Best Handheld Mini Massager

With prices continuing to fall for handheld mini massagers, there has never been a better time to purchase one. The high versatility of these small devices turns them into an incredible tool that you can bring with you anywhere. No additional cords or heads are needed for these devices to reach their full potential.

Homedics PM-50 Hand Held Mini Massager

When thinking of handheld mini massagers, the design of this Homedics device is the most common. It can be found everywhere, and the price is the lowest out of all the models. That doesn’t mean it is hurting for performance, as the PM-50 is a popular model. Useful for this design is the comfort hand grip feature that makes it easier to hold the product while in operation. It’s designed for all hand sizes, so even larger hands won’t have an issue getting a good grip.

Something that is understated about the PM-50 is the available styles. You can purchase it in pink, blue or green colors. This makes it a great gift for birthdays or holidays, with the colors also suitable for purchasing these in bulk to make sets. Vibrations are strong, but there are no speed options. Users with sensitive skin may will have to be careful about the amount of pressure they apply while using it. Three AAA batteries are required for operation, but there is no need to prioritize getting branded batteries. Even years after its creation, this is the cheapest way to get a handheld mini massager.

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ENOWPO Handheld Massager

Users unfamiliar with the Enowpo name will become major fans after using their mini percussion massager. This low priced model has three massage heads that gets blood circulating in key areas. Even when muscles are tense, the small and powerful massaging motors get the job done. They operate at 15000 vibrations per minute, making this a truly strong massager for its size. All hand sizes are supported, with even a decent grip able to hold it in place without trouble. Weight is only 3.2 ounces even with the included rechargeable lithium batteries.

The usual USB charging cord turns this into a worldwide travel device compatible with any powered USB slot. Amazingly, you can run it for 180 minutes on a full charge. Time to reach that full charge is short, so it won’t have to stay tethered long. Rather than using a switch or button to turn on the massager, Enowpo made the top push down to start it. This can lead to accidentally powering off if you grip it too hard, but is not a common occurrence. Considering how small this is compared to the other products, it is an incredible deal that shouldn’t be passed up.

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Oopsix Body Wand

The last product on the list comes from Oopsix, and it is available in purple or rose. It is low cost and comes recommended by multiple sources as a great mini massager for men and women. This is also the second wand type on the list, putting it in a unique category. There are nine frequencies to cycle through to relax muscles, all ranging from soft to powerful patterns. USB charging is supported, and a lifetime rechargeable standard battery is included. Charge time is quick while running time can last for weeks without needing to recharge.

Noise levels are low, not going past 50 dB even when operating at the fastest speed. You can use it in the same room with someone sleeping and not wake them. Shower use is also appropriate since the medical grade silicone is 100% waterproof. Consumers shouldn’t confuse the small size with lack of strength. This is a powerful massager that isn’t too aggressive on the more sensitive parts of the body. Even if your calves tend to cramp up, this massager can loosen up the muscles in that area. For ease of use and convenience it’s hard to beat this mini massager from Oopsix.

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Rechargeable Handheld Personal Wand Massager

Starting off the list is this low cost model from VibeMax that is both small and stylish. It takes all of the power of a larger wand and puts it into a much smaller frame. The best part about this model is the feeling it has when giving a massage. By using smooth silicone skin, your body won’t get irritated even when you have it at the highest speeds. Even at the fastest speeds it’s still quieter than competing products, so can be used a small master bathroom without disturbing your sleeping partner.

You can make your own massage combinations by mixing the twenty pulse patterns with the eight vibration settings. Customizing a massage is only a button press away with no complicated setup. VibeMax included its own rechargeable battery that only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge. Once ready, you get a full three hours of usage, which is double the time it takes to charge. Any device with powered USB ports can charge it, even laptops. VibeMax offers a 100% money back guarantee so consumers can enjoy a risk-free trial of the product. This is a strong contender for the best better mini massager on the market.


