Massage Chairs Under $2000

For a shot at the higher end of massage chairs, buyers will have to spend a little more money. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank, though. There are plenty of top tier models available for under $2,000, and the list continues to grow as companies get smarter about their mechanics. But for true high end massage chair relaxation, this is the list you want to turn to for the top choices in the industry.

Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair

This expensive massage chair may turn away some new buyers, but is well worth the purchase when you’re in the market for a high tier massage. It is one of the few chairs on the market that has media in mind, and comes with a built in mp3 player. When digging deeper into the settings, you can synchronize the music to your massage for a fuller experience. Equipped with 3d technology, users will get the sensation of lifelike human hands giving them a massage. Using the full 30 minute mode is recommended to get the best experience out of this incredibly packed massage chair.

The star of the show for this chair is the control panel, one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the entire industry. A large screen with a myriad of buttons greets users that want to enjoy complete control over the chair and its various customizations. Massage functions handle everything from the head all the way down to the feet, with convenient armrest massage to compliment the experience. All of this comes with a 10 year warranty on the body and 5 years on the electronic parts. For a full multimedia massage chair experience, you can’t go wrong with this model.

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This is the redesigned version of their popular model, the MK-II Plus. Available in chocolate and charcoal, this high priced massage chair is bundled from top to bottom. It comes with a built in L-track system, used for conforming to the spines natural shape. The dual rollers used are perfect for users with back pain, and when combined with the heating functions it relaxes all important muscles. With the spinal decompression program users get the most human-like massage possible at the touch of a button.

Most of the line comes equipped with premium features, and of course their comfortable soft-grained synthetic leather. The design is fitting for traditional and modern setups, with nothing too outlandish that would make it stand out from the rest of the furniture. Easy installation is promised through the company’s three step minimal process, so this design is accessible to all levels of users. Once set up the full sized remote with screen lets you use customized functions based off of five specific areas or use any of the 4 preset programs. User friendly in both design and features, the updated MK-II Plus is the way to go for quality.

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Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair

Available in brown and brown wg, the Kahuna Massage chair is a high priced product that earns its value with the zero gravity feature. There are three levels of zero gravity to choose from, and they work with a single button press. Extra foot padding, double layered airbags and a remote holder are some of the new additions to the LM-6800.These are all comfort features designed to showcase this as a full massage chair with all of the luxury enhancements.

For correct calculations, computer body scan technology is used to get the optimal massage settings based on the size and weight of the user. There are 6 preset programs built into the chair, so outside of special circumstances you won’t even need to touch the customization options. There is even a setting for special yoga stretching programs. Despite the size of the chair, they built it so that you only need to have it 3 inches from the wall. It is the biggest chair you can get for a smaller room without compromising on quality. Highly praised in multiple circles, the LM-6800 will be the last massage chair you ever need.

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WholeBody 7.1 Swivel-Base Full Body Relax and Massage Chair

Human Touch wowed a lot of customers with the introduction of this massage chair, available in expresso, bone and black. This high priced product keeps all of the benefits of a larger chair and compacts them into a much smaller design. It uses a swivel based design with a built in retractable ottoman to create a great experience, even when using the 5 preset programs. And if you have sore muscles, this chair can use its immersive technology to target specific points with the BodyMatch feature.

Buyers will spend a lot of time using their warm air technology, a patented feature that uses heat to relieve the shoulders and lower back. Even better than that feature is the CirQlation option, a figure-8 technology that improves circulation in the legs and feet. This is the only chair of this size to be able to make and meet those claims, making it a valuable addition to any home or office. Maximum height is 6’4 while maximum weight is a generous 285 pounds. Small in size but big with technology, the Wholebody 7.1 lives up to its name.

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Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

Halfway down the list is this top rated product from Ideal Massage, available in the midrange to high price bracket. That makes it an absolute bargain for a massage chair, and a must for new buyers that want to jump into luxury massage chairs without paying a premium. Marketed as a Shiatsu chair, it uses a variety of mechanics like rolling, kneading, vibration and even heat to meet the needs of the user. All of these modes have subsets of functions that can be changed to personalize the experience.

But the star of the show is the Shiatsu mode, built on the back of the power rollers inside the chair that gives off the sensation of having human hands massage your body. A modest warranty is included with the purchase that covers 3 years for the frame and body and 3 years for electronic parts. That’s a little less than competing products but still generous since electronic components are included. With the large control panel attached to the side, buyers are guaranteed a one of a kind experience. You really can’t beat the price of this chair, and that is why it is easily a top three pick.

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2 In 1 Shiatsu Roller PU Leather Full Body Massage Recliner Chair

Wellexo created this massage chair with design in mind, and it turned out to be a wonderful choice. It is in the midrange for price, and comes out to the lowest priced massage chair on this list. Individual massage sections built into the chair can target your calf muscles, feet shoulders and full back. With the minimalist design, the ottoman feature hides away so that it looks like a regular chair. This is an improvement on the design of other massage chairs and looks sleeker than the competition.

