Massage Balls Reviews

Massage balls are great for your personal health and muscles. Learning how to use them is just as important as what type is chosen. When you’re shopping for massage balls it helps to know what areas of the body you’ll be concentrating on the most. And if you’re unsure, there is nothing wrong with picking up a low priced massage ball set that has all of the tools needed.

Dr. Frederick’s Original Advanced HOT & COLD Massage Balls

Dr. Frederick’s was the first company to lay claim to having the only massage ball set with hot and cold quick relief technology. This is the original, and is still considered the best by many. The gel inside of the balls is one of a kind, stabilizing temperatures so that it feels good during a massage. It doesn’t matter which extreme you go with the temperature, it cools or heats quickly. Each ball has its own strengths that makes it suitable for certain massages.

One ball is round, giving it a clear advantage when you want smooth massages. The other is studded and perfect for deeper massages in tight areas. Plenty of exercises can be performed with each, so users should flip through the manual to see the recommended setups. For advanced routines, there are plenty of videos online from years of satisfied customers. They detail the benefits of specific exercises and why the Dr. Frederick’s set works best. Durability isn’t a concern since the hard plastic material was built to take a beating. The price is still low, so anyone that is interested in a top three massage ball will get their money’s worth.

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Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls

For a low price buyers will gain access to Kieba’s version of massage balls. Both balls are firm, with a large focus on myofascial release and getting releasing tension. With a 100% rubber construction, it is flexible enough for tough exercises but strong enough for a grueling workout. The material is absolutely perfect for body massage, but you still need to know what workouts are suitable for it. Documentation is sparse on exercises supported, so users will have to use a little internet knowledge to find out which forms work best.

A noticeable difference in this set is the size, with both balls measuring at barely bigger than a golf ball. Users not familiar with Lacrosse won’t have any trouble using this set since no prior knowledge of the sport is needed. The smaller size is advantageous for rolling on your feet so that it hits target areas effectively. About the only thing you will miss out on is deep tissue massage, something that is not possible without spikes or nubs being added to the ball. With a little bit of time spent on research, this is a good set that will last you for years.

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Premium Massage Balls

The lowest priced massage balls on the list comes from Physix Gear Sport. They are also the most fashionable massage balls and are available in multiple colors or sets. Options to choose from for the spiky versions are black, blue, green, pink and red. Lacrosse variants are purchased as a single or two in the box and consist of red, black, blue green and pink. Now where things get even more interesting is with the inclusion of full sets in black, green and red. The full sets have a single spiked ball, two lacrosse balls and roller.

Buying the full set with the roller is recommended since it can reach places that the other pieces can’t. It’s a nice addition to an already strong package that supports all forms of massage balls. No latex was used in the construction of the materials, and it comes with a full lifetime guarantee. That puts it in a unique category, even when you compare it head to head with Dr. Frederick’s. If you factor in the usefulness of the packaged eBook, this may very well be the best deal in the industry. To get the most value out of this deal, buyers should purchase the full set in any color.

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Therapeutic Massage Ball Set

The last product on the list comes from Ellito, a company known for its professionalism. Their choice of soft black as a main color won’t win this product any beauty contests. But the use of top quality materials and a high durability rating ranks them at the top. This is what comes with the set; a PVC spike ball, smooth rubber ball, half spiky foam ball and a carry bag for the entire lot. Firmness varies for each product, so they each serve a specific purpose in your workout.

So how does this set stack up against the others? It has the best carrying bag. That may seem like small potatoes, but Ellito provided a mesh bag that is perfect for transporting materials, especially to the gym. It will last just as long as any of your other gym bags, even the top tier ones. All of the balls in the set are lightweight, yet firm when they need to be. Buyers confused with how to use the products can refer to the included eBook. It is a perfect way to get acclimated with diverse workouts that improve blood flow. Ellito has created a fantastic massage ball set that challenges even the best on the list.

