modes with that same button. It’s a single button cleverly split down the middle, so it is still have to press on accident.

This model is backed by a two year warranty, an incredible value for an electronic device. A high durability rating turns it into a suitable massage pillow for years if you continuously use it with the included cover. Power specifications show that it uses eight massage nodes powered by a pure copper core motor. The two knobs that poke out ‘grabs’ the area it is massaging in order to simulate real like Shiatsu. This is as close to the real thing as you can get for a Shiatsu massage pillow, so buying is highly recommended.

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1byone Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Massager

Count this as another one of the good low priced Shiatsu pillows on the market. This one uses a flatter design to make it more versatile, almost like a massaging pad. It is FDA approved and comes with a full one year warranty to cover it from failure. Because of the flattened design, you can use it on more areas of the body. Four nodes operate in a standard cycle with an auto reversing feature. Every minute they change direction so that full muscle stimulation is achieved during operation.

Heating only takes a couple of seconds to start up and works well with the other core features. It maintains the temperature for a long time without eating up too much power. Like most of the massage pillows in this category, convenient one button operation controls both the on/off function and heating. Users that fall asleep while getting a massage won’t have to worry since the auto-shut off kicks in at the twenty minute mark. A car and regular home adapter come with the package with average cord lengths. When you’re looking for something a little different, this massage pillow may be what you need.

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Naipo Neck and Back Massager

Sometimes it isn’t price or branding that makes a product a winner, it’s the materials used. This low cost massager uses a premium breathable mesh to comfort the user. It’s one of the few massage pillows that is comfortable enough to lay your head on when it’s powered off. The design was updated to support comfort, and that is the main reason the MGP-129A is the best product from Naipo. Safety was also a big part of their marketing, so both adapters in the package are UL certified.

Automatic shut-off occurs at the twenty minute mark to protect against overheating. You can re-enable the device for another twenty minutes by pressing the power button. Using a single button design, power and heat functions are all managed within one space. Weight is a little higher than other massage pillows, but not by much since it’s 3.31 pounds. You won’t notice a difference between this pillow’s weight and the competitors, although it is noticeably thicker with a smaller coverage area for massaging. When turned on, the heat on the massage nodes are top three in the massage pillow industry and get up to 112 F. Comfort is a big part of making a massage pillow consumer friendly, and that is where the MGP-129A shines.

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AUGYMER Shoulder Neck Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Second to last on the list is the Augymer Shiatsu Massage Pillow, a standout for its excellent design. Instead of going completely with dark colors, they blend in lighter color schemes to counteract the black. This is the best looking pillow on the list, and when the heat is on it looks even better. Outside of the looks, it features four kneading massage heads that simulate the authentic Shiatsu experience. Powered by a pure copper 12v motor, there is enough strength behind it to make it suitable for every part of the body.

Heating is strong and comes on quick once you activate it, giving off a good effect when the rest of the functions are in motion. You can even use it as a foot massaging pillow to relieve a foot ache. A standard home and car adapter comes in the package with the manual, which goes into great detail on safety. Weight is on the lighter side at 2.26 pounds, with many customers describing this as one of the ‘fluffier’ massage pillows from Augymer. The softness really helps out when laying your head on it, and many consumers will appreciate a soft alternative when so many firm ones exist. Under the great design is a powerful massage pillow, with its low cost turning it into an attractive buy.

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Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow

Gideon makes their second appearance on the list with another one of their lost cost massage pillows. Four rotation massage nodes are both strong and quick at relieving stress and calming aches within the body. When the heat is turned on, it completely changes how the massage feels. The nodes are multidirectional so it will feel like real human hands. A key difference between this version and the other Gideon model is styling. This product uses separate buttons for the on and off switch rather than a single button.

Having the buttons at the bottom of the unit doesn’t affect performance, and there are no reports of accidental startups. Weight is a little hefty at just under four pounds but it is justified by the larger size which comes out to 13.5×9.5. Both adapters have long cords, with the home adapter’s measuring at an incredible 6 foot. Placing this in a room with limited access to outlets won’t be a problem. And if you own another Gideon massage pillow, the adapters are compatible with this model. With this device, Gideon adds another great choice for consumers that want the best massage pillow.

Gideon™ Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow

Gideon takes the best features from the competitors and adds them into their own low cost massage pillow. Unique to this model is the inline control option with the power cord. This does away with the button on the pillow and goes for a control scheme similar to modern lamps and earbuds. You can control the rotation of the nodes and power options. Being able to control the rotation at the push of a button is a genius feature, and may be a better solution than auto-rotation.

The usual adapters for home and away are included as well as the adjustable straps so you can use it while seated. Weight of the pillow is only three pounds, with a soft but firm outside material making up the bulk of the weight. Heating doesn’t have a switch, so it will be on by default with the rest of the options. That’s an important feature to mention in for consumers that have sensitive skin. Despite that con, this is still an intriguing purchase for the control setup. Buyers looking for a massage pillow with high tier features will be satisfied with this model.


Gideon and Naipo are names to remember, yet there are no dominant companies that make massage pillows. Most of the core and advanced features remain the same between them. Prices are also identical, so it becomes even harder to tell the difference with the competition. Two things come to mind when deciding which brand is best; warranty period and comfort. A combination of these two things should be prioritized when shopping by brand. Doing so will guarantee you a massage pillow that meets or exceeds expectations.

Best Features

What is it about massage pillows that turns them into great purchases? When you look past warranty length and comfort, these are the best features available.

Size – Massage pillows are the size of small pillows. They are about the same size as the ones you would get on a major airline. This allows for good coverage when getting a massage, although some are even smaller. Smaller size means it is more portable while a larger size guarantees a more thorough massage.

Travel Ready – The straps on the back keeps it steady when you attach it to a car seat, chair or even a sofa. Massage pillows have a lot of flexibility in this area, and adjustable straps can stretch far without breaking. Some creativity will even let you use the straps as a way to hang the pillows while storing.

Home And Car Adapters – All massage pillows on the list come with two separate adapters; one for the home, and one for the car. Depending on the brand, some adapters will come with a much longer cord than normal. This helps when you need a little slack in the line and don’t want to buy an extender.


Buyers have a lot of choices with only small variations between the different models. Getting the right massage pillow comes down to researching which ones provide features that appeal to your needs. And if you’re still confused, prioritize warranty length and comfort.