Media features are built in, and range from the Bluetooth speakers to the USB charger. There is enough current to power a lot of bigger devices if you have the correct cords. The actual construction of the chair itself has 4 airbags in the seat, 3d retractable rollers and 12 airbags by the feet. The company saved the best feature for last, and it comes down to the actual assembly- there is none, it comes fully assembled! This is the most hassle free luxury massage chair on the market, and is a good introduction to buyers that want top tier options.

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Count this as another one of the products on the list to have a midrange price. The sleek black look of this model is attractive enough on its own, but when you get to the deeper options of the product it really begins to come alive. The FR-5ks uses a quad roller for the back to give deep massages that compete with even the top chairs on the market. When you turn on the heat the experience gets even better, and expands down to the foot rollers built into the feet area.

But the core strength of this chair has to be its customization, with 7 different massage variations. Users that like to mess around with options will enjoy this chair, and will rarely need to touch the one button presets. Warranty options are generous with five years on the body and 3 years on electronic parts, giving users more than enough protection over the years of ownership. After discovering all of the hidden modes of this massage chair users can really enjoy their purchase. Only a small learning curve is required to use one of the best chairs in the industry.

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Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair

Last on the list is the Osaki OS-1000, one of the flagship models from the well-known company. Right out of the box you’ll be able to use the five preset programs to get a good feeling of how the chair operates. It can be used in a stationary position or reclined 170 degrees for maximum comfort. Massage areas cover the leg, seat and full body using an intelligent four roller system. The usual speed controls with vibration and heat are included with the options, using various strength settings to manage the type of massage.

Three width settings are available for users with different body types. It’s a quick way to adjust how the massage feels on different body types. There are also neck, lower back and extensive range massages that incorporate all twenty air bags in the chair. The last cool feature to note is how the leg ottoman and backrest are in perfect sync and will raise dependently of one another. This was an important option to add to ensure maximum spine coverage when getting a massage. As the last massage chair on the list, the midrange price of this model will attract a lot of buyers.

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Massage Chairs Under $2000There are a lot of popular brands that made the list, with the most notable being Human Touch. As a company they tend to land on the innovative side of the industry, always pushing their models to be better than the competition. A purchase from Human Touch means you will get a cutting edge chair with all of the necessary features to last you for years. For a lesser known brand with a great massage chair model, Wellexo has gone on to surprise many with their lineup. It’s a good alternative when you want to try something different than what most people are going for.


Surprisingly, most of the prices on the list are at the lower end of $2000 rather than the higher end. There are a lot of choices that can be considered midrange, with only a few available on the list that reach close to the maximum amount. There is a difference in some of the features from the midrange and high priced massage chairs, as the change in price reflects the features available for each model. Usually the higher priced the chair is, the more likely it is to contain a proprietary option only offered by that particular company.

Comparing The Extra Features

Notable extras with some of the chairs on the list are Bluetooth, built in mp3 players and USB ports. All three of these are multimedia features used for chairs that want to enhance the full experience of getting a massage. The only downside is that no one chair on the list has all three features together, so you’ll have to pick and choose which one is the most important. In order of importance by most used, for most people it would be USB/Bluetooth/mp3 player. When going for a multimedia chair, due to the large availability of products that use USB ports, that will always be considered the top multimedia feature.


Massage Chairs Under $2000Zones are a vital part of any chair when you want massages to concentrate on specific areas of your body. The more zones a chair has available then the more areas it covers with customizable functions. A good example would be comparing a chair that had 4 zones total (neck, shoulder, back, lower back) to a chair that had 6 zones (neck, left shoulder, right shoulder, back, middle back, lower back). Having the option to change intensity or heat settings on one zone is something that is truly beneficial with the second chair since it lets you change it per zone.

Heating Support

Heat support has always been hit or miss with some of the lower tier massage chairs. That isn’t reflected in this list, since all of the chairs are considered high tier. With a range of options that covers feet, back and even arms, all of the chairs on this list handle heat implementation fairly well. Some even include it in their presets as part of yoga relaxation or Shiatsu routines. If you’ve had a subpar experience with heat in massage chairs before, try any one of the models on this list to see how it is done correctly.

Power Usage

Power usage from massage chairs is not a concern, even for homes that are green. They use less power than a regular desktop computer, even when in full operation. Power draw is always a concern for customers that don’t like to leave things plugged in, but thankfully brands have been smart about making sure their chairs handle power effectively-whether sitting idle or while in use. This also applies to massage chairs with extra features like Bluetooth, USB ports and mp3 players. They all idle and use around the same amount of power as the other chairs on the list.

Foot Massage

A truly underrated inclusion to massage chairs are feet and calve massages. This is something that you’ll only see done right with mid to upper tier models, which work hard (by default) to increase circulation throughout the entire body. A lot of this starts in the foot area, especially for customers that spend the majority of the day on their feet. If you stand or walk for most of the day, getting in a massage chair that doesn’t have foot massage options will not fully satisfy your personal relaxation needs. Updated models that lacked this feature in older iterations added the option due to customer demand. And based on buying trends, it has swayed a lot of new customers that were having serious foot problems and needed relief after a long day of standing or walking.


Finding the perfect massage chair for under $2,000 is not hard to do with the correct resources. It all starts by looking at the top products in the industry, as represented by this list. With some personal decisions made on what matters the most, you can come away with a deal of the century.