Massage Chairs Under $500

Around the $500 price range buyers get a lot more options, including some high end ones. Midrange is a good way to describe the bulk of these chairs, but in reality this still touches on some of the low cost models. These are generous sets of prices that still appeal to the buyer that wants to keep costs low. Yet mixed in with a lot of these midrange prices are some nice luxury features. Filling in the massage chair requirements of a home theater is much easier when the furniture is this low cost.

RECLINER GENIUS Massage Recliner Chair

This recliner is surprisingly low cost and full featured, while having a truly rich brown color. It looks like your typical lazy boy recliner but is actually a massage chair that hits 8 key points on the body. When all modes are fully utilized, it provides a relaxing, stress relieving experience. That also includes for the neck, which can be a tricky area to relieve. Along with manual reclining there is also a rocking feature, great for when you want to doze off in the chair.

There are two cup holders total that are built into the armrest, both big enough to hold normal sized cups. And when you need more space for magazines, books, remote controls or other items, the pouch on the side of the chair should be more than enough storage for any user. The strength of this entire package is the padding, which is thick and comfortable. Durability isn’t a concern, and the chair is made to hold up to 400 pounds in total weight. It can take a lot of abuse, so is really a good deal if you want an all in one massage recliner. This is a good value, and one that is worth checking out if you don’t want to deal with flimsier designs.

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iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair

Now this is a massage chair that is a departure from the norm, yet still worth checking out. It is a low priced model that comes in bone or expresso colors, so technically white or brown. Both colors are rich and blend well with a lot of themes, although it would have been nice to have a black option available. What makes this model so unique is the use of stretch, orbit and glide motion. This technology is made to simulate real life massage therapists and their hand movements.

The results are highly effective, and can provide an experience completely different than normal massage chairs. When using the auto program function, it targets specific parts of the body with three (think, perform, recharge) available modes. One of the underappreciated features of this chair is that it has a space saving design that lets it go places others can’t. And once setup, it can even achieve a 180 degree angle similar to that of a zero gravity massage chair. For a good dose of power with a modern space saving design, the iJoy Active 2.0 is a value unlike any other.

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EARTHLITE Vortex Portable

The first thing consumers will notice about this manual massage chair is that it comes in a variety of great colors. Available colors are black, amethyst, burgundy, latte, mystic blue, sterling, teal and vanilla cream. They are all very well thought out and look great in any setting. The most amazing thing about this entire package is that this is a manual massage chair in a category where the mechanical ones usually reign supreme. This puts it in very unique territory among its peers, and for a very good reason. Weighing in at only 15 pounds, this is the lightest chair in the industry.

This is due to the Pro-Lite cushioning that makes up the majority of the product, which is also completed with the Naturesoft upholstery. It is the ultimate in comfort and durability, held together by aircraft grade aluminum. There are multiple adjustments that can be made to accommodate any size user, and it comes backed with a 3 year warranty on the cushions and upholstery. The frame has a full lifetime warranty, proving that the company stands behind the quality of their product. For a low cost manual massage chair that is second to none, this is the model to get.

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Tenive Deluxe Massage Recliner

Following more of a traditional look for massage recliners, this Tenive model is a low cost product that delivers on design and features. Available colors are cream, red, brown and black. They are simplistic in their look, with a clean style that lets them adapt to any setting. Made out of PU leather, it is thick but comfortable even when the motors aren’t running. By using oversized padding they opened up a lot of comfort options for customers that wanted a fuller massage chair. When in operation, buyers can play around with 8 vibrating nodes to cover multiple parts of the body and legs.

There are enough options to keep most customers busy, and enough space with the two cup holders and pockets to make it an attractive furniture option. It can spin a full 360 degrees, but the heaven benchmark is more associated with how great it feels to full recline in this setup. Cleaning the material is easier than with other models, so upkeep is low. An included heated option is well done, and soothes the muscles when they are tight. For a great design with some competent chair controls, this model should end up on a lot of customer’s lists.

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HomCom Heated Vibrating Suede Massage Recliner

A standout in the $500 and under category is this suede massage recliner, a comfortable to the touch model that uses high quality materials. This isn’t a cheap suede, as Homcom opted to use a high quality build for this massage chair. And in keeping with that vision, they installed 8 vibrating nodes to both massage and heat your body. Two of those are in the footrest, and it’s really noticeable even on lower intensities. There are no cup holders, but they did include a side pocket to hold all of your valuables. The included remote control is easy to get used to, with a simplicity that beginning users will appreciate.

Even without the massage and heating features this would be a top tier chair in the low price category, so you can imagine how valuable it becomes with the addition of those features. This is a sturdy chair, and weighs 90 pounds. It’s safe for consumers 300+ pounds to relax comfortably and enjoy the features of this model. Buyers should also consider this a great chair for environments where they want the features to be quiet. Even at the highest intensity, the chair hums along without disturbing others nearby. It is an unmentioned feature that should get more attention since consumers take noise level into consideration when purchasing. At a steal of a price, this is a solid massage chair for any consumer to buy.

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Merax Power Massage Reclining Chair

Last on the list is this sometimes hard to find Merax massage chair, available in a richly colored brown. It is made of PU leather and has 8 massage motors. Featuring a lot of high tier functions, users can control specific zones during the massage so they get the best experience. Heat is available in the lumbar portion to soothe the back, and there are three distinct strengths settings associated with the massage. Out of all the products on the list, this one has the best remote control. Not only is it convenient, but it really puts the consumer in full control of the type of massage they want. You don’t have to worry about leaving it running since the auto shutoff feature kicks in when needed.

