Best Human Touch Massage Chairs

A satisfied Human Touch customer is nothing new, as the company has continued its excellence with both design and mechanics. While other brands choose to go bigger and bolder, Human Touch takes that boldness and stuffs it into a smaller frame. Only the most important features make it into the company’s products, with innovation showing small improvements with each model generation.

iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

The 2580 is available at an average price for massage chairs, with an eye for finding consumers that want to save space. Auto massage choices cover the back, neck and shoulder areas. Rather than having an attached controller or stand up fixed control panel, they built it into the armrest for convenience. Now customers will have access to all the controls with a literal touch of their fingertips. The ingenuity of the design doesn’t end there, and it is only the beginning of what Human Touch has to offer with the 2580.

A nice sized cup holder accommodates cups from medium to large, while the built in power outlet is useful for tablets, phones, laptops or any device that needs a quick boost. This is the defining feature of the iJoy series, and with this particular model it is done just right. Reclining is handled with a simple button press, with support for multiple angles. And in smaller areas, this chair excels at using as little space as possible, even when in the reclined position. Maximum height supported is 6 ft. while the weight limit is capped at 200 pounds. Customers will get plenty of value out of an iJoy-2580, a modern massage chair that comes at a comfortable price point.

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WholeBody 7.1 Swivel-Base Full Body Relax and Massage Chair

The WholeBody 7.1 is completely different than the normal options like the iJoy series. Human Touch considers it a luxury massage chair, and it is a high priced solution that still comes out cheaper than other top tier chairs. Colors available are Bone, Black and Expresso, all maintaining a sleek look from top to bottom. This is larger than their other chairs, with support for up to 6’4 ft. and 285 pounds in weight.  But the creativeness of the chair doesn’t rest solely on its design.

For performance, it uses BodyMap Pro, an exclusive remote that lets you allocate chair resources to concentrate on a specific part of your body. Whether it is through 5 preprogrammed massages or the many customizable options, the BodyMap Pro will be the go to feature when purchasing this chair. The WholeBody 7.1 can swivel and recline, with CirQlation Figure-8 technology to massage legs and feet. All of this is coupled with a comfort pillow to provide a complete massage experience. In any color, this is a fantastic buy for anyone that needs a high end massage chair.

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WholeBody 5.1 Swivel-Base Full Body Relax and Massage Chair

If the WholeBody 7.1 is a little too much for you, the older 5.1 model is a good high priced massage chair even by modern standards. It features dual motors to accelerate the usage of the back and leg rest adjustments. Once you press the buttons, they go into action quick without any hesitation. An earlier version of the technology that targets sore muscles is available with this model, and is a great look into how the feature developed from its roots. The same applies to the CirQlation option, which massages foot and calf muscles by improving circulation in key areas.

A total of three preset programs can be used for back or leg relief, using a handy attached remote control. Buttons are spaced out so they’re easier to read, and also have their own pictures related to what they actually do. This simplified version of the Wholebody model is a great starter for entry level customers that want to see what Human Touch has to offer in their larger line of chairs. Buyers choosing the WholeBody 5.1 will get an unforgettable experience at a bargain of a price.

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ZeroG 5.0 Zero-Gravity Premium Massage Chair

Last on the list is the ZeroG 5.0, a high priced model from Human Touch that is available in Black, Bone and Expresso. This model is another one of the balanced options from the company that blends together the most used features. There is better support for larger body types (6’4/285) and easier access to the zero gravity option, which requires a single touch to put into action. Users in this position can also activate auto rocking for a fully synchronized experience while getting a massage.

Stretch, Ease, Tone and Flex are the massage techniques employed by the chair. They are used in the four auto programs, and are all prescribed by the in-house Human Touch Wellness Council. An interesting feature of this model is the dual lumbar heat to sooth sore back muscles. Users with back pain will find this massage chair does a nice job in this area, heating up quickly and cooling down in half the time. The remote control is long but visual, putting advanced elements in their own section so beginning users don’t get confused. The ZeroG 5.0 may not get a lot of attention among the rest of the lineup, but it still has a place as an excellent massage chair.

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iJoy-2310 Recline & Relax Robotic Massage Chair

Third on the list is the 2310, and a general return from the company to the earlier days of the iJoy series. Available in either Black or Expresso, this low cost massage chair is still regarded as one of the best. The star of the show is the small size of the chair, even when compared to the rest of the models in the series. It has an easy release recline mechanism, and mimics the traditional lay-z-boy functions that made that type of chair so popular.

There are three preset massage types loaded into the chair, and they alternate between four different types of massage techniques. Kneading, compression, rolling and percussion are all handled in an intelligent way. When unpacked, the weight of the chair is under seventy pounds, an incredible feat when you think of the mechanics inside the product. So in the right setup, multiple iJoy-2310’s can be placed in close proximity to one another without overlapping. The controller is nothing fancy, but gets the job done without taking up too much real estate. For the best space saving design in the industry, the iJoy-2310 wins out by a wide margin.

HT-5040 Swivel-Base Massage Chair

One of the forgotten models in the Human Touch lineup is the HT-5040, a high priced swiveling massage chair. Available in Black and Expresso, the chair has a lot of similar features that align it with high end luxury chairs. It is an Adex Platinum Award winner for its strong design and is littered with customer focused comfort options. The leather-like upholstery is still one of the better feeling materials from Human Touch, and remains just as tough as real leather. When using any of the three auto massages or vast customized massages, users get the full body experience at a fraction of the price.

