Best Foot Massager

Portability is a good reason to consider buying a foot massager. They are small, effective and get the job done when you’re having foot pain. Prices vary, but the plethora of brands makes choosing a product interesting. Even the pickiest shopper will find value in one of the many interesting foot massager selections.

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

Therapeutic massages are available at an average cost thanks to the Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager. The delicate materials used to build the unit combines adequate pressure with heat for the best experience possible. That same material can be removed and washed to keep bacteria at a minimum. Just throw it in with the rest of your laundry to make it fresh all over again. Pressure levels vary, but there are five total that are strong enough for even the toughest feet. This ensures all types of feet are supported when getting a massage, all the way up to size twelve.

You can fall asleep while getting a massage without worrying about the machine overheating. It has an auto shutoff of fifteen minutes after powering on. Nothing too fancy is included in the box beyond an ac adapter and user manual. The only downside to the product is that it doesn’t support a lot of wide width feet in the upper sizes, so consumers should be wary about purchasing it if they have larger feet. This is very much a compact foot massager that was meant for average sized feet. Other than that it is a brilliant addition to any home, with just enough options to separate it from the competition.

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TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager

The TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager is the first product on the list that isn’t electronic. It’s your traditional old school foot massager that works by using angles and unique hardened material. The method, known as Reflexology, is at its absolute best when used with consumers that have stiff or hardened feet. Since there is no need for a power outlet, this product can be used anywhere, even while on the road. Weight is low, with lack of internal components drastically reducing both the weight and size.

At first glance, the two rows of spaced ridges look uncomfortable for the feet. But they roll, hitting key trigger points that stimulate blow flow and release stress. You can apply as much pressure as you need to them, even on hardwood floors. Anti-slip floor protection is built in so there is no danger of them moving all over the place. Included in the package is an eBook and foot chart to educate new users. It’s a great way to get full information about maintaining healthy feet without going online. Buyers that have stiff or tough feet will get good value out of this massaging roller.

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Shiatsu Foot Massager

In the lower price range is this foot massager from Belmint. This model is a little more advanced than the other products with its eighteen total nodes. That’s more coverage for heat and deep kneading for all foot sizes. The eighteen nodes are grouped into six zones so that massages are exceptionally fulfilling on rough areas of the foot. Belmint put all of these modern features into a small compact product so that it can be used anywhere, anytime. There is only one button on the unit, and it is large enough to press with your toe.

From a cold start the massager can fully heat up in a few minutes. Height is adjustable, and the small size helps out a lot when making these slight changes. The only con to speak of is the lack of a timer, but to many this will be more of a benefit since they will have an uninterrupted foot massage. Safety is still guaranteed, with no worries about the foot massager overheating from extended use. There is high durability with this model’s materials and a nice beefy warranty to back it up. Convenience and comfort options are the two features to consider when buying this great Belmint massager.

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Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Looking like something from the future, the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager has ranked high on several lists. It has a removable cloth cover that can be washed with regular laundry. The material is soft, wrapping around your foot during a massage like a goose down pillow. Foot chambers are independent, giving off more power per foot than the average foot massager. That includes power to the bottom and sides of feet, delivering nice heat, good vibrations and deep kneading. But that is only the beginning of what separates this product from the rest on the list.

Wireless remote controls comes with the package as a rare duo, leaving you with a backup in case one is lost. You can operate it with one hand without having to reach down and change the settings during a massage. There are five strength levels, covering every needed range for small or large feet. The entire set only weighs twelve pounds, so users can buy with confidence knowing it is a sturdy unit. Even with the high price, this is a foot massager that will meet all of your comfort needs.

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Gideon Shiatsu and Acupuncture Foot Massager

One of the lowest priced massagers on the list comes from Gideon, known for their compact products. Using eight massaging balls, users will get the comfort they deserve. All eight of the balls have full 360 degree rotation, leading to comfortable sessions in all modes. As deep as it penetrates, the device is still gentle to consumers that have serious foot problems like heal spurs or arthritis. The versatility of this model has made it popular among users that practice reflexology. Only 110v are used when it is in operation, so any outlet can handle it.

With the regular heat mechanism they threw in acupuncture points at the heel and toes. This is an overlooked feature that is often left off of low and high end foot massagers. There are three speeds for shiatsu, so the basics are taken care of with that mode. The heating element starts up fast and the acupuncture effectiveness is based on how much pressure you put on it. A lengthy seven foot power cord will give you all the space needed to set up this portable unit. This Gideon foot massager comes highly recommended for all buyers.

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Nekteck Foot Massager

The last product on the list comes from Neckteck, a company known for making innovative products with stylish designs. With that in mind, the sleek black look of this model should come as no surprise. Nekteck made sure to make all functions accessible with the touch of your toe, making this a nice and comfortable experience. The six massage heads have three rotating nodes each, so each spot for your foot will be relieved while it is in operation. There are three level adjustments for the height and a nice long cord so that you don’t have to be selective about where it plugs in.

Power consumption is above average, but nothing out of the ordinary. This model works a little harder than most so it needs a steady 48w of power. Noise levels are low even when you have it running at the highest settings. That has a lot to do with the comfortable mesh material your feet rest on and the smooth mechanics of this particular model. Up to size 13 is supported, so this item supports a wider variety of foot sizes than the competition. Nekteck made a real winner with this model, so consumers should consider making this one of their top purchases.

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INTEY Shiatsu Foot Massager

This average priced item is part of the first generation of INTEY foot massagers. Even so, they started out strong with a lot of powerful features that are made to comfort feet. There are multiple buttons, so a full read-through of the manual is recommended for new customers. You can change settings for timing, kneading, heating, air pressure and also setup multiple automatic settings. Air pressure has multiple selections, so when combined with the rest of the settings there are a lot of great customizations.

There is a good amount of heft to the device, so it will fare well with heavier feet. When it gets too dirty you can remove the fabric for cleaning. It’s not too complicated to do this step, with most users able to unzip it with a single hand. As a one size fits all foot massager, they did a good job of really accommodating foot sizes for children and adults. This is exactly the size you would want for a foot massager that works for the whole family. Options combined with a perfect size ensures that INTEY is at the top of everyone’s buy list.


Brands are one of the many fun things about shopping for foot massagers. There are many well-known entities that have made a name for themselves over the years. Outside of the known groups, there are plenty of startups and smaller companies that have equally intriguing models as their flagship. Brand recognition really isn’t a big deal unless you’re looking at matching up with a familiar product. A good example of this is pairing a Nexteck foot massager with one of their many other products. Outside of that, brands aren’t a big deal for foot massagers.


There is a lot of variety in the prices, but you’ll get diminishing returns shopping for only high priced foot massagers. The best the industry has to offer fall within the low or average range, with only a few notable exceptions able to maintain value with a high price. Every model is different in its own way, using different techniques to bring comfort to the user. However, even the most advanced foot massager can be purchased without breaking the bank. That alone makes these products a great addition to any home or office setting.

Best Features

Foot massagers have a lot of innovation from one product to the next. Here are the most worthwhile features to shop for.

Height Adjustment – Comfort is a big part of foot massagers, so adjustable height is a must. It ensures the user can sit back and relax without being in an awkward position.

Easy Access Buttons – Most units come with a single button or buttons big enough that they can be pressed with your toes. Even units with high customization make changing the settings a one button process.

Fast Heating – Once you turn on the optional heat, the device is fully heated within a few minutes. Some products offer adjustable heating, a great alternative if you’re sensitive to certain heat levels.


Purchasing a foot massager is easy once you have the basics down. There are a lot of great brands to choose from, and they all have plenty of high tech specs to keep you busy.