This is a handy shutdown that will save your electric bill from skyrocketing when the massage chair isn’t being used. All of the other notable recline features are present like the side pocket, but it is missing the usual cup holders of normal leather recliners. A high weight capacity of 330 pounds pairs well with the plush surface, providing a good feeling for anyone that wants to spend an extended amount of time in the chair. Buyers can count on this chair to get a premium massage for a low price, and all from a reliable company.

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HomCom PU Leather Vibrating Massage Sofa Chair Recliner

The biggest advantage of this reclining massage chair over other models is the toughness of the PU exterior. It also helps that it is one of the wider massage chairs on the list, making it a perfect candidate for an entertainment or movie room. Despite all of these advantages it is low cost and makes use of the space that it uses. There are 4 massagers in total that take care of the back and feet, with varying speeds to give the most accurate massage.

There are no cup holders in this model, but there is a large pouch on the side for holding items. With all of the padding and mechanics, the chair still manages to stay at only 77 pounds total. Taller users that are 6’3 or larger may find it a bit small for their tastes, so take that into consideration when making a purchase. There is a large weight threshold for this model, and it can handle over 300 pounds with ease. This has a lot to do with the sturdy frame, and helps with extended use in multiple positions. Comfortable and functional, this is a good low cost reclining massage chair for any interested buyer.

Black Leather Heated Massaging Recliner

A massaging ottoman that has gained a lot of popularity for its low price comes from ObiwanSales lineup. The leather wrapped bases both come with separate massage controls, giving the user a full experience when they need to destress. A 9 setting remote comes with the package that allows for some nice controls but nothing too complicated. With it users will be able to fine tune heat and massage settings to their liking. When adjusting the intensity of the massage, there are 5 settings that should provide enough control over how powerful you want the chairs motors to run. The company included deep side pockets on the side of the chair for you to store anything of value.

This is one of the deepest pockets on any massage chair, and is a viable storage option for things like remotes and TV guides. Out of the box it comes with a 2 year limited warranty, which is more than enough to protect the user from rips, tears and mechanical malfunctions should they appear. On the downside, the weight capacity for the chair is only 250 pounds. That is a little on the light side, but should suffice for most users. This is still one of the better low cost ottoman massage chairs that you can purchase for under $500. It has the style, looks and features that make it a standout in a crowded category.


Massage Chairs Under $500With the mix of $500 and under products, brands become a little more important. One brand in particular stands out from the rest, and that is Human Touch and their iJoy Active 2.0. The innovation behind the design and functions is incredible, and it is the only one of its kind available for under $500. With a lot of the available options from other companies being basic or traditional, Human Touch took a risk and knocked it out of the park with their model. Consumers that still want that top tier feel without an entry level price can purchase this model and get optimal results.


This is another mixed bag, but for a completely different reason. All of the prices on the list are from massage chairs below $500, but a lot of them are even below $300. So there are some really good prices on available models if you want value. And the potential long term value of any of these products is huge, since the cost is so low. Buyers that have never purchased a massage chair will have fun deciding between all of these products. With all of them having different prices in the low category, customers can potentially buy two low cost massage chairs and make it a central part of their room theme. The buying options are really that great, and the market will continue to grow.

Comparing The Extra Features

The main extra features of the products on the list has to do with all of the recliners. A big things with these models are cup holders, lumbar support and pockets. Some models have all of these features, some have none, and others just pick and choose which ones are important. The lumbar support is a big one since it deals with support for the lower back. As comfortable as a massage chair is, lacking lumbar support can be a deal breaker for some buyers. Thankfully, a massage chair that has lumbar support usually has a heating option available for it. If this is a feature that you can’t live without, make sure to check whether your listed massage chair has it before making a purchase.


Massage chair zones target a specific portion of the body, and usually have mechanics in the chair that concentrate on that zone for maximum efficiency. A good way to think about zones is to think of them as having jobs, like the rollers concentrating on the back. When a chair has zones it utilizes the best method possible to handle an area of your body, and is considered a superior mechanical massage feature. There is also the benefit of these parts not wearing out as quickly since they have preset patterns and don’t have to do ‘everything’ across a large area.

Heating Support

Massage Chairs Under $500Just because a massaging chair lists heating as a feature it doesn’t meant that the entire chair supports it. Heating could be defined as a single area of the chair that supports it, a zone, an included ottoman or even the lumbar portion only. Buyers should check to see what part of the chair is heated and if it lines up with what they want. Another thing to point out is whether that heating portion is effective while getting a massage. Cheaper heating elements lose their luster once another mode is activated, and in some cases are completely deactivated. Buyers should always stick to products that have useful heating elements rather than one that is added as a lesser feature.

Is Auto-Shutoff A Big Deal?

The importance of this feature is going to be based on your current home or office setup. Most massage chairs have an auto shutoff in place, and it is a big deal for more than just saving energy. Mechanical massage chairs have moving electrical parts that wear out over time like any other electronic product. The wear and tear on these moving parts can be reduced considerably with the auto-shutoff feature. So if you happen to leave in the middle of a massage session and forget to shut off the chair, it will handle it on its own providing that there is no one in the chair using it. The shut off technology is smart, and extremely useful in maintaining the health of your product.


Finding a chair for under $500 is an easy task, and luckily you’ll get all of the advanced features necessary for a full massage experience. There are some great innovators in this category and enough types to keep customers happy for a very long time.