What Are the Best Brands for Massage Chairs?

Price is going to be the biggest thing that shoppers look at when getting a massage chair. But it isn’t the most important thing, and if you go by only price it can leave out a lot of other important factors. With the right mindset, you can spend less than your budget and still get everything you want. It all comes down to a couple of features, and a little bit of research.
Not everyone will need a full featured massage chair. Getting one that massages from head to toe will be overkill if you only want a quick back massage. Currently the available types are reclining, zero gravity, full body, ottoman, heated and pads. They all have their pros and cons, and they all provide a different type of experience for the user. Think about the type of massage you like the most and then look for a chair that offers that same experience. Chances are there is a type that meets all of your specific needs as a customer.
This is an interesting thing to consider with massage chairs, and it is in relation to how powerful a massage they give. Buyers with sensitive skin can always tone down the intensity of the massage, but that is only if that option is available. Sometimes even on the lowest setting the power of the massage can really be too much for you to handle. Since everyone has different tolerances, try to figure out where you stand on that scale. If you tend to be sensitive to pressure on your skin, then stay away from massage chairs that that put out a lot of power, even if they have a low intensity. It would even be a good idea to try out a massage pad beforehand, just so you can feel out what a specific brand has to offer.
Even when you want the best of the best, spacing comes into play. When you don’t have the room for a massage chair, buying one and putting it in a cramped setting will only dilute the experience. Things can get even more complicated if you purchase a reclining, ottoman or other type of massage chair that needs extra space. Take specific dimensions into account, and remember that it needs to have access to an outlet of some kind. If you intended space is cramped, then look for a smaller type to purchase.
Home Or Office Setting
While an ottoman or reclining massage chair may look good at home, in an office setting it may be a bit out of place. A bit of design does play a role in this, but this section is more about identifying massage chairs that work in an office setting. Full body massage chairs or zero gravity chairs would be the perfect complement to any personal office. It’s the best way to destress during the daytime, and both of these premium models provide the most benefits. You can technically put any massage chair wherever you want based on space, but there is no doubt that specific types of massage chairs serve a better role based on office/home destinations.
Electricity Usage
A massage chair won’t have a lot of draw unless you have a bigger premium model. The full body massage chairs can draw a lot of power when in action. This isn’t a problem, yet it is something that should be considered if you have weak wiring in your home. It is also something to consider if you are putting it in a room with a lot of other electronics. If you feel that you are already taxing the limits of the room, it would be a good idea to check the draw for your current setting. This only applies to the full body model, as the others use a lot less power.
Leather is the big thing with massage chairs, but what about people that don’t like leather? Or what about green users? What about people that are allergic? Thankfully there are plenty of other options, and leather is classified as a premium addition. And usually when a chair classifies itself as leather, it is using a manmade version rather than genuine. Hybrid fabrics and other options are available for customers that want to avoid the use of real leather in their massage chairs. Buyers will never have their hands tied when trying to pick out a material that suits their theme.
Branding and design are tied at the hip, to the point you’ll find that the best brands always have the most attractive designs. This is an important criteria to look at if the massage chair will be part of a theme. Colors more or less will play a role, but the overall design will have a huge impact on the aesthetic portion of the purchase. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on a chair that gives great massages but is an eyesore in the room. Follow some of the more popular brands in the industry and you’ll always end up with a good looking massage chair.
This one is hard to avoid since the market is split between the small, middle and top tier types. Price does play a small part in helping you figure out the best massage chair, but it is also serves as a way to make the wrong decision. Price is the last thing you should consider, and the biggest deciders should be a mixture of the previous categories. Finding that sweet spot will only work if you don’t get discouraged by the price of some of the better choices in the industry.
Finding the correct massage chair for your own personal needs is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do. When you go through the list, it all comes down to checking off the features you care about the most. Massage chairs hold up well over the years when they are taken care of, so automatically provide great long-term value. Just remember to not let the price be your only decision maker, and that way you’ll get the best choice possible.

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