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Massage Balls ReviewsThe four brands that are represented on the list are Ellito, Physix Gear Sport, Kieba and Dr. Frederick’s. If favorites were being considered, Dr. Frederick’s would be at the top of the list. They are trusted by millions worldwide, including professionals. The biggest endorsement for the brand is their use of the hot and cold gel technology. No other product on the list has this feature, so it separates Dr. Frederick’s products from the competition. The other brands play catch up by providing complete sets and better color choices. But for pure massage comfort, Dr. Frederick’s is still king of the hill.

Best Features

When you’re getting a massage from these specialized balls, they more than likely will have one of these features. Guides that were created for new users talk in depth about the importance of these features and how often they influence the buying decision. The only truly exclusive feature is the gel from Dr. Frederick’s, so that places it in a special category.

Hot/Cold Technology – Exclusive to Dr. Frederick’s, the balls are filled with gel that react to cold or heat. It’s similar to a hot/cold pack but in the form of a massage ball. They add an extra layer of comfort when getting a massage. Using the gel balls is safe in either temperature range, as professionals have recommended them for years.

Ball Types – Massage balls come in all shapes and sizes. Lacrosse balls and spiked balls are the most common, but there are many more outside of the norm. Spiked balls can even be judged by how the spikes are shaped. Bigger spikes will give a deep tissue massage while small and round spikes will be gentle on the skin.

Massage Balls ReviewsCarrying Bag – Sets come with a carrying bag so you can take the balls anywhere you go. Gym members will benefit from this along with anyone that travels. It’s an easy way to bring your massage balls along without having to pack them in separate bags. Consumers with limited space can also hang the bag from the wall until the equipment is ready to be used.

Durable – Massage balls are made out of either rubber or a hardened plastic. The material in either case is firm, flexible and strong enough to lay on. All balls will have their own firmness ratings that relate to the type of massage and exercise they’re capable of. Some work better on your feet while others excel at being rolled on the spine.

Black Roller Stick – The black roller stick is used to massage hard to reach areas that would otherwise be inefficient with the ball. Not all massage ball sets has it, so always check to see if it’s included with the package.


All massage balls and sets on the list are available at a low price. Spending more than this isn’t necessary to get the best, which in this case would be the Dr. Frederick’s version. Even massage balls that cost more than the average aren’t high priced. There are no ‘luxury’ sets, and the closest things are exercise videos that bundle their own branded massage balls with the product. Buyers looking to get a massage ball can get a high tier product for a low cost. It should also be noted that durability is even among all brands due to the materials used.

Which Is The Best Type Of Massage Ball?

Massage Balls ReviewsThis is a loaded question for many reasons since the types all have their pros and cons. There is no ‘best’ type of massage ball that can do everything. The smooth Lacrosse balls are great for the foot and spin. Their round shape lets you roll them up and down areas without any friction. Spiked massage balls are great if you want more grip. The small bumps are a difference maker for troubled areas on the body, and are hard workers when it comes to getting knots out. So having both types is a better idea, that way you can focus on an entire body massage.


The hard truth about massage balls is that during a workout you’ll get a lot of stress relief, but there will be some uncomfortable moments. This is normal for any exercise routine that involves stretching out the muscles, and is best known as ‘no pain no gain’. Even in non-intensive workouts like yoga that involve stretching, pain is a part of working out the muscles. The massage balls on their own are firm but comfortable against the skin. Even the spiked type feels good against the body while rolling. So the short answer to comfort and massage balls is that the product is comfortable, but sometimes the exercises won’t be.

What Makes A Good Set?

Consumers that prioritize getting a massage ball set should look for these four things; a smooth ball, spiked ball, carrying bag and a good manual. You always want a good manual to go with your new set so that you have a better idea of what workouts are appropriate with each piece. Even experienced users will benefit from a manual with an eye for details. The bag makes the set convenient so that you can store and take your products with you at a moment’s notice. Having these four things in a set shows that the brand is promoting value.


You will get a good value with a single massage ball or the set thanks to the low prices of both. Stress relief using massage balls is great with the right routine, mindset and time implementation.