Best Massage Cushions Reviews

Massage chairs are great. They allow you to sit in the comfort of your own home, or your own office, and get a great massage. Some of them are lower end and offer a simple vibrating massage that fits into your budget and others are higher end and will give you a better massage than you will find with a professional. In between are a lot of great chairs that offer you all the features that you want for a great massage.

But what happens if the massage chair is not the right thing for you? Perhaps you don’t have enough room in your home to fit one of the larger massage chairs comfortably. Or the price point of a lot of these massage chairs can go way out of the budget of those who already have enough bills with visiting the doctor, taking care of their family, and more. Or you could find that you travel a lot for work and need that extra support of a good massage, but bringing a massage chair across country is just not something that is possible. What do you do if the massage chair is just not feasible in your current situation, but you still need a good massage on occasion?

If you fit into the groups above, a massage cushion may be the best option for you. A massage cushion can often give you the same benefits that you get out of a big bulky chair, but they are smaller, lightweight, and most of them cost a lot less than any of the brand new massage chairs you will find anywhere.

With the massage cushion, you will be able to take it out and just attach it to the chair of your choosing. Some of these will have attachments to keep it all in place and others will just need to be set up. You can pick out your favorite chair and get all the great benefits of a massage no matter what. Use this in your office, your home, or in the car on the way home. You will love how little space these take up while feeling great on your whole body. When you are done, you can just fold it back up and put it away until next time.

The part that most people like with the massage cushions is the price. These are just a fraction of the cost of some of the least expensive massage chairs, making it more affordable for everyone to purchase one who needs a great massage. While you may have to give up on some of the features, say goodbye to those body scans from some chairs, these are still a great option.

When you are ready to get a great massage wherever you go without the bulk or price of a massage chair, check out these great options for massage cushions from companies you can trust.

Top Massage Cushions

HoMedics MCS-510H Total Back and Shoulder Massage Cushion

HoMedics is one of the leaders when it comes to massage cushions, and when you try out any of their brands, it is easy to see why. This particular brand is a great option for anyone who wants to get a great massage without spending a ton of money. The soft polyester is going to feel amazing during the massage and you can take this cushion anywhere.

This is a great shiatsu massage that will feel great when you find the right setting that feels amazing for you. You can choose the massage style including kneading to get into those deep muscles, a gentle massage, or one that just focuses on one problem area. This massage cushion is also great for working all parts of your back so you can feel amazing when the massage is all done.

One thing that customers did not like was that the cushion seemed a bit bulky and the rollers didn’t adjust as well as you would like. This is not a chair for those that are really short as the rollers are just not going to get the parts that you would like. The cushions are a little lacking too, which can take away from the comfort a bit. For the price and the great deep tissue massage, this is a great cushion although shorter people may want to consider a different option.

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Comfort Products 60-2910 10 Motor Vibration massage Seat Cushion with Heat

Comfort Products is a great choice to go with for all of your massage needs. Not only are they able to make some of the best massage chairs on the market, but you will also enjoy trying out this massage cushion for on the go massages.

The first thing to notice is the soft polyester fabric that is really comfortable and can be just a nice addition to your chair even when the massager is not on. This cushion also adds in some extra padding in the lumbar support area and the neck rest to ensure you are getting all the support right where you need it. Add in some memory foam and you are going to feel ultra comfortable in this chair.

This massage cushion comes with 10 massage motors, using vibration. You will be able to mess around and pick the massage that is best for you including the speeds that feel the best as well as which zones you would like to work on the most. In addition, you can turn on the heat function and really get the muscles relaxing to feel your very best. Add in the remote control with preprogrammed massages and multiple adaptors for plugging in from all locations, and you are set for a great massage.

One complaint with this massage cushion is that it seems to be meant for smaller people. Some customers were not happy that supports didn’t seem to fit on the right places for them and they felt a bit uncomfortable. Also, keep in mind that this is a vibrating massage; you will not be able to get a deep tissue or a shiatsu massage with this cushion.

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Zyllion ZMA 14 BK Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

If you like having a massage cushion that offers a lot of heat, you are going to love this one. It offers heat not just in the lower back, but all up the back and even into the neck area. This makes it great for getting the perfect massage each time. There are also two types of massages available, the vibrating and the shiatsu massage, so you can feel better in no time no matter what is bugging you.

In terms of the vibrating massage, you can get three different levels to help get it just right. The shiatsu massage offers four adjustable parts that that move around just the neck area. Between this and the heat that you get in this area, you will feel so relaxed as the tension is going away. There are also another four of these massaging nodes for the back and lumbar area so you can get a deep massage any time you want. You can also move these around to get the right height and pressure for you.

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HoMedics MCS-750H Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

This is a great option if you want something that is comfortable, will last for a long time, and can easily fit into your budget. You will first notice that this one has three different massage styles so you can pick the one that works for you for the day. You can enjoy a percussion massage that is invigorating and fast, a kneading massage that is good for those deep muscles, or a rolling massage for just a simple relaxation. Turn on the heat to help loosen up those muscles even more.

This cushion also makes it easier to pick which area needs the most work. You can use it with one of the settings between lower back, upper back, or full back or choose to pick one or two spots that need extra attention. Some customers felt that this cushion was difficult to get onto one of their chairs, but for the price and how it can work for most homes, you are going to love the results.

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Five Star FS8812 10 Motor Massage Seat Cushion with Heat

The first massage cushion on our list is this great option from Five Star Five S. It has a strong 1- vibration motor that is going to give a great massage to the whole body. In fact, it is going to be able to work on your thighs, back, and neck. In addition, you can turn on the heat function to help loosen up the area of your lower back, giving you more relaxation and a much better massage.