There are four good brands; Oopsix, Enowpo, Homedics and VibeMax. The most notable out of that list is Homedics, a company that has made a name for itself in brick and mortar stores. You’ll often find Homedics products in both big and small stores, with their foot massage tubs a popular holiday buy. The other brands listed are great in their own right, using key features to win over their customer base. Brand loyalty really isn’t a thing for handheld mini massagers unless you’re talking about Homedic. They are the only company on the list to have enough products and recognition to lure customers into brand loyalty.

Best Features

Plenty of good things can be said about handheld mini massagers and what they do for your body. The best features help smaller companies stand out more, going toe to toe with bigger brands like Homedics. A few of these features are even proprietary, only available to certain brands.

Size–All handheld mini massagers are small enough to fit in a fanny pack, purse, and even in the pocket of cargo shorts. Their compact size lets you fully enjoy the benefits of having a massage in the palm of your hands. In some cases, there are no power differences between a mini massager and its larger wand series.

Cordless – All mini massagers are cordless, but not all of them come with rechargeable lithium batteries. This gives consumers the option to decide which model suits their preferences the best. The good news is that there isn’t a huge difference in runtime between the versions, so other than recharging capabilities there isn’t a big difference in specifications.

Waterproof – Having a waterproof product extends its usefulness. If you have a care routine, being able to add a showerproof product to the list keeps you from breaking the flow of the routine. You can exfoliate your face, care for your hair, shave and even get a massage without stepping out of the shower.

Universal Hand Sizes – Whether the product has a gripping function or not, any hand size can use it. Having a universal size for all hands work out well for handheld massagers, more so than any other product. Even kids can hold it without adults worrying about the product dropping from their hands and breaking.


There are two designs that are represented on the list; the mini wand and the type that grips from the top. The latter would be Homedics and Enowpo. They both function the same but the different designs does have its strengths and weaknesses. The mini wand has a better reach for all parts of the body, so you’ll spend less time stretching for hard to reach areas. The design that grips from the top is smaller so makes for a better travel companion when you have limited space. Both designs are great in their own ways, so it doesn’t hurt to have one of each.

USB Powered

Units that default to USB power have the advantage of being used worldwide without restrictions. This takes the guesswork out of deciding which plug works best for a device when you are going out of the country. And if you have a device with a powered USB slot, it becomes even easier to charge the massager. Technology has developed far, with the current USB standard being USB 3.2. Some tablets like the LG pad x 8.0 can charge the massager directly without depleting even 5% of the battery. There haven’t been any mainstream phones with the ability, but the power banks used for phones are compatible with the handheld massagers.


All of the hand sizes supported by the mini massager will receive similar comfort benefits. This was an important step to making the product useful for consumers with arthritis. Even with the vibrations from the top models, users won’t get that ‘tired hand’ feeling that would happen if they had a normal sized massager. A strong grip is not needed to get the full benefits of using any of the mini massagers on the list. You can enjoy the product on a full charge until it completely depletes without hurting your hands.


All of the prices are low for the top choices for either design. You won’t gain any benefits by purchasing products that are expensive. The base functions of a handheld mini massager are size, USB abilities and modes. Outside of a few changes in speed and massage patterns, you’re not going to get anything too complex that will make it worth getting an expensive model. They are basically the same product as the ones listed only with a few convenience features thrown in. Buyers should take a look at the specifications to get a better idea of how closely the low cost and expensive massagers rank against one another.

Charge And Usage Time

Most units will be able to fully charge in under two hours. That is a good charge time from a USB powered device. The batteries don’t really wear down, so you won’t see a big drop in charge time and usage over the life of the product. Usage time after a charge should be double the time it took to charge, so a 1.5 hour charge time should equal 3 hours of run time. This isn’t the case with all handheld massagers, but it is a good standard to go by when making a purchase.


There are not a lot of products that make useful massage companions without taking up a lot of space. Handheld mini massagers are great at home and away to relieve sore muscles and reduce overall stress.