Best Inada Massage Chair Reviews

Inada (also known as Family Inada) is a Japanese based massage chair manufacturer based in Osaka. They are leaders in the massage chair industry, and have constantly retooled and eventually perfected the shiatsu technique. With a prime focus on high end massage chairs, very few companies have been able to match their robust feature set.

INADA HCP-S373 (BR) Flex 3s Massage Chair

At the beginning of the list is the high priced HCP-S373, one of the most expensive massage chairs in the industry. This model earns its payday by having an incredible set of options for buyers that want to dive into high end massage chair products. Multiple airbags in the design provide a full body massage, with mechanical rollers taking care of the kneading. The chair has a program in place that treats the shoulder as its own zone. You can use presets or customizations for the shoulder areas when necessary, or leave it completely out of the rotation.

It’s this massive choice with all of the full body features that makes the HCP-S373 so special. Even with little things like the heat option, Inada allows full customization.Part of the Flex series, the HCP-S373 is one of the better choices available from this line. Stretching instructor Tadashi Kaneko was consulted for the engineering of the chair, and it can be seen with the way the chair focuses on posture. A handy remote control in the side pocket is advanced without being too complicated for beginning users. As one of the best from the Inada brand, the Flex series continues to impress.

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INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

When the DreamWave came out there were a lot of customers that considered it the best chair in the industry. That sentiment hasn’t faded, and despite its high price there are a lot of top ten lists it makes. As a shiatsu based chair, the DreamWave intelligently uses body scanning technology to locate important parts of the body. It leads to improvement in upper body massage that relies heavily on a correct mix of pressure and motion. So where does the unique name of this massage chair come from?

The DreamWave technology is described as a figure 8 motion on command, with a vast 12000 inches of coverage. This includes specialized coverage in the hip, thighs, calves, foot and soles. And for younger users, there is a preset Youth Session that applies the correct intensity to smaller bodies. An advanced remote control is included along with a small pocket to store it (or any small device). The DreamWave is available in multiple colors, and continues a long standing tradition of quality with Inada. For a unique experience, the DreamWave may be what most users are looking for in a massage chair.

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Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Last on the list is the Sogno, another high priced massage chair from Inada. The design is more industry standard with this one, and they went for a professional brown and black color option. Described by professionals as providing the most comprehensive massage on the market, the Sogno delivers with that promise by including eight shiatsu based massage sessions. By using mechanics made to mimic back mobilization movements, it gives the same experience as being in the room with a masseuse. And like some of the other chairs in their lineup, there is a Youth Session made specifically for younger bodies.

Tethered to the chair (and having its own pocket) is an easy to grasp remote control. Inada made the buttons more simplified than their other models, but without taking out essential modes. Body scan technology works the same as with the other models, detecting the user’s weight and height while also searching for specific pressure points. As a massage chair, the Sogno does a stellar job of locating the most troublesome areas on the body and applying appropriate intensity. This is the most polished model out of Inada’s lineup, and comes highly recommended for home or office use.

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Inada Yu Me Massage Chair

Out of all the chairs in the Inada lineup, the YuMe stands out from a design standpoint. It is an expensive massage chair that does away with the usual armchair massage mechanics of former models. This is more of a casual massage chair in the luxury market rather than an all in one. YuMe uses Rotary Rocker technology to give the user a tuned rocking motion. Extras of this version that make it worthwhile is the multiuse neck stretch pillow that handles a variety of massages.

For design junkies, there are color-kinetic LEDs throughout the chair. This comes into play when choosing one of the many colors of the YuMe. Even with the inclusion of Rotary Rocker technology Inada included a default zero gravity feature that does the job admirably. Lastly, the Thera-Eliptical-Kneading option takes care of the calve area just like a professional masseuse would. It is a defining component of the overall features and often overlooked by new customers. The entire package is balanced out with the usual advanced remote from Inada that handles both customized and preset massages. Built with design in mind, this is the Inada chair for users with aesthetics in mind.


Inada is a Japanese company that prides itself on quality and innovation. They have a lot of stress relief options built into their massage chairs, with an eye for long use products that are built to last several years. What separates the company from the rest of the industry is their smaller catalog of products, with a high priority on massage chairs and no other products. This laser focus helps them to develop features a lot faster, nurturing new innovations as they’re introduced to the industry. Inada has led the market in Japan, the US and worldwide for several years. Considered a top luxury brand, the company continues to dominate even years after its creation.


All models from the company are high priced, and some of the most expensive available in the industry. This leaves out all entry level customers since they focus on the high end luxury market. There is nothing wrong with this, and often customers will purchase another brand after their great experience with demoing an Inada chair. The company is responsible for getting a lot of people interested in massage chairs, even if those interested parties couldn’t afford their brand. When customers talk about upgrading their massage chairs, then Inada is usually the end goal that they are looking at.

Best Features

Inada chairs are capable of 12000 square inches of body coverage, beating out every single massage chair on the market. This is a big deal for all body types, and ensures that the mechanics don’t miss any important parts of the body when in full motion. Inada also has the most flexible height minimums and maximums with its Youth Session supporting 5 ft. while its maximum adult massage supports 6’5 ft. This is a massive range when going head to head with similar massage chairs. Buyers that will be sharing their chair with other users in the household will find that Inada provides best compatibility with sizes.