Rolling, compression, kneading and percussion can be combined for some creative combos when blending programs. And if you opt to remove the included head pillow, the neck massage is an out of this world feeling. It digs deep into sore muscles, getting out knots that other chairs miss. When looking at the design and features of the other chairs from Human Touch, the 5040 finds a way to balance out the best of both worlds. If it is within your budget, this is the model that can really turn heads when users enter a room.

Human Touch

Human Touch has over thirty-five years’ experience in the massage chair industry. They are world leaders that tip toe the line between consumer and luxury grade models, with their biggest achievement still being the iJoy series of massage chairs. They fill a niche in the massage chair market that focuses on space saving design, which even today is hard to find in top companies. By only including the most useful features into their products, Human Touch provides a full experience at a fraction of the cost. They have received several awards over the years related to design, and have done wonders after being endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic. Their website goes though many updates, and is currently in the middle of one of their biggest updates in months. With the creation of the in-house team called the Human Touch Wellness Council, they are able to expedite concerns over innovation and design in the fastest way possible during the creation process.


Prices vary on Human Touch models, and seem to range from mid-priced to high priced. If you look beyond their chair options, there are plenty of low cost massage products that they are known for. But when looking strictly at massage chairs, the iJoy is still the king of entry level massage. And when you move on to the higher priced chairs out of the iJoy series, their ‘expensive’ luxury massage chairs are still several thousand dollars less than the competition. Human Touch is the lowest priced top brand in the industry, and all without leaving out essential features that customers look for.

Best Features

Features like 3d massage are not played up enough in the marketing, and the Smart 3d option on available models functions just like computer body scan on higher ends from other brands. Zero gravity has also been handled well on their flagship products, with the company using a one touch method to activate it. Human Touch has also dabbled into extendable extras like cup holders and a built-in power outlet. The built-in power outlet is a lifesaver for many people that don’t want to overload a single socket in a room, or simply don’t have another socket available. It is strong enough to power a strong laptop and is useful enough that it makes the outlet a defining feature in their massage chairs.

Zero Gravity

When using zero gravity in a Human Touch chair, they get points for making it easy. Besides their chairs already being low to the ground, they also manage to reach zero gravity quicker. That long transforming motion that most people are used to with other brands is all but gone with Human Touch chairs, or at least with the iJoy models. A unique programming element to their zero gravity is the use of auto-rocking, a feature that auto-syncs massages based on the programs you choose. So while the Human Touch zero gravity experience is not as robust as other brands, they still found a way to make it unique enough to be an attractive feature.

Small vs. Large Models

For Human Touch customers this remains a hotly debated topic that boils down to the iJoy series vs. everything else. To keep it simple, this will only look at the large models available from the Human Touch lineup.


  • Small enough to be put anywhere in a home or office
  • More likely to fit in a corner without needing to make adjustments
  • Can recline fully without taking up much space
  • Uses a little less power
  • Has modern features like the built-in power outlet
  • Has convenience features like a cup holder
  • Costs a fraction of more expensive luxury models

Large Massage Chairs From Human Touch

  • Trends more on the side of luxury chairs when comparing features
  • Handles large body types
  • Has better zero gravity support
  • Dual lumbar heat is a killer feature for these models
  • More massage motors/mechanics for higher customization options
  • Luxury features without the associated cost

There are benefits to each type, so you really can’t go wrong with a little bit of research. At the very least both models share the same values that Human Touch values itself on. And if you still find that a decision is hard to make, go with the model that fits best in the area you’re purchasing it for.


All of the models from Human Touch have alternate color choices. Most chairs have a modern look, but not too modern to the point they won’t work with traditional furniture. There is nothing spectacular about the larger chairs in their catalogue, as the design is not that much different from what everyone else is offering. For the iJoy series, the look is unique enough that it stands out in a good way. No other chair of note has really copied the design, and Human Touch pulls it off perfectly. It looks like a chair out of the future that was made to blend into any setting.

Remote Control

Remote controls from the company will either be wired or built directly into the chair. They don’t have a lot of wireless models, but it isn’t uncommon to see it depending on the model. They don’t have any fixed control panel options, and instead defaulted to building remote controls into the armrest of some of their higher end chairs. No matter what type of remote control you end up with, they use the same simplified approach to sorting the buttons. Pictures are on each one, with a clear label so you know exactly what it does. Due to the simplicity of the remote controls, it’s rare that a Human Touch manual needs more than a simple skim. It isn’t uncommon for users to get so used to the layout that they don’t even need to look at the buttons to program a massage. With easy one touch controls, a full session is only a button press away.


There have been warranties offered up to five years on the frame, with respectable support for in-home labor services from the company within the first year. This is of course based on the chair you buy, so the numbers are going to be different from one series to the next. They have a great track record for keeping in contact with customers, although long wait times can be expected for general inquires. If a rating had to be attached to their warranty program+customer service, it would be an A-, which is still better than 90% of the entire industry.


Customers that buy from Human Touch rarely have any issues with the mechanics of the chair. They remain smooth years after purchase, and due to the light weight are a joy to move. There is nothing worse than moving a heavy massage chair, which is something that Human Touch lacks even in their larger models. That makes Human Touch very friendly to customers that move a lot or live in a place with a lot of stairs. The remote controls also remain resilient, with buttons not wearing off even after repeated use.


Human Touch is an important leader in the industry that knows how to save space with their chairs. Even beyond the iJoy, they have found a way to introduced balanced massage products in a competitive market.