This cushion also comes with an attached remote control. You can use this to turn the heat on and off or to pick between the 4 programmed massages and the 3 different speeds that are available. This makes it easy for you to pick the massage that is right for you, or to share this cushion with someone else, no matter what is bothering you for the day. You can also pick from the four zones, each concentrating on a different part of the body, to ensure you are working out all the kinks throughout your back.

This massage cushion is portable whether you want to use it at home, at the office, or in your car. It can attach to any chair for easy use and also has a wall and car adapter so you never have to worry about it not working when you need it most. In addition, if you happen to get really relaxed in this massage cushion and fall asleep, it is designed to turn off after 30 minutes of use so you don’t run the battery out.

While you are going to be able to get a great massage out of this chair, you need to keep in mind that it does not provide shiatsu massages. There are no rollers or kneading options on this massage cushion and instead it is going to rely on a vibrating massager only. If you want something that is going to get really deep down into the tissues in your back and neck, you should pick another option. But if you just want a nice massage that relaxes you at the end of the day or that can follow you anywhere, this is a great option to go with.

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HoMedics MCS-610H Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

This massage cushion tries to take it to another level. It offers 3D full contour technology to help fit the best with your back, while promoting good posture, and also giving you a deep kneading massage. The nodes for this shiatsu massage are great because they move in all directions including up and down, across, and inward and outward. Not a single part of your back is going to be left out during this massage. This massage cushion also provides some soothing heat so you can get that added bit of relaxation.

While getting the massage, you will be able to use the easy hand control to adjust the intensity that you like. Some people like to have a really tough and rough massage, while others just want something light on their backs. Either way, you are in full control. When you are all done with the massage, you can just fold up the cushion and put it away for later.

While you will be able to get a great massage in this chair, a lot of customers found that this was not the most comfortable of massage chairs. You may have to add in a little cushion to go on the back or choose a towel to keep your back aligned how it should go. You won’t be able to adjust the rollers in terms of width and height, so if you don’t fit in where they go, the massage is not going to work that great.

Massage cushions are amazing options for a lot of people. Whether you are turned away from the high price of most massage chairs, don’t have the room or space for some of the traditional chairs, or you are on the move and want a massage available wherever you go, the massage cushion can be the right choice for you. Just make sure you take the time to find the one that offers all the features and benefits that you are looking for. Picking from the list above can help you to find the perfect one at an affordable price so you can get a great massage no matter what.

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The Sharper Image MSI-CS775H Air and Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Another great massage cushion that you can choose for your home is this one from the Sharper Image. While it looks like it would work the best in a car, and can be quite comfortable there, you can use it anywhere that you would like. First off, this chair is going to use the air massage feature in order to gently squeeze and compress your sides as well as the lumbar area. You can choose to adjust this air massage to be either low, medium or high. While this may seem a little bit off, it is going to feel really amazing as you find the right pressure point.

Unlike some of the other massage cushions that you will find on this list, this one does not just rely on vibrations to give you a great massage. In fact, this one offers a shiatsu massage to give a deep massage and you can even pick from two different intensities to get the right one. Add into this that you can pick some soothing heat to help relax the muscles so the deep tissue massage can really do its job.

This is a full body massage. There are several programs that are already placed in that help to massage chair to work on everything you need from the upper, lower, or full back. This ensures that you are getting a great massage that takes care of all your problem areas no matter where you go.

When picking out this massage cushion, make sure that you don’t leave it on the chair when you are done. Some customers who chose to make this a permanent fixture of their furniture found that it is not that comfortable when the massage part is not on and it really wears out the fabric much faster. In addition, this cushion is not recommended for anyone who is suffering from diabetes.

Homedics Air Compression and Shiatsu Cushion

This is another of the massage chairs that is able to offer you a fantastic massage no matter where you head off to. You will enjoy the air massage that is able to compress while gently squeezing the area around your lumbar; you can pick from three different intensities to help you decide which pressure is the best. You can also turn on the shiatsu massage option so that you can work on all parts of the back. This also comes with a few options so you can choose to work on the upper back, lower back, or get an amazing full back massage.

With this Homedics massage chair, you will be able to turn on the soothing heat to help get the most out of your massage while releasing all of the tension that is in your muscles. This massage cushion makes it even easier to adjust the amount of pressure you are getting in the massage. You will be able to take the cover off if you would like the massage to add some intensity, or keep it on if you want a bit less.

Some customers did not like that this massage cushion doesn’t allow you to pause the massage on an area that needs more work. Instead, it keeps going up and down the back without stopping until the massage is done. This can be frustrating if you would like one area worked on more than somewhere else. Also, the price of this is a bit more and costs similar to some of the lower end massage chairs. Some customers may choose to go with the chair when considering price rather than this cushion.

HoMedicas MCL-110H-2 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

There is nothing better than getting a shiatsu massage when you have had a long week, or day, at work. And this massage cushion is one of the best at helping you to get this relaxing massage. The shiatsu mechanisms found in the chair are great at moving up and down your whole back. Or you can program the chair to work on a particular part of the back, whether you need some extra care and attention on the lower or upper back. Make sure to turn on some of the soothing heat to relax the most challenging of muscles and you will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world when you’re done.

This massage cushion comes with an attached remote that makes it easy to control the speed, intensity, and other factors during your massage. This cushion does well on most chairs that you go with, making it easy to take to work, home, or even in the car to always get a great massage. And as one of the lower prices on the market, you are getting a great deal.

Some customers were not happy with a few parts of this chair. Some feel that the massage is just not strong enough, especially since it is supposed to provide a shiatsu massage. In addition, if you are tall you probably will find that the mechanisms don’t go high enough up your back. In most cases, you will probably miss out on the neck area so if this is important, it is better to go with a different chair.

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