Shiatsu is the art of kneading troublesome areas to reduce muscle pains and areas of the body that are tight after working out. It is something that a masseuse will refer to for certain treatments, and is popular worldwide as a way to reduce stress. With so many different ways that Shiatsu can impact the results of a massage, getting a chair without this feature can turn into a real disadvantage. Inada does Shiatsu correctly, and is joined by only a few companies that offer similar programming. Although muscle stress can be relieved with other massage types, Shiatsu is still the most popular and widely used form.

Power Usage

This is a concern for some buyers that have never purchased a massage chair this expensive. The concern isn’t unfounded, since Inada massage chairs use a little more energy than regular massage chairs. Even when compared directly to other luxury massage chairs in the same range, the Inada versions use a little more power. For 99% of users the difference is so small that they won’t care. But for a small fraction of customers this might be an intriguing stat to look at when determining if Inada is the luxury brand they prefer.


Inada design is uniform across all but a few of their chairs. They have a cushioned design that takes care of the legs, feet, hips, thighs, shoulders and head area. There are no arm air bags for use, and none of the main flagship models have a fixed control panel. And it is that lack of a control panel that is the main difference between Inada and other popular luxury chairs. They make up for it with the remote, which is discussed later. For an award winning design that is a departure from their normal products, the YuMe has become a target of many modern customers. There are multiple color options and they all feature Color-Kinetic LEDs for a truly entertaining session.

Remote Control

What Inada lacks in control panels they make up for with incredibly detailed and easy to use remotes. With over 1,000 possible customizable massage combinations at your fingertips, the included remote is a very important part of the Inada experience. They offer visual indicators for important functions while also maintaining strong preset options if you want simple massages. All Inada chairs have a side pocket to store the remotes, so it is a lot less intrusive than having a fixed control panel like other luxury options. You don’t miss a lot by not having the control panel other than the larger screen.


The hefty price of the Inada series comes with one of the better warranties in the business. So along with a one of a kind massage chair experience, the company offers a 3 year limited repair or replacement warranty. This includes on-site service when available, which is more than other companies if you factor in the size of Inada as a brand. They have a lot of sub-contracts in important areas of the country to cover as large a service area as possible. Even if a buyer forgets to register their warranty after buying the product, keeping the original receipt leads to a very painless process.


Inada has received multiple awards over the years, which is no surprise since the company has been a big deal since 1962. Some of the more recent accolades they have collected;

2004, 2005, 2009, 2010 Design & Engineering Showcase Award

2009 American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD) Pinnacle Award Finalist

Inada is always in the running for the latest awards, and has been named to multiple all-time lists for both their massage chairs and being a fast growing private company. They regularly make top ten lists for massage chairs, and many customers have been waiting for them to branch out to other products.


The natural S-curve of the spine can sometimes get out of alignment. This can be due to professional or personal tasks that put a lot of pressure on the human body. The three natural s-curves of the body are the lumbar, thoracic and cervical areas. When all three of these points are in good shape, the entire body feels renewed and refreshed. Inada massage chairs all have programs that target these three areas, or the ‘foundation’ of the human body. A week or so using these programs will lead to improved posture and better form when relaxing.

Pre-programmed Massage

Usually you can tell the value of a massage chair’s programming by the amount of preprogrammed sessions it comes packaged with. Some of these are specialized and have their own name, while others are made for specific moods (like after work, before work, after bath etc.). Whatever the programs are, they need to be available at the press of a button. There are multiple preprogrammed sessions to play around with, sometimes more than eleven. This is more than many of the leading chairs in the industry, and sets Inada even further apart from the competition. Part of the luxury experience is never having to deal with the customization options by having a full supply of top tier programmed massage sessions.


There is no getting around this- Inada chairs are big. The company isn’t known for having ‘slim profile’ massage chairs, so it is no surprise that they are some of the biggest products available. This can be problematic for some setups if space is on the low side. And since all of their chairs recline all the way back to the zero gravity position, there is a good chance that you’ll have to account for even more space being taken up. On the plus side, they are generous with power cord length. With a little clever with the cord, you can place an Inada chair wherever you want without restrictions on space.


Although the programming of Inada massage chairs are fairly easy, adequate instructions are still required for getting the most out of the setup. Their instructions are clear and to the point, but the strength of Inada is in their flashy brochures. No other company provides a better graphical presentation of their product features. These brochures are available online, and are shared on the company website and distributed to partners in electronic or print form. Buyers that have trouble picking out a massage chair can skim through the brochures. Chances are there will be a lot of newly discovered features that will sway their decision making process.


Durability isn’t a problem with any Inata chair, so it is more likely that the warranty will lapse before you run into any problems with the product. This is helped by not having a fixed control panel that is exposed to possible damage. Since Inada chairs are built with young and adult users in mind, using the sturdier remote control as the central hub for programming is a smarter idea. Combine that with their long extension cord and you have a massage chair that is built to last for years without any major mechanical issues.

Inada Vs. Human Touch For The General Consumer

Where iJoy Wins

  • iJoy can be purchased for 1/8th the price of a Inada model
  • It can fit in smaller areas, even when extended
  • Human Touch has a reliable warranty program

Where Inada Wins

  • Top of its class for massage chairs
  • Lasts for years thanks to the top grade materials
  • Top five warranty program
  • Longer power cord so you can position it better (good for smaller areas)

So while the iJoy is a great entry level consumer massage chair, buyers that have the cash could still get better value out of the Inada brand.


Inada is at the top of the food chain in the massage chair industry. With few brands that can match their features, they continue to be the definition of luxury in the high end massage chair market.